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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kondole notes...

Liner Notes from the Psychic tv release "Kondole" below. The album is named after the mythical figure, Kondole, from an aboriginal creation myth from the peoples of Encounter Bay, Southern Australia. Genesis has spoken many times that he believed the rescue of the two dolphins from the Brighton dolphinarium, led directly into scotland yard raiding his homes and beginning his England exile.

Imagine if the Yellow Submarine kept travelling. Through the sea of holes, through the sea of monsters. Imagine if the consensual hallucination of the 1960s transmutated into a parallel quest for sentient enlightenment & political activity. Through oceans of time, through oceans of mystery. Eventually it would have chronicled the entire evolution of all life forms & states of consciousness throughout the omniverse. Doubtless in the process it would have encountered Master Voyagers, like dolphins & whales, whose voices contain precise threads of spiritual information. & doubtless it's return would prove that all beings are charged with discovery & navigation.

Prior to settling in California as exiles, Alaura & Genesis P. Orridge coordinated a campaign to expose & close down the Brighton dolphinarium. The Transmedia Collective eventually succeeded in rescuing & rehabilating 2 dolphins; released into the open oceans one year after the dolphinarium closed. The perseverance & passion of a few CAN win practical & permanent victory against the odds.

The following excerpt appears as a full article written by Gen in Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment by Timothy Wyllie, edited by Adam Parfrey, published by Feral House.

Through a mutual friend, Eve, I was introduced to Timothy Wyllie. Eve knew of my "fascination" with The Process and my search for the realities behind it, rather than accepting the tiny, vague amount of gratuitous misinformation available, when she introduced us. Timothy was everything I'd hoped he might be and more, and his sharp, dry intelligence and wit combined with his encyclopedic knowledge and application of spiritual matters blew me away in the same inspirational cosmosis of energy that Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs had. Timothy was living in New York at that time and was directing his beneficent resources toward dolphin sentience, extraterrestrials and angels. Brighton had a Dolphinarium where two dolphins suffered terribly, both psychologically and physically, from cruel conditions. TOPY decided to try and close the Dolphinarium by boycotting the entrance every single weekend and peacefully asking people not to go inside and thus financially collude in the ongoing torture of these supra-intelligent beings. For over a year TOPY picketed the Dolphinarium, eventually enlisting the support of animal rights groups. Psychic TV, Julian Cope, Captain Sensible of The Damned and other caring friends participated in benefits. TOPY Individuals visited local schools getting the children involved in dolphin art projects and study groups. We even released a CD called Kondole (the Aboriginal name for a whale spirit) to finance the campaign. Eventually we succeeded and through a charity of the Aga Khan, our two dolphins were flown to the Turks and Caicos for rehabilitation. Timothy Wyllie had inspired us and as a marvelous side effect he has become a lifelong friend and mentor

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