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GENS MISC. UPCOMING PROJECTS: Heartworm Press are publishing “Collected Lyrics and Poems of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – Volume One 1961 to 1971. Later they will publish Gen's first novel, written in 1969, “Mrs. Askwith”. Other books will follow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

THEE MAJESTY monday Jan 24 and Tuesday, January 25 An evening with Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE & special guest Lonely Christopher

 Thee Majesty performing at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn Jan 24th!
 The show is being presented by the band, Zs (Thee majesty did a remix for their new album which is now out).

AND The next night...

An evening with Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE & special guest Lonely Christopher

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 7:00 PM
St. Marks Bookshop , New York ,
Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE first achieved recognition with the 1969 founding of COUM Transmissions, a confrontational performance collective heavily influenced by Dada, which was later transformed into the band Throbbing Gristle. The culmination of COUM was the 1976 “Prostitution” exhibition at the ICA in London, which featured a stripper, used Tampax sculptures, repurposed pornography and transvestite guards, and caused such a commotion that the British Parliament reconsidered government funding for public art and labeled P-Orridge and h/er collaborators “Wreckers of Civilization”.

P-Orridge went on to found the ground-breaking band, Psychic TV. In the 1990s, P-Orridge began a collaboration with the performance artist Lady Jaye Breyer, which focused on a single, central concern—deconstructing the fiction of self. Influenced by “cut-up” techniques and frustrated by what they felt to be imposed limits on personal and expressive identity and on the language of true love, P-Orridge and Lady Jaye applied the strategy of “cutting-up” to their own bodies, in an effort to merge their two identities, through plastic surgery, hormone therapy, cross-dressing and altered behavior, into a single, “pandrogynous” character, “BREYER P-ORRIDGE". Although Lady Jaye passed away in 2007, the project continues with Genesis embodying the entirety of BREYER P-ORRIDGE.

Genesis P-Orridge and BREYER P-ORRIDGE have exhibited internationally, including recent exhibitions at Deitch Projects, Mass MOCA, Centre Pompidou, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Barbican Museum, the Swiss Institute and White Columns, amongst others. Work was recently acquired for the permanent collection of the Tate Britain. S/he is the author of THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE (Feral House 2010).

LONELY CHRISTOPHER is the author of THE MECHANICS OF HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE (Akashic 2010), a radical map of shortcomings in our daily experiences in the form of a debut story collection, which presents thematically related windows into serious emotional trouble and monstrous love. Lonely Christopher combines a striking emotional grammar with an unyielding imagination in the lovely-ugly architecture of his stories. He is the author of several poetry chapbooks and the volume Into (with Christopher Sweeney and Robert Snyderman). As a librettist and playwright, his dramatic works have been published, staged in New York City and internationally, and released in Mandarin translation. He is a founding member of the small press The Corresponding Society and an editor of its biannual journal Correspondence. He lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

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