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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Message from Genesis 2/23/11

Genesis has asked me to share the below message with you all!Dear Friends,

How wonder full! the last 8 daze we were in Berlin at their huge and very influential BERLINALE Film Festival. Ov course, there's a Hollywood based section where everyone was raving about thee "KING'S SPEECH IMPEDIMENT". We have knot seen I.T. but assume it's cute and CRASS. Thee Other Section is organised by the FORUM coum-unity. Thee documentary by MARIE LOSIER about my SELF and Lady Jaye's SELF was one ov thee movies chosen out ov hundred's submitted. I.T. was screened five times and sold out almost every T.I.M.E. ! About 3000 plus people saw I.T. Thee title is "The Ballad Of Genesis and Lady Jaye". Thee audiences gave standing ovations, whistles and cheers and a lot of inspired tears at thee end. You may all know that before s/he dropped her body Lady Jaye told me that ALL s/he ever WANTED to be remembered for was being one ov thee great L-ov-E stories. A One True TOPI BIG LOVE STORY! And s/he has succeeeded! People were amazed at thee intimacy we allowed thee camera, and at thee intense BIG LOVE we shared and explored. As a result thee movie won TWO prizes. A special prize that means at LEAST 120 Independent theatres guarantee to screen thee movie in Germany this couming y-era! AND there's extra funds for posters and press releases etc plus even some more towards the $20,000 Marie still needs to raise to retrieve thee negative. This is amazing, OH and I.T. gets shown on German TV too...PLUS there is an award system called thee TEDDY's. This was begun many y-eras ago by thee GBLT coum-unity in Berlin and Germany. At thee start it was small and a Teddy Bear was thee prize. NOW I.T. is huge and there were 2000 people at thjee awards ceremony by Invitation only! I.T. was held in thee old airport from which Nazis escaped, thee Berlin airlift was managed during the Cold war attempts by communist Russia to starve West Berlin into submission to East German control. Now this huge building is a venue! "The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye" also won thee Teddy for "BEST DOCUMENTARY" and Marie got a golden metal Teddy on a plinth. Thee ceremony was televised. This is an incredible honour AND a sign that thee T.I.M.E. is here for thee OTTT to flourish and expand into thee public arena to propose new and radical ways to set up both nettworks butter ultimately, my and Lady Jaye's dream, to develop by mutual and intense discussion, ideas for structures and ways ov practical operation and survival for OTTT collectives AND coumunes in preparation for thee collapse ov totalitarian materialistic economic systems ov repression.

We welcoum you ALL to this zxone for discussion. We are TOTALLY serious about looking for a template to set up coumunal groups, even eventually villages, around thee world in a Global strategy for both survival AND a New Way On.

Today we also heard that thee "FLICKER" documentary about Brion Gysin that OTTT Individuals worked on including my SELF has broken out ov various bureaucratic red tapes and is NOW! free to be given worldwide distribution on DVD, via Netflix and Independent cinemas, even cable TV!

We just returned from a dinner with our extended OTTT famille in New York to celebrate my B-Earthday; thee success of Marie's film which IS being acclaimed in Germany AS a MODERN and incredibly inspiring L-ov-E story!!! Thee prizes AND thee Brion Gysin movie...this all feels like a declaration to this "world" ov thee re-emergence ov our tribe, stronger, clearer and ever more creative and experimental to demand a TOTAL rethinking ov how to be an humanE BEING and how to develop and extend all and every possibility ov personal achievemeant ov your true potential...




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