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Monday, July 11, 2011

Thee majesty In-studio recording notes-East LA session.

Friday Post from Thee Majesty member Edward ODowd
 "in East LA recording with Bryin Dall, Genesis Breyer P-orridge, David J Haskins and Joe Haskins."

Posted yesterday by Thee Majesty member Bryin Dall..
"Amazing 2 days of recording with David J, Joe Haskins, Genesis, Edley and myself. Great studio and engineer (Ego)."

Yes, David J from Bauhaus/Love & Rockets along with his son, Joe (another great musician). We recorded a track together for the new Thee Majesty album

and finally a few notes I got straight from Genesis...
Thee Majesty took a couple of daze while in LA with Ego Plum as engineer to record an entirely new TMaj song....Edley on drums and percussion, Joe Haskins on processed Moroccan pipes, David J.On dubbed out bassLines and, Bryin Dall played machete guitar! Then we listened a few times to ruff demo mix and added a poetic vocal in a Troubador inspired way. So YES this will be the FIRST Thee Majesty studio album since "Time's Up!!" In is sounding incredible so Far.

Ptv3...Are also recording their follow up their Maggot Brain/Alien Brain vinyl 12inch. With "Mother Sky/Alien Sky" 12 Inch. Needs one mixing.

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