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Friday, August 12, 2011

Psychic TV (PTV3) Live Dec 15 2011 @Europa Brooklyn, NY AND notes from Genesis on this new Y-era of PTV3..


Psychic TV (PTV3)
Thu Dec 15th 2011

$23 Adv / $25 Day of
On sale This Friday at Noon.

PSYCHIC TV/PTV3 will be:

Alice Genese - Bass Guitar / vocals
Jeff "Bunsen" Berner - Lead Guitar / vocals
Morrison Edley ODowd - drums / samples
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - vocals / electric violin
Jess Stewart - keyboards / vocals / flute

PTV3 will be playing there new ALIEN series of songs live.
and their set will inlude"Maggot Brain" , "Alien Brain" , "Mother Sky" , "Alien Sky" , "Thank You" and other new longform improvisations that will shred the speakers faster than they shred your brain!

Notes from Genesis on this new Y-era of PTV3

Join us for this One True TOPI Tribe celebration and invokation at Club EUROPA in Brooklyn, New York, an annual happening in December each y-era. Usually we manage to play on December 23rd...this y-era due to circumstances, we will be playing (we believe) on the 15th December.

We have been slowly recording versions of our new songs at Jeff "Bunsen" Berner's studio in Brooklyn old style. That means, to us, we go in without ANY rehearsals, focus inside and then, in one room the musicians play similtaneously with moveable baffles separating them for miking purposes and ME (gen) in a separate soundproofed room with a mike. We discuss the concept of the tracks. A loose, improvised version of a super classic track, in this case "MOTHER SKY" by CAN. We all play together, live, using only headphones to hear each other. After one take. That is it. STRAIGHT TO TAPE as they'd say, AND DO, in the sixties. We know there will be sceptics who find it impossible to believe we play once without rehearsal. We dont care. And YES, we(me) have a theme for the vocals content and structure, BUT as ever we can't help improvising new lyrics etc. The band too are super linked consciousnesses as we play. It amazes me, and our band, how scripted and tight the songs end up sounding. Truly it IS PSYCHIC tv...Each "cover" song has a B Side , for the next 12 inch Ltd edition single it is "ALIEN SKY" .

For my SELF these songs that are resulting are my favourite tracks we have ever recorded in ANY band in any era. BUT that does NOT mean we don't love many songs from our 34 year creation of music and songs. But we've NEVER been this thrilled and satisfied as with the new tracks and "Maggot Brain/Alien Brain".

We find it hard to conceive how pure and instantly these tracks appeared. No overdubs, no reruns. ONE TAKE. We even had extra studio time as a result of doing single takes, so Edley ODowd suggested we might as well play/jam for the last 10 we did and ended up with an entirely original new song about my Beloved Lady Jaye called "THANK YOU"......PTV3 is, in my opinion, as hot and fresh as ANY band out there right now. COme see us if we are in your town. Theres a good chance of PTV3 playing Houston and Dallas later this year, ADELAIDE, Australia in MARCH 2012 is on!!! 

 Also we realised there wasnt really a band photo since Jeff "Bunsen" Berner joined us. Maybe even since our keyboardist Jess Stewart joined. SO here we are folks, we wouldn't lie to you. These once were some BEEautifull men and women!!!

-Breyer P-Orridge

Left to Right:

Jeff "Bunsen" Berner - Lead Guitars and vocals

Jess Stewart - keyborads and flute and vocals

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - vocals, violin and noise bass guitar

Alice Genese - Bass Guitar and vocals

Edley ODowd - drums, percussion and samples

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