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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Special message from Genesis concerning "The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye" release

Dear Friends,
You may or may not know that Marie Losier's wonderful documentary about Lady Jaye ( aka Miss Jackie aka BREYER P-ORRIDGE) and my SELF ( aka BREYER P-ORRIDGE) is screening at the Clearview Chelsea Cinema in New York City all week until and including Saturday 17th March 2012.

It began in 2003 with Lady Jaye saying s/he wanted our Pandrogeny project documented. Soon after we met Marie Losier and, once more, it was Lady Jaye who intuited Marie should be the film-maker. As you all know Lady Jaye "dropped her body" in October 2007. The film became an homage to our love story and Lady Jaye's dying wish to be remembered as " of the great love stories."

The film has been an amazing hit at Film Festivals worldwide beginning with the Teddy for Best Documentary of the Year at the Berlinale Film Festival last year.

Amazingly, Jeff Lipsky saw the film and decided it needed to be seen by as many people as possible. He put his money where his mouth is and his Adopt Films have chosen to fight for distribution and screenings across the USA and Canada. A LOT depends on how well attended screenings are this week. We realise its already half over BUT we need you to help.

To keep the film showing here, and across the USA thereafter we are requesting that those of you with a mailing list of your own, PLEASE forward this email and all attachments to that list. Ask people to make the effort to go out and see the film. Obviously the New York Area is vital. Which means this week including Saturday.

The film will soon be screened in MINNEAPOLIS, CHICAGO, LOS ANGELES, SAN DIEGO, and PHILADELPHIA during March and April

It may STILL b e screening in the Bay Area too.

Those of you with mailing lists in those areas, PLEASE, encourage your list people to go and see the film. It is a miraculous achievement by Marie Losier and all involved and a beauty full memorial to Lady Jaye.

Just read the reviews.

To find out more about exact screening dates email Marie Losier or Jeff Lipsky/Adopt Films.

We REALLY hope you can help Lady Jaye get the legacy s/he deserves.

US Release / Dates and Theaters
-Landmark Embarcadero/San Francisco, CA-March 9/15

-Landmark Shattuck/Berkeley, CA-March 9 to 15

-Camera 3/San Jose, CA-March 9 to15

-Landmark Kendall Sq./Cambridge, MA-March 23 to 29

-Landmark "E" Street Cinemas/Washington, DC-March 23 to 29

-Landmark Ritz at the Bourse/Philadelphia, PA-March 23 to 29

-Crest/Sacramento, CA-March 30 to April 5

-Walker Art Center/Minneapolis, MN-April 4

-Landmark Lagoon/Minneapolis, MN-April 6 to12

-Cedar Lee/Cleveland, OH-April 6 to12

-Regal Arbor/Austin, TX-April 6 to12

-Regal Tara/Atlanta, GA-April 6 to12

-Cable Car/Providence, RI-April 6 to12

-Landmark Nuart/W. Los Angeles, CA-April 13 to 19

-Camelview Cinemas/Scottsdale, AZ- April 20 to 26

-Wexner Center for the Arts/Columbus, OH- April 20 to 26

-Denver Film Center at Colfax/Denver, CO- April 27 to May 3rd

-Angelika Film Center/Dallas, TX-May 4 to 10

-Kahala/Honolulu, HI-May 4 to 10

-Tivoli/Kansas City, MO-May 4 to 10

-Detroit Film Theatre/Detroit, MI-May 25

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