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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Notes straight from Gen on the Dec 9th PTV3 New York show

Notes on the Upcoming PTV3 december 9th show Emailed to me by Gen Hi/rself! Let me know who will be attending!

PTV3 are rehearsing intensively this coming week, developing a whole new set that WILL include an expanded "Maggot Brain" and other surprises. Sam Zimmerman and Jeanne Angel will be developing a whole new video lightshow too. They have created amazing videos for PTV3 since it reactivated in 2003, for Thee Majesty's "CREATION RECREATED" at The Pompidou and for my "BACKWARDS SPIRAL" performance for the Serpentine Gallery as parts of Hans Ulrich Obrist's "MAPS Marathon" at The Royal Geographical Society as part of FREIZE Arts Fair in October. The line-up of PTV3 on December 9th 2010 at Club EUROPA in Williamsburg, New York will be the same as the last European Detour. That is:

ALICE GENESE on Bass Guitar and vocals.
MORRISON EDLEY on Drums, percussion and samplers.
JESS STEWART on Keyboards, flute and vocals.
JEFF "Bunsen" BERNER on Lead Guitars and vocals.
GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE on Vocals and electric violin.

Bryin Dall and his crew will be there too, supporting as 4th SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE. As to what our Thee Majesty buddy will be playing, we have no idea but we DO know they've been rehearsing and creating music for several weeks and they are a deeply pure expression of L-if-E and contemplation through sounds, music and words.

PTV3 will have a special merchandise table with rare posters, Psychick Bibles, art catalogs of "30 YEARS OF BEING CUT-UP", rosaries, Psychick Cross pins, Pandrogeny Dog Tags, Pandrogeny "rubrics" cubes, ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE embroidered patches and lots of other rare recordings, memorabilia and accessories. So bring extra cash as you may never get a chance to aquire these items again!!!

Fresh off the press we have a very limited number of our latest 12” record “Alien Brain Vs. Maggot Brain” on pink and white ‘brain splatter’ vinyl!

Tremendous flyer for the show created by Edward “Edley” ODowd which will be available at the gig as a 24” x 18” concert poster. Limited edition of 46!

New One True Topi Tribe patches avalaible at the show!

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