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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Comics writer Grant Morrison Discusses Genesis in the Letter Column of the Dc / vertigo comic "The Invisibles" issue 19 (1996)

In answering a writer who asked if  Morrison had read int othe ideas of The Temple of Psychick Youth, Morrison replies...

"...I haven't read a lot of temple stuff. I'm aware of Genesis p-orridge and his ideas mainly through interviews but i have no idea how the temple evolved without him.The sigil method, as i'm famliar with it, was developed by occutist and artist Austin Osman Spare (1888/89-1956) and passed through the Chaos Current by Peter Carroll and Ray Sherwin in the early ' 80's.

Morrison would term his Invisibles work " A hypersigil"

-From" his intro "POP MAGIC!". In Richard, Metzger. Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult. The Disinformation Company. 2003 (also included chapters by Genesis which would later appear in the Psychic Bible.)

 "The 'hypersigil' or 'supersigil' develops the sigil concept beyond the static image and incorporates elements such as characterization, drama, and plot. The hypersigil is a sigil extended through the fourth dimension. My own comic book series The Invisibles was a six-year long sigil in the form of an occult adventure story which consumed and recreated my life during the period of its composition and execution. The hypersigil is an immensely powerful and sometimes dangerous method for actually altering reality in accordance with intent. Results can be remarkable and shocking."

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