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Friday, September 16, 2011

THEE RE-EMERGENCE of A TRUE TOPI TRIBE (A message from Genesis)

The following is a message from Genesis for all OTTT members

Dearest Friends,

We have been through so much, all ov us. Each in their unique ways. NOW! Everybody with sense can see that there is a crumbling ov thee old economic ways. For coum T.I.M.E. we have been talking in our Lectures about thee untenable structure ov current systems. We live on a beauty-full planet, full ov miraculous natural and technological things, butter by thee very fact that this world is finite in size and raw content there are undeniable limits to everything. Thee ongoing model for economies is based upon ever increasing "GROWTH" and "PRODUCTIVITY". As thee human species has multiplied ever more quickly thee once apparently limitless resources exploited by thee Colonial, then Industrial, and finally Digital eras has revealed an OBVIOUS fact. In a finte world there are inevitably finite resources. And as we all know those resources, not just oil, but potable water,food, wood, in fact EVERY raw material used in manufacturing, are now revealed to be fast declining and running out. Infinite, permanent growth, and infinite permanently expanding productivity go literally against the laws of Nature. There will be surges ov strategies to give an illusion ov solutions by yet again raping Africa and other "underveloped Third World nations". These "New Markets" will sustain coum aspects ov thee failing materialist economies for a decade or so. Butter, in thee end I.T. will have to be faced that consumption of a finite "cake" lasts only as long as thee cake. There is no magick wand to wave to do a Christ and make thee fishes and loaves miraculously never run out. Thee first nation to realise thee oncouming disasters was China. They have led thee way with TOTALITARIAN CAPITALISM. Thee imposition ov virtual slave labour by intimidation and violence. We all conform to our particular countries systems in part due to awareness that punishment and imprisonment are a constant coumpanion via police, secret surveillance, and if necessary marshall law. All societies use intimidation to impose structure, no matter how discreet or benevolent I.T. may seem.

Thee current panics worldwide are symptomatic ov a slow realisation ov thee inevitability ov collapse ov ALL economic systems worldwide. Globalisation has accelerated this process. One wonders how deliberate or stupid those changes were? Butter that's too much to cover here.

We set up OTTT with Jacurutu and others to initiate a dialogue and discussion by relatively like-minded, commonly Creative beings. Brainstorming these issues we wondered, who will be best prepared to survive and adapt when a "Greece" happens in thee U.S.A.? I.T. seemed probable this would be Survivalist Groups ov all stripes; outlaw Biker gangs; in thee cities crimanal gangs and illicit drug networks; armed forces bases and ov course thee very politicians whose ostrich denials and greed for power for I.T.s own sake has led to this ongoing mess.

I.T. seemed therefore, important to seriously begin copnsidering, planning and thrashing out a way for our own ad hoc, anarchic chosen famille to be prepared for hard T.I.M.E.s ahead. To study thee existing templates ov thee various groups most likely to succeed in surviving and protecting their people. What are thee qualities and structures that give them an edge? Is I.T. even possible to develop a truly working autonomous yet POSITIVE and creative group ov Individuals coum-unity that has staying power? We lived in communes and collectives almost continuously from 1969 until 1992 when we were forced into voluntary exile from thee U.K. Even then, in California we had an open house policy for friends in need ov a place to live and work. Coum ov those people respected us for our generosity, coum later turned out to see our kindness as a weakness.

And THIS is why we feel there is a need to figure out, in advance, how viable this dream and practical concept REALLY IS! Having spent y-eras in communes we can speak from experience most end within 2 y-eras. Often due to conflict over kitchens, cleaning,food and bathrooms. So many people declare their coummitment and talk thee talk butter once ensconced in a coum-unity expect everyone else to resolve issues, supply food, clean up and so on. Their covert attitude is, "What is yours is mine, what is mine is mine". I.T. only takes one or two assholes to destroy everything by disillusioning thee dedicated.

Another problem is "authority". Is there a council, chosen by all who try and oversee thee safety and developmeant ov thee coum-unity? Does one person inevitably becoum "Leader" and eventually becoum thee scapegoat for any mishaps or failures. Often these Alpha types generate secret jealousy and bitterness when forced to make unpoular decisions and therein is another disintegration. Coum-unities are thee hardest social model to perpetuate successfully. Money is ALL ways a terrible problem. Does everyone put all they own into thee pot and if so, who oversees thee use of that? If coumone leaves can they demand their contribution back? We want this NING to coumtinue in thee super positive way I.T. has created its SELF without any initial guidance at all. We are really impressed with how many groups and contact points, ideas and trust has been established by you all so fast.

We recently read a book published by I.T. is a coumpilation ov articles written in thee 1960's and earlier 1970's when thousands ov groups ov all stripes tried to form coumunes across thee U.S.A. Ov these, today, probably less than 23 survive. All those who survived have a philosophy, or spiritual aspect, a unifying belief system that means enough to them to accept problems, to resolve issues for thee best for all and all have to subjugate ego to varying degrees for the collective health. We are hoping that thee ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE can re-emerge from this ailing culture and gradually, after a LOT ov soul searching and extreme honesty, establish one or more coum-unities that will survive. I.T. is NOT easy, rarely fun at thee start, hard work, I.T. requires SINCERE surrender to thee group. A house full ov egos and/or strong opinions is not easy to develop in positive long term ways. WE are totally serious about this aspect ov OTTT. I.T. has all ways been a lifelong hope.

PLEASE, we cannot recommend too strongly that ANY Being here who even just imagines they'd like top make this happen, READ THIS BOOK as soon as possible.

"THE MODERN UTOPIAN" ( Alternative Communities of the 60's and 70's) by RICHARD FAIRFIELD.

We consider I.T. essential reading. You will soon realise how HARD creating a coum-unity is, AND how even more difficult I.T. is to sustain one for any length ov T.I.M.E.

Please forward this posting to everyone on thee NING if you can.

cari saluti,

Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE NYC September 2011

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