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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"A BACKWARDS SPIRAL" was the live presentation by Genesis During the oct 2010 Serpentine Gallery Map Marathon in London, England.

Now DNA is mapped we can deconstruct it, cut it up, chop it to pieces and reassemble it as a new “WE” see fit. Change the way to perceive and change all memory.

Description: We are focusing on evolutionary imperatives for this human species to become a humane species. Not billions of separated individuals in competition but one singular organism built from billions of integrated individuals with mutual unity of purpose.

One question we are asking ourselves is concerned with a possibility that consciousness, the "mind" within matter, might in fact be a voice of DNA, rather than our autonomous biological SELF.

We wonder if our species has misread the existential map of being. What if all the myriad clusters of cells that make up our organs, skin, bones and flesh are merely biological containers? What if DNA is actually the core species and “we” have been duped into imagining we exist?

What if our entire perceptual map of what "WE" are and where "WE" fit in this ongoing trajectory of life has been radically misconceived and led our species into serious errors in direction? A broken compass spiraling backwards…

If the physical body is NOT "US" but actually a camouflaged "cheap suitcase" that has enabled a programme to unfold? One that serves the covert and parasitic purposes of DNA allowing DNA to utilize us as organic machines and bio-utilitarian vehicles controlled and suppressed by built in obsolescence?

We are an unwitting, disposable dwelling, host to a life form whose continuity has far more innate longevity than our paltry 3 score years and ten. So whose voice do we hear as thoughts? Is our sense of individual physical autonomy an illusion?

To explore these questions we will use video, sound and voice to raise by implication issues we feel are critical. Our performance will take the shape of a "rant"! A manifesto of rage against the limitations imposed upon our evolutionary independence by DNA and the present inequity of our complacent co-dependence upon it.

We have an opportunity to utterly re-conceive what beings we are and to reconfigure our relationship with our genetic territories. We need to totally re-map our concepts of separateness, gender, physical shape, form and function. This is a search for methods and templates that redescribe how to isolate and alter some primal destructive, behavioural traits. Traits that block our potential and lock us in a pre-Astoric loop. Unless we liberate the exploration of genetic space our current malaise and inertia will leave us lost in a spatial geography with no concepts to guide us.

Where is the humanE species located? We must be able to break our dependence on inherited DNA and rupture the concept of the physical body being "sacred" or even a finished result of a process of nature? Now that DNA has been "mapped" we are able to cut that map up and reassemble it in unique, infinite ways and explore its shapes and functions according to imagination and creation.

BREYER P-ORRIDGE New York, 2010.

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