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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 9th PTV3 recap post...words,pics,video.

A few words Genesis shared with me regarding the Dec 9th PTV3 show, including the disheartning news on the theft of some one-of -a kind sentimental items..

WE(me) wore "corpse death metal make-up" for no reason, just a whim. Jeff "BUNSEN" Berner..everywhere we went everyone was saying, WOW!! the new guitarist is AMAZING! And even, the DRUMMER is INCREDIBLE too! The new PTV3 line-up is STUNNING! "Acid Mothers Temple Meets the Stooges!!!" someone said, "on DMT!"

The band members ARE amazing, so tight, so able to improvise. We did 5 songs only.

MOTHER SKY (cover of CAN song, new lyrics)
segue with "THEE LEGGE SONG" into

Played around 2 hours...

Unfortunately MY "Gristleizer" signed by all 4 members of TG inclusing Sleazy, was stolen. Morrison Edley's digital camera was stolen and Jeff Berner's WahWah was stolen. Sad, cos WE as a band, as a group of people trying to launch thee ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE for a greater good. To help grow a collective alternative coum-unity and some cheap minded people saw ONLY opportunity to abuse our trust...!

PLEASE, REAL fans of the NEXT NEW WAY ON..don't see the trust of others as a cynical moment to exploit for transient greed. You may IMAGINE we are a "RICH ROCK BAND" but not one, NOT ONE of us has enough financial security to even be sure we can pay our rent next month. We don't mind being poor, we mind being betrayed when we are generous with whatever gifts we have.

BIG LOVE! Alice, Jess, Gen, Jeff, Edley (and Sam and Jeanne who create the videos)


Dearest Garry,

GOOD NEWS! First...the GRISTLEIZER is returned. Transpired that Bryin Dall was packing up his gear and noticed various people clustered and clustering around my Gristleizer. Some were getting photos taken next to it ( !!!) and someone was saying "Look, its signed by all TG including Sleazy who just died" being VERY smart Bryin thought it time to remove the object of awesome talismanic power before impulse took over someones actions.

So Bryin packed the Gristleizer with his stuff and brought it home (next building up) for safe keeping. He just forgot to tell us and the people he told to tell us, didn't..

Which is wonderful news. As you implied it would have marred the magickal focus.

Jeff said it was an old wahwah anyway so it's no big deal to him..only Edley lost out.
We DO still need to retrieve Morrison Edley's digital camera. Its the images inside, of course, not the actual object
Still, we are all THRILLED by the public response....
                                                             Photo by Gigi Ben
                                                 All photos below by Todd Brooks

More pictures from Gigi Ben


Eddie Spex said...

Looks great, canot wait to listen to it.. if it get released.

Stephen said...

This show as amazing - much of the crowd did seem a bit...nefarious so I'm unfortunately not surprised to hear about that. But PTV3 were stunning - a true rock and roll band in the purest form - the energy and synergy on stage = hypnotic and joyous. Mother Sky needs to be released!! (part of brain splatter vinyl series!?) I hope this is just the very beginning of this new lineup..

jacurutu3 said...

It is just the beginning indeed Stephen! I know Gen has been thrilled with the reaction and the skills of the new memebers ..and has asked me to share this news ..

"You can tell the ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE that PTV3 are so thrilled with the response of the fans last Thursday that we have decided to do a follow up to "Maggot Brain v Alien Brain" will be based on the live improvisations and called ?MOTHER SKY v ALIEN SKY"....with the current PTV3 line-up."