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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thee OTTT New Y-Ear draws does T.O.P.Y. FLYING BUFFALO DAY!

From we don't recognize XMAS (CHRISTmass) Funny, when the children were young, around 10 and 8 years old, they said they didn't want to celebrate Xmass at all, but they understood, from growing up in TOPY and with me & Jaye that there WAS a Pagan Day (Caresse's album was for that)...etc

So Jaye and me said OK, you refuse to celebrate organised XTIAN day(s)...what shall we call it?
GENESSE immediately said "FLYING BUFFALO DAY because it's as fake and unbelievable as Buffalos Flying!"

WOW! were WE proud parents. So it was agreed. My SELF and Lady Jaye created a large buffalo from chicken wire, added pink bows of ribbon and lots of fairy lights entwined and then hung the Flying Buffalo above the dining table. The kids LOVED their flying buffalo, as did we and to this day they call Xmas, Flying Buffalo Day.

PS. PLEASE tell your site that 25th December is T.O.P.Y. FLYING BUFFALO DAY and should be celebrated as such by the ONE TRUE TOPI to what form that takes, well let's start a chat/forum about a OTTT Calendar. With Godstars (our saints) Special Holy Daze, and so on until it is ready to create and publish yearly.

Thee OTTT New Y-Ear begins on December 23rd and continues until January 23rd. Its a transition, NOT a sudden switch instantly. We let go of our old patterns and L-if-E Loops and move towards a New Creation in the next year

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Anonymous said...

i didn't know it was flying 'buffalo' day but i did look for a free download of the zappa 'buffalo' album, i'm not giving gail zappa a dime...the idea that new year's is a transition is a very good one.