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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Over the past few weeks, Gen and I have collaborated on This very special section on Thee Archive. A very special tribute zone to a very special person...Lady Jaye. This section will evolve as we go on as we add more thoughts, photos and videos of the Life of Lady Jaye.

Gen's Tribute:
For Jaye's memorial we co-created a documentary movie of H/ir life and times INCLUDING her performances with Black Lips Theater Cult, as a founding member of Jackie 60 House Of Domination ( her name in that troupe was Miss Schecky and s/he and Marti Domination co-created the now legedary performance style of "METHOD GOGO") It also has footage of her modelling Miss Kitty Boots Constructions on the pre-Fashion Week catwalks. It has her acting in movies by Laura Parnes "NO MEANS NO" about a cult of teenage "Mansonesque" punk girl killers inspired and controlled BY the Lady Jaye character. And runs through to her "dropping her body" and the funeral. All the soundtrack is either the plays, performances, films and fashion shows OR real phone messages that we'd BOTH save in the days all answering machines used cassette tapes so we kept EVERY message we left each other from the day we met in 1993 until we were able to LIVE together full time after the horrendous fire that destroyed Harry Houdini's old Mansion in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles in 1995.

As soon as s/he heard we were in intensive care, having been classified "dead" after a post-reconstructive surgery pulmonary embolism, Lady Jaye simply packed up all s/he could fit in a rentavan and drove across the USA non-stop to be with and take care of my physical and mental rehabilitation. Without a minute's hesitation, when s/he heard how close s/he came to physically losing me, s/he committed her SELF UNCONDITIONALLY to be with me, to love me, to inspire and change s/he said once to me, "Because you can't be trusted to stay alive and do all the work you have to do on your own. It's clearly MY primary job to keep you ALIVE!!!"

Here is thee entirety of Gen's memorial movie to Lady Jaye, in two parts.

Lady Jaye,then known as Shecky Domination on the left...

Genesis and Jaye met each other in 1993 on West 23rd Street in the dungeon of a mutual friend, writer Terence Sellers. “I’d crashed on the floor and woke up the next morning and saw through the doorway a tall slim and beautiful woman in a Brian Jones haircut and 1960s style jeans, smoking a cigarette.” Although friends warned her Genesis was “bad news,” it was love at first sight for both.

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