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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some new releases with a LOT of care put into them..

Genesis was amazingly kind, Giving me H/ir copy of the upcoming Vinyl on demand release of  the "at Stockholm plus Jarman Themes / Live New York 17-11-83 plus Unclean and unreleased rarities" 4 LP set...

I may have mentioned on archive here before, but "At stockholm" is my favorite Genesis release ever. All i can say about the LP set is ..WOW..truly amazing and packaging that a lot of work went into.The most beautiful overall gatefold set i have ever seen..... My highest recomendation possible! This will see official release by the end of april! This picture does not even do it justice...

Here is the Vinyl on demand site info from

VOD83: PSYCHIC TV with White Stains “at Stockholm plus Jarman Themes / Live New York 17-11-83 plus Unclean and unreleased rarities “ 4LP 66,66 €

Psychic TV and its mastermind Genesis Breyer P-Orridge works and writings doubtlessly has been one of the inspirations and mind-settings of many people, artists and labels incl.VOD. Along with Throbbing Gristle to be released in 2011 and 2012 this is a definate milestone for VOD and its mission in (re)-releasing and re-writing music-history with incredible influencial, innovative and creative bands!

This ultra deluxe 4Lp-Box (two Double-Lp's) in golden embossed black velvet folder contains the legendary "at Stockholm“ which was produced in cooperation with White Stains in 1990 and is now available for the first time on Vinyl. The fourth side of the first double-Lp contains two Jarman Themes called „Pirates“ and „Demons“.

The second gatefold-Double-Lp contains the incredible first live-performance at the Danceteria New York, performed on the 17th of November 1983 with full line-up inclduing Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Sleazy & John Balance (both members of later formed Coil), Alex Fergusson and John Gosling.(the second at the Danceteria from the 19th of November has been released as NY Scum on Temple-Records in 1984.

The fourth and last vinyl of this set includes 6 rare and/or unreleased tunes inclduing 3 versions of Unclean (rough, instrumental and live) as well as a 15minute selection of the miraculous and mysterious „Fondation Raelinne -Tape“ plus We Kiss as Rough Mix and another Jarman Theme called Chorals. VOD-Members will recieve a giant silkscreened hand-made paper-poster.

Not to be left out is Cold-spring records amazing "THEMES" boxset. Just released.
Tremedous attention to detail, and extensive booklet with Notes from Genesis.

This is not a hype "BUY THIS" post, these truly are two of the best overall packages of Psychic tv/ Genesis p-orridge documents i have seen. One can tell both releases were a true "labor of love" for both labels by the work that was put into the packaging.

I thought i would share these details from cold spring posted on the ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE ning site.

Many thanks for all your nice comments about the THEMES box, it took about a year to compile, and mean`t tracking down and paying original photographers to hunt through 30 year archives for unseen photos. You should see the original (and unseen) CBS photoshoots for `Dreams Less Sweet`! More details soon....Justin

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