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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quotes: on Pandrogeny

From Nov 2010 Self-titled mag interview
AL: I remember you talking about these paintings from Medieval times that depicted Jesus as a hermaphrodite?

GPO: No, no, God, Adam and Eve. All the original paintings that we know of of the Garden of Eden depict God, Adam and Eve as hermaphrodites. Quite literally. And they were around around the time of the Holy Roman Empire destroying the Cathars, the heretics in the South of France, because they knew about the Virgin Mary being there. And the witches, because they knew all about pagan knowledge and medicine and so on, they were also destroying all the paintings. It was a coup. The Roman Catholic Church did a European coup which was very successful…The divine state has to be both. It can’t be binary; it has to be unity.

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