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Friday, March 25, 2011


A very special section I have worked with Gen to set up...The ONE-TRUE-TOPI-TRIBE "COLORS" zone. Overwhelming bursts of energy and inspiration for me after meeting Genesis a few days back and discussing in person where we want the OTTT to head, as well as meeting with OTTT member Fiachra While in Ann Arbor,MI for the screening of "The ballad of Genesis and lady jaye". Lots to come soon....for now....

  ..Read on, from Genesis...

Setting up autonomous OTTT coum=unities that will withstand thee couming implosion ov linear T.I.M.E., AND thee inevitable social fragmentation that will also occur that are founded on CREATION ... TRUST ... LOYALTY ... CHIVALRY (also read RESPECT for that one proposed by Lady Jaye)...SHARED RESOURCES and PANDROGENY; is and all wys HAS been thee ultimate goal of THEE ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE. (sorry that was a long sentence). Thee OTTT and TOPI was ALL ways secreted within T.O.P.Y. and was all ways intended to resurface at an appropriate Occultural Momeant.

That is NOW! And thee disconcert ov PTV3 last December 23rd 2010 (thee first day ov thee TOPI New Y-ERA) was thee declaration ov UNITY OV INTENT !!!

That was why all thee members of this current incarnation ov PTV3 were wearint thee OTTT PATCHES on thee back ov their denim cut-off "vests", as they are called, in thee USA, or "waistcoats" as we call them in Blighty. Whether you choose denim, and add your own Individual accessories as well, or choose black leather and add your own Individual accessories OR if you cut down any other garment that allows free arms by cutting off thee long as I.T. is a cut-off/cut-up I.T. is a declaration ov intentional connection to thee OTTT. We will ask Jacurutu3 to set up a photo gallery/zone to display all photos ov Individuals and groups ov Individuals wearing their OTTT "colors/patches". Both fronts and backs please. We also want photo files ov all related tattoos, especially Psychick Cross tattoos and scarifications.

Here it is!
(I certainly don't claim this ZONE is complete...these are only the pictures i could find upon first glance...send me your pics of your OTTT vests, tattoos,scars etc etc to me at to complete this special ZONE.)
                                          Ariock Van de Voorde

                                                       aaron shea

                                                         uncle d    

                      BRIAN GILBERT                front                                                

                                            BRIAN GILBERT (BACK)

Brother N.S.Q.E. TOPY sigil wrist tattoo (from the collection of M. Gammon)

                                                      thee sugar man
                                        thee sugar man crafted psychic cross

                                  Jacurutu:3 (wrestling vs Chris Carnage)

                                                    walter stacey


                                                         david mc dowell

Original black & white TOPY tattoo and scar photos, page 11, Thee Grey Book, circa 1982 (from the collection of M. Gammon)

                                                          uncle d






                                                   david mc dowell

JACURUTU:3 (shot by OTTT Fiachra prior to Ann Arbor screening of the Ballad of Genesis and lady jaye.)

                                                              Emersunn CXXXVIII



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