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Monday, April 11, 2011

Circa y-era 1999 Genesis website message :PERMANENT EXPLANATION and "APOLOGIA"

Brief message i had saved from Gen's "next-new-way-on" early website.


Genesis P-Orridge writes :

Dear website visitors. First we must apologize for having been "virtually" absent in the news realm for a few weeks. Because here at the Next New Way On project we are working on so many fronts at once sometimes we fall behind. The scope of what we are hoping to upload is huge. First there is an actual museum quantity of recordings, correspondence and artworks documenting the journey through popular culture of Genesis P-Orridge. The more we look at in the archives, the more daunting and complex it seems. There is substantial material relating to interactions with the Beats; Jajouka; 1970's Performance Art and Actionism; Mail Art and Fluxus; the origins of Industrial Music; to some extent the origins of "rave & techno" culture and then many remarkable people who have been met along the way. As if that isn't enough, there are several ongoing and new projects evolving simultaneously and parallel upon which the same few dedicated volunteers are applying all their skills.

One way we try to activate some of the ideas and speculations inherent in this search for metaphysical truth and worldly peace of mind, body and soul is to co-operate as often as we can with the makers of films and documentaries and the authors of books. That way the maximum people can access the works if they so chose and to some degree the work is preserved for a future and even effective, relevant and culturally energized for a whole new generation of seekers after the grail of expression, art and divinity.

So do please remember that in our silence is probably the germination of another special perception of this ongoing mystery of being alive, on this planet, within linear time, in the so-called (Western) year 2000.

Each month we shall try to tell you everything that is happening here. Various releases, live events, significant momeants in our lives and thoughts. In the end we shall have a unique journal of what it is like to be inside and outside of the mind of a creative and dedicated group of Cultural Engineers.

Thank You from all at the N.N.W.O.

copyright next-new-way-on NYC 1999

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