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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Excerpt from Process Mag issue #5 "On fear" which appeared as liner notes to Funkadelic's "MAGGOT BRAIN."

Fear is at the root of man's destruction of himself. Without fear there is no blame. Without blame there is no conflict. Without conflict there is no destruction. But there IS fear: deep within the core of every human being it lurks like a monster, dark and intangible. It's outward effects are unmistakeable. It's source is hidden.

It can be seen on one level in furtive embarrasment, argumentative protest, social veneer and miserable isolation. It can be seen on another level in the mammoth build-up of war machines in every corner of the world. It can be seen in the fantasy world of escapism known as entertainment. It can be seen in the riot-torn streets and campuses. It can be be seen in the squalor of ghettos and the prestigous elegance of "civilized" society. It can be seen in the desperate rat race of commerce and industry, the sensational slanderings of the press, the constant back-biting of the political arena, and the lost world of the helpless junkie who has passed beyond the point of no return.

The tight-lipped supression of the rigid moralist reflects it, as does the violent protest of the anarchist. But more starkly and tragically than anywhere else, it manifests in the pale grey shadow of the ordinary person, whose fear clamps down on all his instincts and traps him in the narrow confines of the socially accepted norm. Afraid ethier to step down into the darkness of his lower self or to rise up into the light of his higher self, he hangs suspended in between, stultified into an Alien pattern of nothingness.

But to a greater or lesser degree,and manifesting one way or another, all human beings are afraid. And some of us are so afraid that we dare not show our fear. Sometimes we dare not even know our Fear. For Fear itsef is a terrifying concept to behold.

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