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Sunday, April 17, 2011

THE LAST MUSEUM - A New Way On for art galleries and museums.

Circa 1999 post on gen's old "next-new-way-on" website announcing the "LAST MUSEUM" sub site.

THE LAST MUSEUM - A New Way On for art galleries and museums.

Brian damage has been working hard on realisation of our latest idea for the NNWO. We briefly had an art show by Skot Armstrong of Science Holiday on this site. That was just a taste. We have now decided to build and administer a full-on art gallery and museum, named after Brion Gysin's last "novel" and dedicated to the memory of his inspirations.

When you go to The Last Museum there will be a floor plan. On the firstfloor there will be two separate art galleries. An exhibition in each will last 8 weeks. There will be a museum shop. Even bathrooms! On the second floor will be the library and archives and the permanent collection. Benefactors will donate archive materials, or funds to maintain and run the museum so that as soon as possible we'll have a 24/7 staff expanding the database, limited editions and correspondence. As the Museum grows, new floors will be added.

One of the great things about this structure is that the museum curators will be able to exhibit previously unavailable or rare materials, images, texts, and photos. Animation, graphics, soundworks will be shown. Virtual and conceptual digitally site specific commissions will be given as funds allow.

Genesis P-Orridge & Miss Jackie Curators of The Last Museum.

Photo by Caresse P-Orridge February 2000. Copyright NNWO 2000.

The first exhibition in The West Gallery will be a new, improved, and expanded exhibition of Skot Armstrong's "LAS VEGAS" show with sound especially reconfigured by Skot after another research visit to the wonderland. Please check our site at NNWO regularly as, all being well, it will go up during September.

The first exhibition in The East Gallerywill be of "EROTIC MAIL ART COLLAGES FROM THE 1970's" by Genesis P-Orridge. These never before seen works have been kindly loaned by Jean-Pierre Turmel of Sordide sentimental, Miss Jackie, Monte Cazazza and others and has been curated by Ben Gala.

In the works are texts, images and photos by Brion gysin from the Genesis P-Orridge Archives; an exhibition of drawings by Timothy Wyllie; a new one-person show by Eric Heist who has been also collaborating with Genesis P-Orridge on an exhibition of paintings and installations that will begin February 15th 2001 in TEAM GALLERY in Chelsea, New York.

The Last Museum is fortunate in that it is run by artists who are still active and innovative worldwide in all media of arts and culture. With our unique network and the potential to combine online some of the most influential cultural movements since 1950 from Fluxus to Beatniks, from pop art to neo-decadent, we will be able to give worthwhile exposure to the true heart of underground creativity. So, watch these spaces!

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