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Thursday, October 29, 2009

PTV4UNE digizine ISSUE 1 - January 23, 1995

This digizine was originally published by transmedia foundation. The original zip-file came with the text file below and a additional dream machine stimulator program.

January 23, 1995

Greetings and welcome to the first and introductory
installment of our "Electronic Zine" dedicated to the musics
and happenings of PSYCHIC TV. This issue will basically be
devoted to telling you about what we hope to offer in the
future as well as other little bits of (dis)information
designed to make your life that much more enjoyable.
As said before, this zine is dedicated to PSYCHIC TV.
This means that we will try to bring you such things as
discographies, gig dates, release schedules, etc. As you can
imagine, it would be rather difficult to have a PTV zine
without touching on the philosophies that are so prevalent.
We would, however, hope to keep this as open-minded and as
critical as possible in order to stimulate interesting and
intelligent discussion (we all hate to read the same spiel
over and over again, don't we?). Some of you may object to
this type of forum, but we would like to keep it as that...a
FORUM- for people of all (un)beliefs and (un)faiths. If you
disagree with something that is said, write in and bitch
about it (so long as it is constructive bitching!)
This project has the co-operation and support of
Brother Genesis P-Orridge and the Transmedia Foundation, so
we hope to be able to bring you first hand info on things
such as concert dates and new record releases as well as
rants and other writings that will be exclusive to us.
Something we would like to feature prominently is an address
network of PTV fans and Processians worldwide, E-Mail or
otherwise, so that we can more easily communicate with each
other. With each issue we hope to include a complete address
list of our subscribers. Record and tape trading is highly
encouraged, especially through this address, as the editors
are in desperate search of more recordings (your list gets
This issue is bound to be rather short because as of
now, we don't really have too much material to give you. This
is why we need your support. Write to us and tell us what you
think of a PTV zine, what you would like to see, and how you
would like to become involved. The possibility that this
could become boring and redundant has been raised, but we
will do our best to keep it from being so. Again, we need
your help. Tell people you know of our existence. Put up a
flier at your local cool record store (assuming you have
one). Run a copy off and photo-copy it for people without
access to a computer (everything is public domain as long as
credit is given where credit is due {unless otherwise

The PSYCHOSPHERE is yours-take it.

Right now, this zine is limited to an E-mail format. As
time progresses however, we will add certain qualities
(hopefully, we will be able to bring you files, both music
and art). If there is enough support and interest, perhaps a
BBS will result...who knows?


Did you receive your copy of the Autumnal Equinox 1994
newsletter from the Transmedia Foundation? Presumably that is
how you got our address. If this is not the case, then you
will be interested in some of the information that was
contained within its pages. Firstly, recent and upcoming PTV

"Ecstasy In The U.K." Track on SHAMANARCHY IN THE U.K.
"Acidosis" Track on 50 YEARS OF SUNSHINE CD Silent
Records SR9333
"Completion 4A" Track on FROM HERE TO TRANQUILITY
CLEO 68082
"A Star Too Far (Lullaby For Syd) Track on SPACE DAZE
(Double CD) A companion book is also available)
CLEO 7616
KONDOLE 1,2,3 CD SR9332
HEX SEX-The Singles Pt. 1 CD CLEO 65082
PEAK HOUR TOPYCD 068 (essential-get it!)
TRIBAL CD TOPYCD 077 (Remixes of Peak Hour song by Drum
TEMPORARY TEMPLE/ATONAL CD on Dossier records DCD 9041
SPLINTER TEST 2x3 CD Box Set on Caroline records:
BOX 1-Elipse Ov Flowers
-Tarot Ov Abomination
-Stained By Dead Horses
BOX 2-Mouth Ov Thee Knight
-Cold Dark Matter
ULTRADRUG Remixed, remastered version of ULTRAHOUSE
"A Star Too Far" Track on SPACE DAYS Cleopatra comp.
(Nov. 94)
A HOLLOW COST Visionary records (Sept. 94)
BREATHE CD I.T.C. release (more about them later)
SIRENS "Sequel" to ULTRADRUG Visionary (late 94)
EXILE Processed "soundtrack" to EXHILE AND
LISTEN...TODAY Re-issue of CDVideo by Sordide
DESCENDING Re-issue by Sordide Sentimental


With this issue of PTV4UNE, we have included a program that
apparently simulates an actual DREAMACHINE. it is strongly
recommended that you read the instructions and warnings that
come with the program itself as it may be dangerous for those
with epilepsy or similar conditions. Otherwise...N-JOY!!!

The following is considered (by me) to be found material.
Many thanks to the originator...whoever you may be.



"Force The Hand Of Chance" (1982-Some Bizarre Record/WEA)
"Themes" (1982-Some Bizarre Records/WEA-Limited Edition,
came with "Force..." album [first 5000 copies only
and also a poster of Gen and Paula])
"Dreams Less Sweet" (1983-Some Bizarre Records/CBS)
"Those Who Do Not" (1984-Gramm Records-Iceland-Double
album)(Limited Edition 5000)
"N.Y. Scum Haters" (1984-Temple Records TOPY 002)(Limited
Edition 5000)
"25 December 1984-A Pagan Day (Pages From A Notebook)"
(1984-Temple Records TOPY 003)(Picture Disc-Limited
Edition 999)(Reprinted in black vinyl and different
cover in 1986, reissued on CD in 1994 by Cleopatra
"Themes 2" (1985-Temple Records TOPY 004)
"Descending" (1985-Sordide Sentimental CD-France)(First
5000 come with 16 pg. booklet)
"Mouth Ov Thee Night" (1985-Temple Records TOPY 10 + TOPIC
10)(Also available in CD {TOPY 034 CD}[with four
extra and uncredited tracks] and Picture Disc)(Also
reissued in 1993 as SPLINTER TEST D)
"Hashashins" (Temple Records TOPY 012)
"Themes 3" (1987-Temple Records TOPY 019)
"Thee Yellow Album" (1988-Temple Records TOPY 032)
"Allegory and Self" (1988-Temple Records)(Black vinyl
[TOPY 038] and Picture Disc [TOPY 035])
"Allegory and Self" (1988-Fundamental Records)(CD,
cassette, Limited Edition 666 [on pink marble
vinyl])(Temple copies come with 14 pg. book and
Fundamental copies come with 12 pg. book)[Re-issued
by Cleopatra 1994]
"Jack The Tab Vol.1" (1988-Castalia Records)(CD, LP,
Picture Disc. Sold under Various Artists, although
it is Psychic TV [mostly Genesis] just not telling
"Tekno Acid Beat" (1988-Temple Records TOPY 039)(CD
[TOPYCD 041] includes extra tracks)
"Kondole/Dead Cat" (1989-Temple Records TOPY 046)(Each
track is longer on CD pressing [TOPY 046CD])
"Towards Thee Infinite Beat" (1990-Temple Records TOPY
049/Midnight Music/Wax Trax)(Wax Trax covers
slightly different, CD [TOPY 049CD]includes two
extra tracks and three tracks are remixed)[Re-
issued by Visionary 1994)
"Beyond Thee Infinite Beat" (1990-Temple Records TOPY
051DJ/Midnight Music/Wax Trax)(CD [TOPY 051CD] and
cassette have extra track. All tracks are remixes
of "Towards..." tracks)[Re-issued by Visionary
"High Jack-Politics Of Ecstacy" (1990-Wax Trax Records,
remixes and sampler of "Jack The Tab")
"Live At The Berlin Wall-Part One" (1990-Temple Records
TOPY 052CD/Midnight Music) (CD only)
"Live At The Berlin Wall-Part Two" (1990-Temple Records
TOPY 053CD/Midnight Music) (CD only)
"At Stockholm" (1990-Psychick Release PCP-Sweden)(CD only)
"Rare And Alive" (19??-Label unknown [TIB CD 10], possibly
a bootleg)
"Direction Ov Travel" (1991-TOPY 059CD, Megs'on [A.K.A.
G.P.O.] & Z'ev
"Psychic TV Presents Ultrahouse-The LA connection" (1991-
Wax Trax, another various artists type deal)

"Peak Hour" (1993-Temple Records)
"Elipse Ov Flowers" (1993-SPLINTER TEST A, soundtracks to
films by Derek Jarman)
"Tarot Ov Abomination" (1993-SPLINTER TEST B, soundtrack
to the film, "The Wanderer" plus piece with White
"Stained By Dead Horses" (1993-SPLINTER TEST C,
soundtracks to films by Derek Jarman and G.P.O.)
"Sugarmorphoses" (1993-SPLINTER TEST E, soundtracks and
tonal pieces dating back to 1965)
"Cold Dark Matter" (199?-reissued as SPLINTER TEST F,
album with "primitive" instruments, lengthy message
from TOPI spokesman)
"Al-Or-Al" (1994-Dossier Records, collaboration with XKP,
intended to be an aural piece of devotion to
Alaura, steps 1-12 of 13 step programme)
"Hex Sex-The Singles-Pt. 1" (1994-Cleopatra Records, a
"best of" PTV singles collection)


"Just Drifting/Breakthrough" (1982-Some Bizarre
Records/WEA 7")
"Just Drifting/Just Drifting (midnight)/Ov Power" (1982-
Some Bizarre Records/WEA 12")
"Roman P (short version)/Neurology (double groove)"
(1984-Sordide Sentimental-France 7")(B side by TOPY
specifically, includes 16 pg. book)
"Unclean/Mirror" (1984-Temple Records 12" TOPY 001)
"Godstar/Godstar (BJ Mix)" (1985-Temple Records 7" TOPY
"Godstar/Godstar (BJ Mix)/Discopravity (Fish Mix)/Yes
It's The B Side" (1985-Temple Records Double 7"
TOPYS 009)
"Godstar (Hyperdelic Mix)/Godstar (California Mix)"
(1985-Temple Records 12" TOPIC 009)(Also available
as a Picture Disc)
"Godstar/Godstar" (Temple Records 12" TOPYH 009)
"Magick Defends Itself" (1986-Temple Records 12" TOPY
"Listen Today..." (1987-Sordide Sentimental-France
CDV)(Includes 16 pg. book, Limited Edition 10,000
(5000 with video in PAL, 5000 with video in NTSC
"Tune in (Turn On The Acid House)" (1988-Temple Records
12" TOPY 037)
"Joy/Thee Politics Ov Ecstacy" (1988-Temple Records 12"
TOPY 040)
"Acid Voodoo Sound" (1988-Fundamental Records 7")(Limited
Edition Radio DJ Promo)
"Godscar" 1988-USA Records 7" one-sided single)
"Love War Riot/Eve Ov Destruction" (1989-Temple Records
12" TOPY 048)
"Love War Riot (Dogon-Nogod Vocoder Message Mix)/Love War
Riot (Priestly Intervention Mix)/Love War Riot
(Untitled Version)" (1989-Temple Records 10" TOP
048T)(Limited Edition [number unspecified])
"Je T'Aime" (1989-Temple Records 12" TOPY 050)
"I.C. Water (Radio version)/I.C. Water (CD version)/Alien
Be-in" (1990-Temple Records TOPY 058T/Midnight
Music 12")(Also available as CD single and special
limited edition one-sided 7" TOPY 058)
"Good Vibrations" (Temple Records 7" TOPY 023)
"Good Vibrations" (Temple Records 12" TOPYT 023)
"Good Vibrations" (Temple Records 7" Twin Pack TOPYD 023)
"Good Vibrations" (Temple Records 7"+ Poster TOPY 023 P)


"The Full Pack/The Mad Organist/Catalan" (1983-Some
Bizarre/CBS)(Free with first 5000 copies of
"Dreams..." album only)
"The Magickal Mystery D Tour E.P." (1986-Temple Records)
(Available in four formats: A)7" with four tracks
B)A version, but includes a poster C)Gatefold
double 7" pack with photo inlay and extra 7" with
two tracks D)12"with same tracks as A&B although
12" mixes exclusively)
"Ultrahouse Remixes" (1991-Wax Trax, WAXCD 7179, remixes
of some songs from "Ultrahouse..." album)
"Tribal (Drum Club Mixes)" (1994-Temple Records)(Remixes
from "Peak Hour" by the Drum Club)

LIVE 23:

"Live In Tokyo" (1986-Temple Records TOPY 015-Limited
Edition 5000 with Tab #1 (January 18/86 in Tokyo,
"Live In Paris" (1986-Temple Records TOPY 014-Limited
Edition 5000 with Tab #2 (June 8/86 in Paris
"Live In Heaven" (1987-Temple Records TOPY 018-Limited
Edition 3000 with Tab #3 (December 23/86 in London,
"Live In Glasgow" (1987-Temple Records TOPY 016-Limited
Edition 5000 with Tab #4 (February 18/86 in
Glasgow, Scotland)
"Live In Reykjavik" (1987-Temple Records TOPY 026-Limited
Edition 5000 with Tab #5 (November 83 in Reykjavik,
Iceland)(An edited down version of the album,
"Those Who Do Not" with one extra track)
"Live En Suisse" (1987-Temple Records TOPY 027-Limited
Edition 5000 with Tab #6 (February 86 in
"Live In Gottingen" (1987-Temple Records TOPY 029-Limited
Edition 5000 with Tab #7 (May 17/84 in Gottingen,
West Germany, re-released on Dossier with part of
"Atonal")(Available on video)
"Live In Toronto" (1987-Temple Records TOPY 028-Limited
Edition 5000 with Tab #8 (August 86 in Toronto,
"Temporary Temple" (1987-Temple Records TOPY 030-Limited
Edition 2300 with Tab #9 (July 28/84 in London,
England, re-released on Dossier [1993] with part of
"Psychedelic Violence (Album 10)" (1988-Temple Records-
Limited Edition 1000)(Available to people who send
in tabs 1-9. This offer is now closed!)
"Live At Thee Mardi Gras" (1988-Temple Records-Limited
Edition 5000)(Nottingham, 1987)
"Live At Thee Circus" (1988-Temple Records TOPY 042-
Limited Edition 5000)(London 1987-1988)
"Live At Thee Ritz" (1989-Temple Records TOPY 045-Limited
Edition 5000)(Manchester, November 1983)
"Live At Thee Pyramid" (1989-Temple Records TOPY 047-
Limited Edition 5000 [2000 in Picture Disc {TOPIC
047}with message printed in vinyl discussing 1989's
current TOPY and PTV happenings])(New York City,
"Live In Bregenz" (1989-Temple Records TOPY 020-Limited
Edition 5000)(Austria, 1985)
"A Real Swedish Live Show" (1989-TOPYSCAN Records-Sweden-
Limited Edition 5000)(December 6/84 in Stockholm,
"City Ov New York/City Ov Tokyo" (Temple Records TOPY
"City Ov Paris" (Temple Records TOPY 055CD)


"Ov Power" (LP, no label or catalogue number, live, black
cover with golden psychick cross, no track listing,
venue unknown) 1984
"Live Transmission" (Cassette, RSB, Italy R'SAA1,
Authorized limited edition of live show in London,
August 17/84) 1985
"Southern Comfort" (LP, no label or catalogue number,
live, violet vinyl, recorded December 13/85 at the
Arena in Rotterdam)(Limited Edition 1000) 1986
"Live at Final War$" (LP, Transrecords TRANS06, live in
Tokyo, January 16-18/86 [includes "I Like You" and
"Japan Boy/Japan Girl" from LIVE01, but the rest is
new and exclusive, separate recording], comes with
8 pg. book in fantastic colour with tons of live
shots and a Japanese interview) 198?
"Ambient Indoctrination" (Cassette, authorized release by
the ITC, consists of a live show in Eugene, Oregon,
October 14/93, by PTV and XKP, first 100 of edition
are signed by Genesis and Craig Ellenwood of XKP,
first 23 of 100 has artwork signed by artist)
"Stations Ov Thee Cross" (Cassette , same as above,


"23 Drifts To Guestling" (1983 Cassette, Nanavash,
contains demo of "Stolen Kisses" by Alex Fergusson
and a talk by GPO, "The First Outing Of The
Psychick Youth")(Reprinted in 1985 by Catfood
"Nice Tracks" (1983 LP Sampler, Nice, Italy, contains PTV
Rally recordings and GPO and Sleazy talking)
"Sex And Beastiality" (1984 Boxed Set of 4 Cassettes,
Bain Total, France, contains the PTV track, "La
Edad de Oro [Red Ritual Film]")
"Berlin Atonal Vol. 1" (1984 LP, Atonal, West Germany,
contains two PTV live tracks: "Nursery Times" and
"Skinhead Moonstomp 84")
"Berlin Atonal Vol. 2" (1984 LP, Atonal, West Germany,
contains one side of PTV live tracks: "Papacy",
"Unclean", "God's Blood", and "New Will")
"Better An Old Demon Than A New God" (1984 Sampler LP,
Giorno Poetry Systems, USA, contains PTV's
"Unclean" (Giorno Mix) which is the most complete
version to date. Also on the album is Lydia Lunch,
Nurroughs, Giorno, Jim Carroll and Meredith
"Pinpoints On A Nation" (1984 Cassette and poster in
baggie, Fifth Column, USA, Limited Edition 500,
contains an untitled live track by PTV/TempleUS)
"If You Can"t Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your
Soul" (1985 Sampler LP, Some Bizarre Records/CBS,
contains "Twisted by PTV)
"Gunfire And Pianos" (1986 Sampler LP, Situation Two,
contains "Baby's Gone Away")
"Captured Music" (1989 LP, Selektion, West Germany,
contains Gen, Paula, and Hafler Trio live tracks
from Captured Music Festival [February 87 in
Karlsruhe] cut-up and reworked by other artists)
"The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young" (1989 Sampler LP
[for charity], Caroline, USA, contains PTV doing N.
Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart")
"Fifty Years Of Sunshine" (1993-Silent Records, doulble
album celebrating the discovery of L.S.D., the
limited edition vinyl is highly sought after,
features the PTV song "Acidosis" as well as some
other appearances of Genesis)
"From Here To Tranquility" (199?-Silent Records, contains
PTV's "Completion 4A", which is the 13th step in
programme [see Al-Or-Al])
"Industrial Revolution II" (1994-Cleopatra Records,
double CD, contains PTV doing "United '94",
features the Throbbing Gristle lineup)
"Mysterious Encounters" (1994-Cleopatra Records, contains
PTV's "Godstar '94" [PTV, in this case, being the
members of Throbbing Gristle])
"Space Daze" (1994-Cleopatra Records, contains a track by
Psychic TV and thee Angels Ov Light entitled, "A
Star Too Far (Lullaby For Sid)"


Genesis P.Orridge/Stan Bingo-"What's History" (1982
Cassette, Nekrophile Rekords, Austria, instrumental
music, a blueprint for PTV)
Dave Ball-"In Strict Tempo" (1983 LP, Some Bizarre, text
and voice in a few tracks)
Various Artists-"Decoder Soundtrack" (1985 Soundtrack,
What's So Funny About Records, West Gemany,
contains soundtrack music by GPO/Dave Ball, as well
as E. Neubauten, Matt Johnson, Bur roughs, and
Genesis P.Orridge & The Angels Of Light-"Je T'Aime"
/"Supermale" (1986 12" single, Sub Rosa, Belgium,
reprinted in 1989 under PTV's name)
Genesis P.Orridge-"M.E.S.H.:Meet Every Situation Head-
On" (1988 12"single, Castalia Records, two
different mixes, under Gen's name, but really PTV)
The Hafler Trio & Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth-"Brion
Gysin's Dreamachine" (1989 Cassette, CD [with extra
track] or LP, 72 pg. book and cardboard poster
which folds out into a dreamachine replica, Limited
Edition, contains the tracks "Sound To Enhance The
Effect of Brion Gysin's Dreamachine-Part I & II"
[The CD includes part III])
Genesis & Alaura P.Orridge (1989 Cassette , Psychick
Release PCP, Sweden, documentation of Scandinavian
Poetry Tour of December 1989)


"Time Zones" (35 minutes, Jettisounds, UK, 1990,
includes three films by Derek Jarman [shorts]:
"Home Movies", "The Art Of Mirrors", and "The Dream
Machine (1984)" which have music by Dave Ball/GPO,
T.G., and PTV)
"The First Transmission" (240 minutes, TOPY, UK, 1982,
advertised in the first edition of Thee Grey Book
and sold at a minimum donation of P.23 (requesting
a signed declaration to absolve TOPY of all legal
responsibilities)(Very limited edition, now
extinct, police didn't like what they saw on it
much at all [say no more], comes in black sleeve
with grey outline and psychick cross, contents:
TOPY Spokesman, lengthy TOPY ritual, misdeeds of a
San Diego Medical Detective, views of Gysin's
Dreamachine, Jim Jones footage, SXXX-80 [Cazazza/E
mollo], PTV interview on BBC2, ritual porn with
Thee Temple)(In US, this is distrubuted on NTSC
format in three volumes: "Eden3", "Ritual Cuttings"
and "[volume three, title unknown]")
"TV Wipeout" (Doublevision Video, UK, 1983, includes
"Terminus" video)
"Morgana-Flowers From The Underground" (Kartell Video,
1984, includes "Terminus")
"PTV Live In Berlin 1983" (Studio K7, Germany, 1990,
video taken from the Atonal Video sampler, "Berlin
Atonal 1 & 2" [2x90 minutes, West Germany, 1984])
"Decoder" (235 minutes, West Germany, 1985, company
unknown but is out there, a movie starring W.S.
Burroughs, E. Neubauten, Christian F., F.M.Einheit,
Matt Johnson and Genesis P.Or ridge [Gen plays a
high priest fighting the Muzak Corporation].
Directed by Muscha and Klaus Maeck)
"Body Shocks" (90 minutes, Dragon Video, UK, 1986,
includes music by PTV, a half-live remix of
"Unclean" video and Mr. Sebastian in action
piercing Gen, Paula and Sleazy)
"Black" (?? minutes, Cleopatra, US, 1994, mostly live
footage spliced together with various images from
other videos)
"8Transmissions8" (50 minutes, TOPY, UK, contains videos
for "Godstar", "Unclean", and "Terminus", among
"Exhile and Exhileration (A Video Meme From Genesis
P.Orridge)" (45 minutes, TOPY, UK)
"Joy" (56 minutes, Jettisoundz Video [available from
Visionary] Mostly live footage from 1988. R.U.
Xperienced is the stand-out)
"Maple Syrup" (60 minutes, Jettisoundz Video [available
from Visionary] Rather low quality footage shot in
Toronto, Canada in 1987/89.)
"Thee Films 1950's-1960's" (120 minutes, TOPY [available
from Visionary] Features films by Burroughs, Gysin,
and Somerville. Heavy PTV influence.)

==>If you know of anything not appearing in the above
discography, please let us know.



No fear, except thee fear of leaving. Death is like each
other. Life has only dreams to recommend it, and thee
security of being inside. To be part of a group, to be
INSIDE, is to enter thee body and partake of sex. We
therefore thrive on this violation. We attempt to recreate
thee excitement of a first moment's intensity by deceptive
means. Happiness can give you fear. Of course thee fear of it
ending. Thee only real fear is fear of ending, and thee only
joy is violation. Unhappiness gives insight cruelly,
happiness makes a death threat. As time passes thee addiction
dwindles. Always a jolt of steel. Always. Thee orchid, thee
metal. Muscles, no longer as loose as childhood, ache in
memorium, stiffening with age before beauty. Age before lust.
Age before love. Demand outstrips supply, we congeal, fixed
in parables and fantasies. Thee past controls through people.
Little girls become young ladies. Proper. They attract by
their lack of experience, unaware of thee spell, more
concerned with being inside than observation. They accept
thee host. They create a ghost that haunts forever. Thee
ache for reclamation. Perhaps, thee story goes, if you
recreate that first moment, passed; you can travel back in
time. Or by creating a stranger, replenish lust. This
violation then is a form of breaking thee rules: a necessary
act to exist. Conscious self- deception and threat of oneself
and one's security affirms existence, makes real. Sexuality,
getting inside, makes real, makes really real, and once
inside we can make anything happen. Eyes shut in a coffin, a
world of darkness, we travel that darkness to reconvene our
emotions and listening hard we see every detail of every
sexual act. Little girls masturbating about tomorrow. Little
boys masturbating. Every second losing intensity, creating
thee need forever to go back inside and feel safe, to travel
back and feel alive. It really is so difficult. What we have
creates our need. Restrictions are removed like school
uniforms, we discover eroticism in both manners. And manners
maketh man, woman and star . We enter our bodies. Inside
isquiet, scarcely a solution in sight. Sharing a body is
nothing. Sharing insight is everything. A fine balance
maintained by neurosis. When we break rules, we become
fools, driven by a desperate grasping of hope for ignorance.
Thee rules are created by a wound. We never escape them. We
descend into them. Brats in a trap. All paranoia comes from
thee past. It takes us like a rape and damages. Like a rape
and damages. Like a rape. Damages. But in thee mourning,
after thee night, we fall in love with thee light. The
solution is, to touch skin, and stay safe, deep inside. Thee
first step towards control is ownership. Thee foundation of
ownership is meme-control. Ownership of information is thee
real system of control. To know a thing is to possess it. To
possess a thing is to be able to manipulate it. Search
continues. Control needs time like a junkie needs junk. If
only it were all a matter of time. Takes all kinds. Time is.
Time is passed on. Turning over thee ancient symbols used to
weigh gold in Egypt we terminate dreams. Regular trips to
thee undercurrent display confusion in precise detail. Thee
effect is one of accuracy of purpose and description. Images
sequenced to define thee exact nature of time and place. New
York. Skeletal myth jaded and scarred. Know, self-respect
breeds cynical self-abuse. Never never return to thee
previous character. Always create a new one. What do you see
from thee faded telephone box? Two sides of one street un-re-
joining each other like worms? Visions convicted and
betrayed. We become what we once wrote, thought better of,
and since despised. We eat what starves us. We defecate what
we once took to be our Selves, to be what we once were. A
litany common to all, but Deities. Designed by spirits dead
and erect. Projections making light of surface. The
alternative is Enless, endless sadness. Thee consumption of
guilt threatens guilt. Inside a shelter. Old men pissing on
trees. Dogs turning 'circles of animals'. Thee black sickly
powder of fear. Speaking thee incantations aloud trapped in a
lump of skin. Instinct breeding the final moves, thee
infinite lovers. We accept them on our shoulders and leave
you for free. Then time ends. Eyes burn and close. Wounded. I
wandered that land. Making plans. Building strange
concoctions of hope. Thee charm. Thee TV. Thee whiskey. Thee
fur cellar as indecent as a beard. From cool to indifference.
Visions convicted and betrayed. Looking from zero point
there's all kinds of illusions. Zero point. It takes all
kinds of illusions, this, this, death. Thee pains don't ease
as you get older. Thee hatred doesn't melt. E thought the
hatred would melt. Thee brains get blocked. Thee drains stray
across to bare flesh, groaning at Nature's tricks, and not
even caring for thee moment. Some daze are like friendship.
Routines pulling you away from thee burden of vision. Good
friends that step in and destroy thee direction of youth.
Thee apotheosis of desire is to outclass death. We are
sentimental and quite capable of finding laughter. No iceberg
this tension. Thee averted eyes of youth. And now it's
finished. Process complete. Only thee corpse to sacrifice
like a gangster. Thee special forces where agape meets
thelema. Nietsche never had a cushier b-earth. Here we see a
principle, here we see a subject. Endless twigs on thee fire.
Axle cracked by frost. Resting. Snow has crushed my
camouflage. Snow has killed my garden. Thee shelter is still
there. Time is. Time is passed on. Thee dogs are now dogs.
Just dogs. Still turning circles. Thee eyes still burn.
Choice as hard as tooth, as cold as knowing. And yet, agains
my will, another dream coming into focus. Ice on soil. Dog
resting at my back. Daylight of friendship cracked with
shadow. In this dream it begins and ends at the dogs fucking
in circles park I remember from my childhood and now call
zero point. Pointless passover. In heat, breathing as a
bloody door shuts. (The deities must think I'm affirming my
existence this way.) In they come. 23 visions of light. Thee
small room. Memories of blood and urine by thee medical box.
Links of old senses in rope.... (Do the dieties think I can't
navigate the meanings here?) There were shadows pulling
scales from young flesh. Quiet and hooded. Thee small hands
played patterns on thee window. Fog in living rooms. Several
old, old pages curling as dog barks spewed across night time
light. Rope tightened making furrows. (I know what 's going
on here.) No sound. In the essential nature of legends. Thee
Dissident Watchers nefeling liquid secret distopias from long
sought distant utopias. Like alchemists siphoning mind from
chemical, for there once were stones in a sexual cathedral
now drained of steel by the endless shadows of a Pyhrric
cloister of bureaucracy. Down thee foockin' alley is where he
went. Body shifting on wood, dog outside thee door. Is there
only the smell of blood? There is both truth and history,
projection and dream. Flickering memories as trains
manoeuvre in old men's eyes. (Did they not think we'd know?)
Rope lashing marks back hard. It's all a matter of counting,
tic, tic. Betrayal of simple fertility. Tic. Thee lack of
wild explosions a code to rebuild every life. Tic. This time
tic thee victim is desired and wet. Tic. These lives are
stones tic, assembled in ancient dreams of slick young flesh.
Tic. Quiet and hooded. Tic. Rituals of male. Tic. Many
shapes tattooed in old buildings. Tic. Tattoos. Tic. Old
keys. Tic. Flesh. Resting. Slight shifting. Feet deepening
red. No sound. Across thee way a boy was grinning. Hard-on
obvious in old torn gray trousers. Inherited from an earlier
victim of plague. Uniform remnants. Light of night filtering
through where roof tiles slipped their tail and buggered old
senile books across dreams. Nothing salvaging code. Tic.
Thee same city we all used to pass away time in. Crippled
compacts, flesh bound. Each ritual makes its demand. Slipping
a wooden coil of expensive death under all those derelict
lines. No engines anymore. No green and pleasant ghosts of
death playing in thee grass. Just simple and banal. As you
would expect. Terminus. Final flaw. If one could truly
describe that light, of course it's gray, but, that light
images tumble, only eyes hurt from lack of focus. No physical
sensations here. Limbo of stone. Men separated from
brickwork. No polarity visible. Similes of love from pitted
carriages. Semen as thee corpse evolves into alchemy. (That
was someone else.) Liquid sings of old religions. Hand
smearing juice on cock, squeezing tight as it glides into,
into, unfaithfulness. Vanity of accounting. Tic. Pride of
hindsight. Tic. Crinkling of skin against worn eyes. There is
no need for more light. Scanning ripples of boyish flesh
used to pass away time in. Car crumpled, rain on moss. Crack
of wood. Only a few see this code. Tic. Gray suit draped
across street. Feet derelict. Looking from zero point
there's all kinds of truth. Tic. In thee wrong camouflage.
Not 1984. Taxi making waves from red lights and green
visions. Tic. A green magician perhaps. Takes all kinds. So
there it was. From school to outhouse to dream to thee boy's
grin across thee line. Thee old theories. Many an alchemist
died for less, or so they say. And we have thee fragments.
Pillars and razors and comfortable settings. Takes all kinds.
Leaves falling, sometimes snow. Collapsed my camouflage net
this year. We sit with thee lights on, eyes closed. Thumbing
through dictionaries. What makes this difficult? Is there
madness in this method? There is no god where I am. Steroids
lead to addictive joys and elective death. How the hell did
we get to Bill Haley? Does shame lurk like physical weapons
waiting to mug us no matter how late. It's AL a matter of
time. Visions without affirmations destroy our guts. Thee
irony of nature's game. Content without content. We play it
both ways. Weighing up thee results on ancient Egyptian coin.
Did you know you killed thee strongest boy with hopelessness
alone? Old myths die soft. "Bad advice," says Father Jesse,
always focussed on essence and suffering. Thee victim
relaxes. Caring is blood. Thereby hangs a thread. This is
not about one thing. Tic. Does not belong to one person. Tic.
One subject. These words belong to anything we think. Tic.
And it's not thee name anymore. No set piece battles. Tic. No
solution turning acid. Tic. There is a system evolving
whereby all these words apply to every situation. Tic.
(Isn't that rather arrogant?) No. It takes all kinds of
words, this life. "Is this thee white path?" asks Sister
Sibyl. No. Don't be mistaken. Tic. All these marvelous words,
teasing us close to existence. Then. Time ends. It's all a
matter of time. Blurred self-image corrupting. Dangerous.
"During a conference on tactics it was decided to terminate
this mission with extreme prejudice," from when E was really
young. It originates in thee dark side of history. This
mission never existed. Getting thinner all thee time. Subject
limited to a strip of one. A circle of animals. Motives
replace products in our minds. Object d'art to camouflage our
own commodification. It takes all kinds. Tic. Philosophy
separates thee person from thee Mass. Exit all legends. Enter
thee laws of magick. In this world we entertain not audiences
but fantasies. We complete thee self-image, blurred or not.
Tic. Search continues for correct process. "Proclaim present
time over," says Father Robert, somewhere in thee secret
cathedral of small stony movements. Old movies dream
conflict. Thee old, old area in sheets of snow, reversible,
lacking truth fades. Truth is a bad word to use. Breathing
short as spunk coats the bloody arm. Part of thee text on
thee wall. Whenever thee dog turned thee night trembled.
Tremble died of auld lang syne. Shimmered like water moved by
piss in a forest. Shadow moved in thee light. Peace of
history. Marks of cold spray as thee material fades. Our
appetite for miracles May King traps of time. Daze go by.
Viciousness is not enough. Wooden pricks lubricated against
dawn. Slow motion of exact formulae edging fear into spectres
f old death. Tic. Key twists causing rivulets of blood and
piss. Floor stained with patience and precision. Tic. Only
animals remain. No focus. "What do you want next time?" thee
dream whimpered. Who thee fuck was coming back? Back? Back?
Back of hand on kidneys. No need to define victims. Tic.
Where do you hide terminus? Routine dreaming. Mirages that
exist. Affirmations wax of fur and bullet. In one dark corner
thee exact dimensions were long ago concealed. And thee
entrance danced to relive old histories, plunging through
flesh to saw, sore eyes. Source,arise.Lost in light of night,
into that darkness. Always watched, all ways. Relying on thee
slim movement of thee least action. Key. Always easy in this
room. Tic. Small room. Chamber of conscience. Plaster
flaking like love. (How Victorian; English Victorian at
that.) Dreams contained in liquid. Sperm rages in formulas.
Drinking rain even as trees cough out thee empty bairn of
history. Thee way of thee formulas. Thee wisdom of breath.
Thee temple of light. But he sees you. As he waits. He does
not need thee light of night, thee serene dream of time, thee
sweet flesh ideas are heir to. He is above you and in you.
His joy is in your joy. When all movement and thought stops
we are awake. We are awake because we are empty and Anything
at all merely serves to fill us again. Did you hear us? E
said we were awake. Sad, E saw that game. On one side near
thee old house. Movement of rat in corner. Rustle of scales.
Rubble crunching like snow, kicked aside like tin. He was
grinning before he jumped. Oh, nothing in particular. Dog
shifting and sleeping. Oxygen short in thee air. Sound of
breathing louder than old stone. Light of night twisted
fading. Sound playing across skin like fingers. Prickling
hairs on thee cock. No way to identify. No key. Tic. Empty as
flesh. Inside thee box papers inscribed with time. Several
days past. Thee gate remained closed. Shadows at attention
marking time. Tic. Orders to thee last as vigils of death
ponder flesh and all thee dogs crawl away. Car passes. Tic.
Phone rings. Glass cracks. Tic. Did you see that? Black
fingernails strapped to linen. Sound of steel beneath flesh,
perhaps not deep enough still. Tic. Direction gone. Mangle
us. Tic. Septic from piss. Tic. Line around heel. Lack of
nails cracked. Tic. Glass crimson as thee doctor fell.
Hiding his face they say. Shame. A blunt instrument in
surgeon's hands. Dry noise in throat washing across winter as
trains drift by. Counting. Tic. Noise of dreams at thee
door. Tic. Huge carved monoliths, ivory curved around thee
illusory gates. "Open, open!" For know reason. For just a
small map, an old routine frozen before. Before time passed
on. Leaving spirals bouncing against spirals. Wherever we
observe, it is all ways thee same place. Thee traces remain.
To me. To me. Thee sex scene over for now. Last night thee
flesh came. Open arms, strong, empty pale. A volunteer. Light
behind in thee doorway. Fading fresco. Let dreams slide
across thee floor of winter, splinters in foot. Gasps of
little boy who didn't want to bleed.All ready. Blood. Feet
stamping. Fingers jabbing in groin. Tic. Already empty.
Drifting in story: no detail forgotten. No fact erased. No
one watched. Trapped in small room. Tic. Looking up at thee
ceiling there were thee usual number of tiles laid out. Tic.
Gray as photographs. Thee same cathedral we all used to pass
a way in. Small baby smiled. Kicked. Such simple structures
cascade from box to corner. Kicked. Fear of lust of
destruction. Kicked. Results not uncommon. Stolen trusts.
Cold. Just a very, very small game. Lights of night twisted
overhead. Tic. Exactly several days passed. Tic. Sick dogs
slouch away. Tic. Knives flared in little boy hands. Tic.
Fortunes slumping in corners wrestling. Tic. Thee car dumped
near piles of earth. Tic. To flicker of moon on knife in
stream of icy breath. Tic. Wondering. Tic. Wondering. Zero
point. Responsibilities cracked like frostbitten flesh. (How
Victorian.) A window slammed shut. Awake, all ways. Here we
are. No thing recovers. Still drinking rain as patchwork
leaves sleazily cover deep, deep, deep dreams. Eassau, e'
did. Our favorite snow defined tree just peters away and is
off or something. From thee window, just lumps of flesh
moving near water. A ction of wall flaking like thee bedbug-
ridden plaster of "daath". (How very, very Victorian.) Ex-
dreams contained in fertile liquid. Thee ectoplasmic
thoughts made ritual gestures and parted with no messages
spoken, an emptiness of this story. Thee serene time merely
serves to spill, then dies like poison spiders stamped
needfully underfoot. A spark of will before thee cold draught
and damp "would" of future, placed near dying trees. Severe
rot. Tic. Uncouth sounds playing across skin like light
erotic fingers. Tic. Yes, odd steel needles buried in needy
images. Tic. Hard, no sounds. Tic. Next ache is a
continuation of the first ache. Tic or breath or pulse or
waft. Tic. Begorah, always thee same numbers. Tic. Good dew
ladels sweat on the body knowingly tensed. Tic. [sic] By
night laced in stomach, expression traced in nails basked in
victims blood. Tic. Choke, my Knight. Tic. Get her Inside
thee boxed papers inscribed with meaningless maps,
intersections. Remember? Eying sophisticates from under the
trees of guilt, of shame. Paralysing. Eyes useless. Regret
useless. Heat of tracks counted like withered grass. Twisted
in old hair. Throat washing across winter as an old routine
drifts by. No dream forgotten. Links of old senses in rope.
Knots of divinity. Aware of floor on flesh, tubes of water.
Raging mud lightens it up. No thoughts, thee best type of
mind. Empty vessels make thee most alchemically pure
cathedral stones. Life is moving, Charlie. Time gripping
tight like a lover's orgasm. Tied trees bending. Quiet and
hooded. Thea sins too small noises of rats next door. Cable,
craw, celibate. Roar. Fur trembling like light.. Pulling
scales clear of rustling menses in thee essential nature of
legends. Shadows steal from endless counting. Thee rest left
open. Roar. Not enough. Knot. Tide goes out.

genesis p-orridge
Cazadero, California, Feb 1994



PSYCHIC TV Towards Thee Infinite Beat (Visionary re-issue
It's very fitting that this recording be one of the
first PTV discs for Visionary to release, simply because this
is very likely PTV's most "accessible" album to date. By that
term I don't mean that it is tame in any way, just that it is
the album most people happen to stumble upon first (due
largely to the fact that it was previously released by
WaxTrax in The U.S.).
Upon first listen of this album (several years ago, for
myself), one may be relatively unimpressed. The dance beats,
rave influences, and overall "pop" feel tends to suggest
ordinariness. Further and closer examinations of the album,
however, eventually reveal an extremely diverse and
intelligent assortment of sounds as well as subject matter.
This record is certainly home to a few classics. I.C.
Water, the Ian Curtis tribute, is likely the most well known
tune, while Horror House has become legendary in its own
right with a terrific piano line and samples from Apocalypse
Now. The only disappointment with this re-release is the
lack of new/different artwork. The front section's
artwork and layout is identical to that of the copies
originally released in Europe on TEMPLE RECORDS. The back
cover only differs in that it bares Visionary's markings.
As always, Towards Thee Infinite Beat is an essential
part of any PTV fan's collection, be he an old-timer or a new
comer. en-JOY. -MB

(Visionary\28-30 The Square, St.Annes\Lytham
St.Annes\FY8 1RF\U.K.)

PSYCHIC TV Ultradrug (Visionary- VICD 001)
Ultrahouse was originally released in 1991 in the U.S.
by Wax Trax Records. This recording isn't just a re-release-
it has been re-mastered, re-edited, and re-mixed to achieve
what I consider to be a far better final product. This
release contains new tracks from Genesis and Larry Thrasher,
who seems to be a new member or PTV.
This disc is what it claims to be-a trip. If you listen
carefully or even just read the song titles, you can see how
the album is structured to represent a psychedelic
This record will especially appeal to those of you who
like PTV's dance/rave music (circa Jack The Tab). -MB

(Visionary/28-30 The Square, St. Annes/Lytham St.

BOYD RICE Ragnarok Rune (World Serpent- WSBCD 013)
Well...I've finally found a disc that I absolutely
cannot listen to all the way through. In fact, I haven't
listened to it for more than five minutes without starting to
go a bit mental.
The reason why this disc is so damn irritating is
because the tracks consist of one sustained (dis)chord with a
bit of subtle ambient noodling in the far background. One
track is the same as the next, only the main noise is of a
higher or lower pitch.
I find that when this tactic is used in noise music, the
result is an extreme increase in my own personal tension
level- you keep waiting for the actual climax and denouement,
but they never come. This makes for an extremely long and
uncomfortable listening session.
Masochists need only apply. -MB

(World Serpent/Unit 717 Seager Buildings/Brookmill
Road/London/SE8 4HL/U.K.)

COSEY FANNI TUTTI Time To Tell (Conspiracy Intl.-CTI93 004)
There is much to be learned of Cosey here. Upon viewing
the Twenty-six post-card-style photos included in this set, I
found myself going into the reading and listening material
with a preset opinion of how I was going to feel about this
woman's solo work. This preset opinion was soon diminished to
a cautious appreciation.
This soft spoken woman has much to relish in her
chosen fields as a musician, performance artist and stripper.
Understanding of her reasons for entering these fields was a
learning experience for this feminist. She expresses her need
to do exactly what she wants in a way that is inarguable,
even by the most right wing conservatives.
The reading material in this set is both intelligent and
informative. It describes the true nature of this woman and
her work. The many descriptions of her performances/actions,
alone and with Genesis P. Orridge, are both intriguing and
disturbing. But she reminds us that Horror is something that
needs to be put back in it's place.
The musical content of this set is sensuous and
relaxing, reflecting the message in the written material. I
highly recommend this to the avid collector, or anyone who is
interested in counter-culture realities.
All-in-all it is safe to say that whether you agree with
her choices or not, this woman's work will make you sit up
and take notice. -JB

(World Serpent/Unit 717 Seager Buildings/Brookmill
Road/London/SE8 4HL/U.K.)

COIL The Angelic Conversation
Poetic and beautiful. This soundtrack to the 1985 Derek
Jarman film is entirely tranquil. The mixtures of sounds,
music and poetry make it a truly enjoyable listening
experience. Coil once again has proven their mastery of
creating emotion through sound. If you enjoyed Hellraiser
Themes this is a guaranteed pleaser.
When listening to this CD one can not help but long to
view the movie for which it was written, myself included.

(World Serpent/Unit 717 Seager Buildings/Brookmill
Road/London/SE8 4HL/U.K.)



I.T.C.- Institute for Thelemic Culture

1430 Williamette Box 23
Eugene, OR. U.S.A.

Group in Oregon that promotes Thelemic events, people,
ideas and products. Have put on two PTV shows (that I know
of) and intend to do it again every six months. Recordings of
those events are available through them. Write for more info.


P.O. Box 232
Nanaimo B.C. CANADA
V9R 5K9

Quarterly "fan-zine" distributed via the PSYCHOSPHERE.
Source of PTV info as well as new album reviews, addresses,
contacts, etc. The official fan-zine of PSYCHIC TV.

Transmedia Foundation

P.O. Box 1034
Occidental, CA U.S.A.

Send some I.R.C.'s to get the latest newsletter.


We wish to thank everyone who helped bring this issue of
PTV4UNE together. Genesis P-Orridge, The Transmedia
Foundation, the staff of Visionary Communications, and
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