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GENS MISC. UPCOMING PROJECTS: Heartworm Press are publishing “Collected Lyrics and Poems of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – Volume One 1961 to 1971. Later they will publish Gen's first novel, written in 1969, “Mrs. Askwith”. Other books will follow.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Various incarnations of

I spoke in the first message about my intention to create the genesis archive after seeing so much great material lost from sites like as well as the official genesis p-orridge site which has gone thru many incarnations and periods of inactivity.

This message appeared at the bottom of the news section on the "next new way on" era of from around 2000 t0 2003

Genesis P-Orridge writes :
Dear website visitors. First we must apologize for having been "virtually" absent in the news realm for a few weeks. Because here at the Next New Way On project we are working on so many fronts at once sometimes we fall behind. The scope of what we are hoping to upload is huge. First there is an actual museum quantity of recordings, correspondence and artworks documenting the journey through popular culture of Genesis P-Orridge. The more we look at in the archives, the more daunting and complex it seems. There is substantial material relating to interactions with the Beats; Jajouka; 1970's Performance Art and Actionism; Mail Art and Fluxus; the origins of Industrial Music; to some extent the origins of "rave & techno" culture and then many remarkable people who have been met along the way. As if that isn't enough, there are several ongoing and new projects evolving simultaneously and parallel upon which the same few dedicated volunteers are applying all their skills.
One way we try to activate some of the ideas and speculations inherent in this search for metaphysical truth and worldly peace of mind, body and soul is to co-operate as often as we can with the makers of films and documentaries and the authors of books. That way the maximum people can access the works if they so chose and to some degree the work is preserved for a future and even effective, relevant and culturally energized for a whole new generation of seekers after the grail of expression, art and divinity.
So do please remember that in our silence is probably the germination of another special perception of this ongoing mystery of being alive, on this planet, within linear time, in the so-called (Western) year 2000.
Each month we shall try to tell you everything that is happening here. Various releases, live events, significant momeants in our lives and thoughts. In the end we shall have a unique journal of what it is like to be inside and outside of the mind of a creative and dedicated group of Cultural Engineers.

Thank You from all at the N.N.W.O.


Here is genesis speaking in 2003 on the "Next New Way On" version of about some issues with the site and a new direction.

For almost a y-era our Next New Way On website was in limbo. Despite its flash and dazzle it became cumbersome to maintain. We rely upon the generosity of interns and volunteers to catalogue our archives, support our ongoing projects, and to develop collaborative models that allow our idealistic philosophies to co-exist practically with the internet. It had become apparent that each Individual who helped had personal digital idiosyncracies that led to a gradual build up of glitches and burrows, dead ends and breakdowns that were inoperable and unwieldy. On top of these accumulating weaknesses, as each new webmaster became fluent with the site and began to add their own new structural codes and designs they would leave. Some were poached by large corporations, others were re-MINDed they were still required socially by lovers, and still others were inevitably forced to find gainful employment to survive. Behind all those reasons lurked another more terrifying realization. Unlike most sites that are scrambling for meagre portions of content, our archives ( "THEE LAST MUSEUM") can supply almost infinite content! Stretching back to the late 50's and early 60's to the present they are not passive, but continue to grow and expand as our contemporary and future activities unfold and new people make contact with us or collaborate with us on more art, literature, and cultural engineering. This left even the most dogged and loyal inner circles simply burned out by the immensity of the infinitely pen-ultimate task. Overwhelmed and baffled as to where to begin and how to organize all this information they would amicably surrender and be forced to move on. We found ourselves having to search once more for a new whiz-ard to train up and orientate before another version of the whole, mutually frustrating loop happened again.


So welcome back to our world, Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge invite you to visit awhile, maybe pop in to see us on a regular basis, and we shall try our best to be charming and entertaining hosts. Not always as easy as it might sound.

As 2003 unfolded we realized that, rather than keep treading virtual water trying to manifest our complex and futuristic website dreams, we should should be radical, do the obvious, and scrap the whole site and start all over again. This time designing a siple, multi-computer spec' friendly and easily readable website. Keeping it simple will give the maximum number of people a chance to access and, hopefully, enjoy the site.

We have chosen to make this site one that we ourselves can upload content onto wherever possible thereby leaving our new super-maestro DAN MOBIUSTRIP to work on an efficient, and logical, structure and the more difficult but, for him, rewarding assignments such as adding MP3's of tracks (eventually) from ALL our official CD and record releases. A gigantic task as there are around 300 CD's that we know of that include the music and/or lyrics of Genesis P-Orridge (aka Breyer P-Orridge). DAN will also upload streaming video clips, at last! and supervise Thee Last Museum exhibitions as they begin once more.

For those of you who were regular visitors to this, the ONLY official Genesis P-Orridge; Breyer P-Orridge; COUM Transmissions; Psychic TV; Thee Majesty; Thee Howler; Next New Way On and any and all other incarnations and collaborations of the person formerly known as Genesis P-Orridge website; who have been following the developments of this person, this inevitably fictional being that has now morphed with is other half LADY JAYE BREYER P-ORRIDGE to become a new, third gender, pandrogenous entity and hermaphroditic artist and creative spirit to be known henceforth as BREYER P-ORRIDGE. For those loyal and longterm allies of our explorations so far, we intend to keep the old site as part of the archives of this new site for the time being. New visitors can go and see it and realize more adroitly why we have streamlined, but oh what fun we had! It is our plan in the near future to burn the old site onto a CD and sell it through our Fee/mail order shoppe for a nominal sum both for collectors who are completists and as an art curio.

Talking of Thee Fee/Mail Shoppe! AT LAST...we have developed a shopping cart system that will utilize PayPal for payments. This means that during September, and thereafter, we will upload pictures and details of various memorabilia and limited editions, items from our extensive archives and entirely new products for sale. Regular visits to Thee Shoppe and the site will pay off for any people collecting any aspect of our body of work as we shall be selling extremely rare items, both from our past like one of a kind Test Pressings; collages; posters and other mail art, fluxshoe;a few rare T.O.P.Y. publications; PTV ephemera and also entirely NEW art multiples and prints resulting from our 21st Century manifestation and exploration process "BREAKING SEX - WE ARE BUT ONE...BITCH!"

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