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Wednesday, October 28, 2009



PTV are attempting to knit together thee fine lines ov shamanic initiation and voodoo invokation allegorically coded into western X-tian myth. TV itself becoums thee ceremony, thee language ov thee tribe. It becoums apparent that, cloaked in spurious messianic trivia, are ancient tantric rituals involving small death, limbo and resurrection that have now been literalised and usurped by a base language system named religion. Just as religion cloaks ancient knowledge and techniques, so Television cloaks its power to invoke thee lowest coumon denominator ov revelation. We see S&M sex as an imperfect butter inevitable outlet for instinctive drives for rites ov passage and initiation. We believe sexuality was always included in ancient mysteries and that Television is in itself a new secret language, thee language rooted in lighting, camera perfection, edits, so it remains hidden and emasculating. We intend to reinstate thee ability ov TV to empower and entrance thee viewer. To remove thee window and passibity, and re-enter thee world ov dreams beyond. We believe TV is a Modern alchemical weapon that can have a positive and cumulative effect upon Intuition. An image is NOT a product ov Nature, it is a word in a silent and invisible Language system. A projected word that has meaning. This projected image is a set ov scans (visible marks) with a particular shape that beoums meaningful only if they follow thee rules which apply to thee language. Normally these scans/marks have meaning only in thee accepted, socially agreed order, not in other permutations ov that order. If we change Individual image scans we get new meanings new reverberations ov this TV language system. Minute changes in thee ratio ov Sound/Image creates radical differences in perspective and emotional response. Thee focus ov retinal attention is crucial, hence our use ov neurophysiological theory in thee placing ov monitors etc... A single Image Scan becoums meaningful by following thee rules ov thee TV language system, and programmes take their meaning from their place within that system. Once we have learned and "normalised" a language, we tend to forget this, to suppose that meaning derives from its reference to THINGS in a Real World. Not so. TV images are not, in this sense, necessarily pictures ov reality, not doorways either. They are usually used as windows. PTV try to invest them with thee older tradition ov Thresholds.

A PTV Image Scan does not signify a general, accepted and fixed idea. It is allegorical, metaphorical, symbolical, and trivial simultaneously. Thee reverberation ov possibility is our goal. We feel that thee connection between image, form and object is arbitrary. PTV are not interested in formulating conventional programming, we are closer to sorcerers transmitting and receiving pagan invokations in order to SEE.

Thee process is thee product.

What a camera may record no longer represents reality, it is not objective. So thee Image Scan (Word) is essentially different from thee viewed thing itself. If you look at images long enough, they cease to exist as a visual message. They becoum electronic images in their own right and a new evaluation, rooted in thee unconscious develops. It is an old trance technique in almost all so-called "primitive" cultures. Thee intuition becoums master in a world ov no specific meaning. Thee place where all dreams meet. Thee rules ov coumbination are deliberately coumfounded in a linguistic, behavioural and linguistic permutation. By playing around with thee Language System rules or by deliberately contravening them, we thus generate a surplus ov meanings. All meanings are possible, butter their relationship with thee original, real situation becoums problematic.

We encourage thee viewer to search for shape in multi-linear layers ov response. When PTV use Image Scans, they mean what we, thee artists, meant as well. Thee one does not negate thee other, rather, this multiplicity IS thee invoking medium itself, rather than preconcieved notions ov a TV product. TV language becoums a public affair that nobody really controls. Yet our exposure to this language means we inhabit thee language as we would inhabit a place. We get trapped inside and in terms ov language.

The history ov an Image Scan can have a profound effect on it.

Not only do we inhabit TV Language, we also inherit it, and part ov our inheritance is thee dense and coumplex history ov assumptions, implications, prejudices and corruptions that derive form thee way TV has been used in thee past. This again mirrors to us thee oppressive nature ov all religion, and X-tianity in particular.

Thee parallel to established, acceptable religions, to S&M sexuality, to tribal rites ov passage, is clear and potent. If we remove thee tableau to reveal thee central keyu, thee storyboard becoums a Still Life, yet also a Real Life. A decoded allegory, a description by default ov thee actuality ov reinforcers in religion would have us surrender to.

Thee crystal itself, not thee refracted light.

-Genesis p-orridge

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