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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back sleeve notes from "Magick defends itself" release 1986

From the back sleeve;
Thee hammer house of horror interpretation of Magick and Wicca is that curses and invocations are uttered by black robed crones whilist they eat frogs and rat tails and drink bats blood. In fact so rare is thee energy of pure undiluted anger that thee true mechanism of of magickal defence is missed. It is a frequency generated and transmitted, just like a television signal. It does not need conscious direction. It homes in on thee receptor by default. That is, they are consciously disconnected from thee caring and protection of thee Individual angered. This exposes them to thee vagaries of neurotic mass subconscious and within that mass thee anger still lurks.
In a sense Magick is a Zen Archer. By a combination od thee initial pure anger, and a second stage of disconnection, considered disinterest, it is able to defend it self by channeling "Active Truth". In simple terms. When you care for a person, or are closely involved with them in some way. Then they betray, abuse or corrupt that caring. You remove your protection. When you remove your protection they are once more open to those forces and pitfalls from which you protected them. A true curse is to us then a technique of inaction and non-violence from which we can perceive thee effects of revenge without recourse to guilt on your part. Magick defends itself. It comes from intuition, is guided by will, and honours no gods, demons, or spirits. It is thee birthright of all human beings and thee prodgeny of thir brain not some outside superbeing. Politicians and Religious leaders of ALL persuasions hypocritically tell us otherwise. Believe none of them. Believe only your own experiences of life. To die free of guilt is to die pure. A star. And every man and woman is a star.

For further information on PSYCHIC TELEVISION, TEMPLE RECORDS 1984, or Thee Temple Of Psychick Youth, within whose ideas this is all rooted, send a large stamped addressed envelope to: BM:TOPY, LONDON WC1 3XX ENGLAND. From outside thee U.K. send an International Reply Coupon.

This 12" single is number 11 in the Temple Records 1984 Library Series. It is not intended as a commercial release designed to entertain first and inform second. It functions primarily as documentation and research. All Psychic Television transmissions are interfaced, interconnected and international.

Our aim is wakefulness. Our enemy is dreamless sleep.

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