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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Related: Brion Gysin and Timothy Leary Import vinyl in stock via Cold spring records...

Taken from the Cold spring Newsflash email update- 17th November 2009

We've some truly CULT items in stock now!Act fast as all of these items are RARE and in limited quantities!

BRION GYSIN - 'Poems Of Poems' LP (Alga Marghen) - £45 / £47 / £49

Recorded in 1958 at the Beat Hotel, rue Git le Coeur, Paris, on a UHER 4400 reel-to-reel recording machine, this record documents Brion Gysin's important experiments in cut-up and recording technique. "I made it to show Burroughs how, possibly, to use it. William did not yet have a tape recorder. Very soon after that, Burroughs was busy punching to death a series of cheap Japanese plastic tape recorders, to which he applied himself with such force that he could punch one of them to death inside a matter of weeks, days even." Limited Edition of 630 copies (original 1998 pressing!). Italian import. • All Brion Gysin Titles


TIMOTHY LEARY - 'You Can Be Anyone This Time Around' LP (Get Back) - £14 / £16 / £18

For a long time a hard to find collectable record, this historical spoken word album by LSD prophet Timothy Leary has now finally been reissued. Leary’s raps and monologues, structured on an intersections of famous tunes of the time (the album was originally released in 1970 on Douglas) might sound outdated today and too linked to a specific weltanschauung that was the basis of Leary’s modern age philosophy. But this is probably the reason why "You Can Be Anyone This Time Around" retains its interest in current times: it’s the original, uncut, uncensored vision of a sharp thinker who has been often easily scorned for his extreme takes on drug use. Musically speaking, side B “Live and Let Live,” offers an unforgettable jam session in the background with Stephen Stills, John Sebastian, Buddy Miles and Jimi Hendrix on bass! Pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl. • All Timothy Leary Titles

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