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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Genesis thoughts on 9-11 sept 2001

from the next-new-way-on version of the Official genesis p-orridge website.

Dear visitors to NNWO. It has been too long since I wrote an update on what is happening. It is hard to explain why, apart from having been busy with the L-if-E part of everything. One thing that I do feel, at this point in time, is that to write, communicate and work on content, exchange and ideas is more important than style or expectation on our site. So I intend to be more conversational and regular in uploading as much information as possible. We'll point to websites of friends; I will begin a journal; we'll try to increase the overview by cataloguing what we can. Please remember we have to do all this, fitting it in between trying to survive in every possible sense. Since the 11th September here, this seems even more important and relevant. We used to see the WTC from our roof. We could have watched the collapse, but it is a personal thing at NNWO, and certainly for my SELF that I would never knowingly watch people suffering and dying no matter how distant, surreal or abstracted. There's enough in our news zone to cover some of what that means. But living in New York right now is weirder in terms of a collective human psyche and trauma than anything I have experienced or imagined. Ok…so somehow, thiese months, and recent events made connection, sharing, and thinking…the raison d'etre of NNWO and other creative sites, a more vital and worthwhile activity. Instead of being an extra illustration to L-if-E and action NNWO shall be an essential illumination of being. So here we are. More personal. A little more intimate, less considered. Spontaneity, novelty and improvisation to see what happens…cutting-up experience and the momeant to see what is really there. That's all my L-if-E really has been. Sharing my thinking, reactions, actions and emotions in what is ultimately an act of trust through vulnerability. At the centre of each thought and each flash of existing I give my SELF to a search for deeper L-ov-E. Here I am…and here I live, with Miss Jacqui, with all with whom we become connected amongst this weirdness called L-if-E. I hope that as T.I.M.E. goes by, as perceptions are exchanged, shared, that this site will become at the very least a modern form of perceptual encouragement. A mirror of the Individual within a flowing but chosen extended famille. It seems more and more apparent, in the end, that CREATIVITY in all I.T.'s forms is the essence of "soul" and the Divine, as James Hillman suggests, and I and the NNWO concur. We are here, in matter, for the purpose of building a soul in order to experience separation from an endless original consciousness temporarily, so that we might become SELF-consciousness and return with wisdom and coumprehension back to that source of soul. We are born from beginingless T.I.M.E., in order for all consciousness to know I.T. SELF. Thanks for coming here. We hope you will come again.
Genesis P-Orridge

Here is an earlier post that was up about 24 hours after the Attack happened...

Dear Individuals and allies of the Next New Way On,
Here comes the beginning of the expected tests. All that is unfolding in terms of rhetoric and jingoism, that is the old way. Hatred feeds hatred. Innocents are victims. Those who survive are embittered and some seek retribution. A true cycle of escalating violence. There must be ways to awaken and breathe and re-touch the hearts of those who believe they are our enemies, just as they believe we are theirs. The common, decent human beings are the food of all control and devastation. The raw materials used to generate submission in an opposing idealogy. The Next New Way On must be inclusive, forgiving and compassionate. All killing acts like a beacon for more killing and we remain at the mercy of outdated survival mechanisms.Remember all ways, each atrocity grows from someone else’s seed of loss and is fed by lust for revenge.I cannot believe in any angry "God"...we must choose to believe in kindness, and compassion, and love. One of our dear friends, Little Annie has a useful list for those of us in New York who have seen the images of an evil possible future in an abomination in the present. The most common remark we hear in New York from all people is, "Nothing will ever be the same again." And the depth of the horror that is embodied in the numb tones with which it is spoken defines dread and sadness in ways that we can only guess compare to survivors in Hiroshima. The other most common statement is, "This will happen again now, won't it?" and all reply like a litany of forever altered beliefs..."Yes."So, for those for whom it may be relevant, here are ways to GIVE towards some new, evolving nature of "peace".Thank you Annie.This is a message from Little Annie's List!

Dearest all,
Firstly, I hope you are all safe along with your loved ones.For my fellow New Yorkers, I know your all very much aware of the nitemarish quality the last few days have had. I watched the second plane crash into the World Trade Center, and stood there in dis-believe as it collapsed a few minutes, or was it longer later. Maybe it was the B movie-like quality or just plane old shock, but today for me was worse. I had the right 'papers' to get past the 2nd checkpoint on Houston Street to get to the exchange (there limiting people according to neccessity, as not to inhibit rescue workers and for obvious security reasons. The fire man and police looked sad and exhausted. Their loss of co-workers have been enormous. whole engine companies are missing. A yellow cloud hung from Canal Street (the third checkpoint) down. It looked like an eclipse. People looking for loved ones could go no further, and passes notes to those who could. Once past houston the streets were empty. A film of grey dust covered everything. The burnt smell is unmistakable.Tonight on 14th street a fireman told me they had run out of paper masks, that they had been sent to those workong down town. These are just one of the things, that know one knew would be needed in such numbers.Ive been sent the following list and asked to pass it on. Besides emergency numbers, it contains contacts concerning who's collecting what. Not on this list is the makeshift morgue and rescue center at the Chealsea Piers at 8th Street and the West Side Highway. As of this afternoon they needed plastic bags, tylenol, bandaids, dry socks for the rescue workers. I was their tonight and its a bit chaotic, so you might have to ask around a bit. I also saw sighns asking to listen out for neighbours and friend animals who might be missing so you can get in to feed and water them if need be. Please pass this info on an add more contacts that you've heard of, or get the info to those in need. Though the last few days have show how brutal humanity can be, the endless acts of kindness I have witness, this list compiled and sent to me being one of them, have outweigh that a million fold.Thank you, bless you,Wishing you love, safety, health, and strength
Little Annie

Here's the most pertinent information:Emergency contact information:Airlines:Friends and family who wish to check on passengers and flights may call:

American Airlines, 1-800-245-0999

United Airlines, 1-800-932-8555

World Trade Center businesses:Emergency number for Morgan Stanley: 1-888-883-4391

Emergency number for Carr Futures: 1-800-755-7620

Emergency number for Cantor Fitzgerald: 1-866-326-3188

Pentagon personnel:Pentagon employees only are asked to check in by calling 1-877-663-6772

Justice Department:The Justice Department's Office of Victims of Crime has set up a phone line to provide information to families about victims and about services for survivors and their rights: 1-800-331-0075

Emergency response/relief efforts:The American Red Cross is in need of blood to replenish the nation's supply. Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE to schedule an appointment near where you live.
The New York Blood Center has also announced a blood emergency for the greater New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Visit for more information on how to help.

For more information on helping victims of the U.S. attacks, visit

The United Way of New York and the New York Community Trust have established a fund to help the victims of the attacks and their families. The September Eleventh Fund will provide immediate support to established emergency assistance agencies. Anyone wishing to contribute may send their donations in care ofUnited Way2 Park AveNew York, NY, 10016or call: 212-251-4035Donations are also being accepted on United Way of New York City's Web site:

Donations are being accepted at Feed The Children

Japanese language assistance for relatives is available at or 1-800-527-2611

FBI tip Web site

American Red Cross, cash donations: 1 (800) HELP-NOW

Salvation Army, cash donations: 1 (800) SAL-ARMY
Army personnel Army personnel assigned to the Pentagon asked to call 1-800-984-8523This link below will contain help information of all kinds for the disaster that has unfolded over the last 24 hours. If you need info on ways you can help please check it out.Together we can all make a difference..

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