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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth OnLine Transmission December 23, 1990

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth
OnLine Transmission V1.00 Ratio Zero
December 23, 1990

Send all subscription inquiries, submissions, feedback, text, bitching, etc to:

Contents ov this file:
1> Statement b/Coyote 129
2> First Annual Report b/Coyote 131
3> Computers and Sigils b/Coyote 129
4> Expressing Emotions b/Kali 100
5> Excerpts from Thee Grey Book

1>Statement... Well, Here E am again! Thee EXTREME amount ov inclement weather here inSeattle won't keep me from getting this out (although it may be a couple days late!) E thank eou all for eour encouragement and other feedback. E appreciate it!

This issue marks my first anniversary as an act-ive member ov TOPY, as such Ethought it would be interesting to ask others in thee network about their experiences while in thee Tribe. Coyote 131 was wonderful in his reply!While his thoughts may seem strange to those that don't know about thee work ovTOPY, his honesty alone reflects one ov thee main goals ov TOPY!!

Coum ov my work this y-era has been with thee use ov computers as Magickal Weapons. As >my< report, E present a first draft on Computers and Sigils.

Next we have an essay by Kali 100 from TOPY SoCal (Kalifornia). This is reprinted from their "First Transmisson" booklet. E dont have their newaddress lying around, but e-mail if eou are
interested in writing them..

Finally, coum excerpts from thee Grey Book. Thee "bible" [haha] ov thee Psychick Youth movement. E encourage eou to write to TOPY US to get a copy if eou are at all interested in becouming involved in thee work ov thee Temple:
TOPY US Box 18223, Denver, CO 80218

include a couple stamps and tell them that eou get this thee wants list:
Info on Austin Spare
Info on Thee Typhonian OTO
Info on MKULTRA Experiments
Info on Thee Holy Grail
Info on Sex

Enough? see eou next month... E will have an essay by John Balance on Tantrik masturbation, among other things... SEND EOUR ESSAY NOW!!L-ov-e: Coyote 129

From: The wolf yoked to the hitching post of Ganesh.

Subject: First Annual Report Date: Sat, 15 Dec 90 18:47:40 PDT

As E near thee end ov 1990 and thee last Sigil ov this y-era Elook back at our growth, our expectations and thee changes in a young age E realized there was great 'power' in theeorgasm and experimented intuitively with thee different mind alteringcapabilities of masturbation...thee following is one ov theeexperiments...even though E had N0 belief in gods and leastnot beyond our own mindscapes as Jungian archtypes...E would make L-ov-Eto thee Moon...when thee Moon was full E would venture out beyond theefield ov vision from thee farm house in which E grew up...into theefields and would strip naked at all times ov thee y-era...winter wasexceptionally exhillarating with thee intense cold and eeery lightreflecting off ov thee lunar landscape formed by thee snow...there Ewould make my 'psychick scrifice' to thee Moon...thee E-fects produced by such an orgasm were incredibly different than ordianry wouldgive us heightened awareness and a sense ov thee timEE was not very theoretical as to what E was doing or what was happeningto us...E did feel as if E was touching something Magickal...E had beentold many superstions regarding thee luancy producing E-fects ov TheeFull Moon and had quite a phobia regarding sleeping in thee light ov thefull such L-ov-E was quite taboo breaking in that fiyst E wastouching myself, secondly E was touching myself not out ov mundanesexual satisfaction but out ov a desire to touch something deeper in our'self'and thirdly E was breaking a personal taboo doing such a personalact in thee light ov thee Full thee time E might ov thought ita reaction to the gravity E-fecting thee waters in our inner ear...orpossibly a reaction to the archtype ov thee goddess Luna E was creatingwith thee power ov our OV...E do not now know our has beenten years...but E most certainly felt an Energy...days go by...E leavethee farm and thee fields ov our youth for college and apartmentlife...E am intrigued by mysticism in all cultures and particularly theestudy ov Tantra and other psycho-sexual rituals...the taboo breaking ovTantra particularly interests does thee Tantrik concept ov theewH0LE person one who has intergrated both thee male and thee femaleprinciples within one's 'self'... but am Turned Off by theeheterosexism inherent in many narrow minded Western interpretations ovTantra...many ov thee sexual rites are called 'left-handed' or by theeabove mentioned westerners 'evil'... and thee few all male rites oronanistic rites that have homosexual references such as the directstimualtion ov thee lowest 'cakra' with a 'lingam'that is in lessesoteric terms thee stimulation of thee area below thee genitals (iethee anus and prostrate gland or sponge in thee female) with a dildowhich is symbolic ov thee ov creative power in male sexualEnergy...these are considered extremely 'lefthanded' or 'evil' and areusually only mentioned in passing and in negative terms...this lack ovinformation and fear ov Thee Red Death (aids) led to us to begindevising our own system ov Tantra which E gave a working title ov O.T.M. for Onanstic Tantik Meditation...about this timE E recieved thee GreyBook...there was much synchronicity...firstly between thee sigilizingprocess and our own O.T.M. concept...secondly thee drawing ov blood,thee spilling ov it on a paper and then thee signing ov thee paper was very taboo breaking...due to its resemblance to Medevial pacts with thee Devil...these were all taboos which E held even though as E stated E do not believe in 'external' demons... and it also incorporated well with thee use ov blood in Tantrik rites...thee third synchronicty was that thee Grey Book arrived was read and our first Sigil was performed on thee first 23rd ov this y-era....

Thee first Sigil was done impromptu...E had just finished reading theeGrey Book and it was near thee 23rd hour ov thee E got a candleand put on thee stereo Themes 2...thee mind altering power ov sound intersts me...E ritually bathed...this consists ov laying in thee bathand giving our 'self' a golden shower...other than thee alchemic significance ov this thee turning ov a base act into gold...E alsoEmagined that all ov thee negative Energy in our body to be passing out ovE with thee urine...and then quickly showering...E then kneeled beforethee candle with a dagger E smuggled from Mexico, apen andpaper...quickly jotting done thee most ideal sexual fantasy e couldthink ov in thee time Essence it had S/M overtones dealingwith Control...being completely in control, aggressive, aware, active and pentrating...this being thee Tibetan model of male sexual Energy thee inverse of the Hindu model where the male is passive... having sex with thee complete opposite ov an ambiguous sex...this model E have continued to thee timE it was only thee most ideal fantasy,only later did E begin to realize some ov thee symbolism involved and in fact E am still discovering something new each timE...E then markedthee paper with thee most relevant symbol at thee timE, a Psychick Cross...E spit, cut hair and pubic hair placing it in thee spit...Ethen cut myself quickly and sharply just enough to draw a drop of blood whcih E smeared on our signature... excitation is hard aftercutting, but by concentrating hard on thee fantasy E was also able toget hard...a true act ov WILL...E then masturbated to climaxcontemplating one ov three things alternatingly...thee fantasy...thee flickering flame ov thee candle...thee concept ov thee Temple 'where' an unknown number were also Sigilizing at that moment...this last focus was overwhelming and what brought about thee climax...covering E, theefoor and thee nearby paper with OV... E had gone into this first Sigilwith N0 expectations...and came out with a sense of transcendence E hadnot had for y-eras...Thee next few sigils were not as nearly as awe inspiring...E did notlose heart...E changed thee ritual musick E used to some ov our ownorigin literally...using tapes of thee sounds ov sex and our first tatoo combined with E playing thee Tibetan Bell, Bowl and Thighbone Trumpet ...along with thee Enochian Chanting ov Crowley and thee tollingov a funeral bell ...this piece is very mind altering in least for E...propably due to how personal these sounds are... (for more theories on this see: The Job by W.S.B.)...this ritualmusick greatly enhanced thee Sigilizing Process by making it more my own...Thee next great change came during "Thee Rites Ov Passage"...theegreatest hurdle for E was thee lack ov control...until E had dreamflashes ov our ideal fantasy...only from a different view point...from thee object ov our lust...E experienced a loss ov subject-object relationships and had a sense ov wH0LEness...Thee next Sigil E performed was a spontaneous act...E was using thee dreamachine and began to have clear distinct images ov our ideal E took that as an omen even though this was not on thee 23rd...grabbed a blank piece ov paper and thee dagger using thee dreamachine as thee only light source... E performed thee Sigil with 'eyes' closed...Thee penultimate Sigil ov 1990 was performed after spending thee entireday on psycho-active chemicals...this one was thee most meaningful onethus far...thee paper E used was an extra photocopy E made ov thee hermaphrodite form ov Siva\Sakti...with thee left side feminine and thee right side masculine...thee Tantrik symbol ov satiation withoutdesire...during this Sigil E had dream flashes ov thee ideal fantasyfrom thee point ov view ov fist as subject then as object and back and forth til E once again E transcendent thee concept ov subject-object and experienced a sense ov wH0LEness...accompanied by Eg0 loss...theegoal ov Tantrik ritual...this last Sigil left E with a sense ov 'satisfaction with out desire' and E WILL try not to let thee most recent success create great expectations as thee first Sigil did.

"Time spelled backwards is Emit... Time is that which Emits."

L-ov-E Coyote 131

> Computers and Sigilization
by Coyote 129

E stumbled upon thee idea ov Computerized Sigils in late 1989, while drawing Op-Art patterns on my old Commodore 64. There was a specific process that E performed on a seed image, that would always result in a distinct (yet similar)result. It seemed to me that this was very much like thee way in which AOS madehis sigils. E performed 2 rituals using this tech-nique, both ov which have since coum to fruition... :-)

E refined this core idea even further when E got an Amiga. Its sophiticated grafix enabled me to manipulate images in ways that E never imagined with thee 64....

A favorite method ov myne is to take an image that represents thee idea that E wish to make a sigil ov, perhaps mapped over another image, or coum text, andturn that image into a brush. Then shrink thee brush, to perhaps 1/16th ov original size... then enlarge back to original size. This will erase all detailand eou will end up with a good stylized image.

Collage is another good method. E use this method in conjuction with thee other method for a more direct visual stimuli. By combining stylized images with"normal" images, eou can program both eour waking and un-waking minds.

E recently got another tool to use, E was informed ov thee ability ov GNU Emacs to do cut-ups:

M-x dissociated-press [M is thee Emacs slang for thee "ESC" key...]

Is how one does cutups in emacs...Supposedly giving it a positiveargument cuts-up by letter. Negative argument means cut-up byword... It starts and places the results in the buffer Dissociations and asks you if you want more rearrangement...
Much ^?more info in the INFO tree under Amusements Node...

E did this to a copy ov last months mailer... here is thee output:

He wasdone withrouah ouah ouah'To obtain a 'wonderful! I'm doing for thee commight be called to thesignary ings Allies! Welcome quality of the auring column of Moholy' me, I beliends,' hesaid to the floor, viande congels and Goring, Aught, and perhapsmaking a blue of aware human being heliphaz Levisualization: Theecould ing enlight.' Rudolk Culture Organization formit' hada, Merz, andthefood, fat Rohm, now, I wanything) send it. Sidths allow myself afull of my hitler pink skin alsocietices legs, body, Mersons (mysecretChiefs' of touch I visualizel (who translatered loungenitalstered lounge swastikarlHaushoughts, quet for the Golden Dawn, will dawn sychick Youth. Isn't thale for six: Nov, 23.1990
------------If youth Hess work writtentional magicial ejaculation. Lytton'sboo

E am very excited by thee potental ov this new tool. more to follow... l-ov-e: 129

EXPRESSING EMOTIONSb/ Kali 100 Love and hate are positive and negative emotions. They are opposite from eachother and they both, in a sense, need each other. Or do they?

Every human being feels emotion. Emotion being Love, Hate, and everything inbetween. But where do these emotions come from? We will discuss thee answers tothis question step by step

First, emotions tend to come from what we see and hear on TV and related media.Since thee emotions from TV and related media are almost always over dramatized,they aren't exactly true to life. People have a tendency to act-out thee emotions they see, therefore, over-dramatizing thier own true feelings in anygiven situation. Over a long period ov time, thee dramatization becoums real.This can explain why many people are "over-emotional" sometimes or all thee time.

Second, emotions come from family and friends. We see how people we know express thier feelings, so we mimick each other, because we are never taught or given thee chance to express how we feel in a true spirit. Its kind ov likemonkey-see, monkey-do. Now thee result ov all this is billions ov people running around mimicking each other with over-dramatized love and hate, and saying its natural behavior. Is it really?

Third, emotions come from within. We all love, hate, feel sadness, happiness,and so on. How we express these is extremely important. No one can tell anyone how to truly express thier own emotions, we realize it on our own when thee time is right. There are some things, however, that should be considered..

WE are responsible for how WE feel, and how WE express that feeling.

Putting "blame" and placing "fault" on others for how we feel is something that we have been taught and shown to do, by TV, related media, and, in broaderterms, society.

Controlling your emotions, and thee emotions ov others is another thing that we have been taught to do.

Emotions are mental, and should not be manifested in negative ways. Negative being: blame, fault, control, violence, etc.

To sum up, we are told to be-lie-ve that thee "real" world is like TV. Soap Opera love and hate. We are told to be paranoid ov our neighbors. Trust no one! Hate, hate, hate! Hate what we tell you to hate, love only people, things, and gods we tell you to love. Feel only what we tell you to feel, and we'll tell you how to express it.

The person who explores their real Self, who is in touch with their real Self, who sees life as flat people dont see, is usually less apt to be over-emotional. They feel ALL emotions, but are always trying to learn to express them in positive ways.Consider this:

If a person never said, wrote, or made any action negatively towards ANYTHING,EVER; and just kept their negative thoughts to themslef, they would therefore not generate any outward negative energy, thus generating only positive, right?Wouldn't this person then have to be relieved of all negative energy towards them? They would receive only positive: then they wouldn't have any negative to keep to themself. They would therefore have no conception ov what negative is. It was never given to them, so they never felt it, experienced it, or gave it to anyone else.

Negative destroys itself. Thee all negative human will eventually destroy their self. Thee positive human will receive positive, and will eliminate negativities inside them, and negatives towards them. What exactly is positive?When it all comes down to's LOVE. Integrate your whole Self by lovingand knowing your Self. Through ritual, sigil, and interaction with others, welearn to love our Self. When we love our Self, we love life. Love is positive.Psychick Youth strive to love and know their Self. When establishment controleventually destroys itself, thee human race can survive, only through positiveenergy. Thee time is NOW. It's never too late to start to love and know your Self. Eliminate thee negative, touch your Self, dont be afraid ov your Self,live in your True Self reality. We will survive.

Excerpts from Thee Grey Book.

Thee Temple strives to end personal laziness and engender discipline.To focus the will on one's true desires, in thee belief, gathered from experience that this maximises and makes happen all those things that one wants in every area ov Life.

Clean out thee trappings and debris of compromise, ov what eou've been told is'reasonable' for a person in eour circumstances.Be clear in admitting eour real desires. Discard all irrelevancies. Ask eourself who eou want as friends, if eou need or want to work, what eou want to eat. Check and Re-Check everything deeper and deeper, more and more preciselyto get closer to and ultimatly integrate with eour Real Self.

Once eou are focussed on eour Self internally, thee external aspects ov eour life will fall into place. They have to.

Skeptics will say they simply don't believe this Psychick process works. but it does.

It is thee Key to thee Temple.

Our enemies are flat.
Our enemies are three-dimentional.
Our enemies are continuity and coherence.
Our enemies are restriction and confinement.
Our enemies are guilt and fear.
Our enemies are material.
Our enemies are direction and fact.
Our enemies are Because.

>> End ov TOPY OnLine 1.00 <<

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