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Monday, November 16, 2009

Larry thrasher 1995 bio

from the official fanzine/publication of GenesisP-Orridge and Psychic(k) TV PTV4UNE in 1995

LARRY THRASHER (Real name: Larry Thrasher) TABLA/SAMPLES/GUITARS and...

LARRY THRASHER grew up in Kentucky, U.S.A. where he studied piano for 2 years before initially being taught Beatles tuneson guitar at age 8. He taught himself Pink Floyd/Hendrix/Zappa/Mahavishnu Orchestra tunes on acoustic guitar. Mid-70's studied formally baroque guitar specializing in Bach. By 1979was playing guitar in punk and Australian ska band "HEROES"in South Carolina. Switched to Bass Guitar, replacing RAY FITZPATRICK famed bassist for IKE & TINA TURNER and TAJ MAHAL's bands previously.

Larry moved to San Francisco in 1984. In 1985 he co-founded the ambient noise band "THESSALONIANS" with KIM CASCONE(founder of SILENT RECORDS) and DAVID JAMES (currently with"SPEARHEAD"). "THESSALONIANS" broke up in 1986 after releasing "THE BLACK FIELD" (SILENT). Worked with San Francisco based psychedelic lightshow WARM LIGHT. Became bassist and front-man with the San Francisco band "THE BUBBLES" and later "WHACK AND DANGLE" (whose lineups alsoincluded DAVID JAMES)

.Started studying INDIAN TABLA drums with the renowned master SWAPAN CHAUDHURI in 1986. Began traveling to India collecting rare instruments and studying folk styles of music inMaharashta.

THESSALONIANS regrouped in 1991 (with new lineup) andreleased the CD "SOULCRAFT" (SILENT) which featured a broadrange of his Indian percussive styles. Formed JHOPDI STUDIOS in 1991 and did digital editing for various SILENT RECORDS artists.

Met PSYCHIC TV's GENESIS P-ORRIDGE in 1993 while mastering and editing the G.P-O/PTV definitive tonal musics andsoundtracks 6 CD box set "SPLINTER TEST" (CAROLINE UK). He started performing live with PTV in January 1994 playing samples and TABLA. Since then he has become an indispensable part of PTV live; in the studio and co-writing new material.

In 1994 Larry and GEN released "A HOLLOW COST" (INVISIBLE-US,VISIONARY-UK); "CATHEDRAL ENGINE" (DOSSIER); "BREATHE"(DOSSIER); "ELECTRIC NEWSPAPER Issue.ONE" and "Issue.TWO"(DOSSIER and INVISIBLE); as well as tracks specifically recorded for compilation anthologies "TRANCE ATLANTIC"(VOLUME) and "SPACE DAZE" (CLEOPATRA). As PSYCHIC TV theyhave just finished a new studio album of co-written"hyperdelic and hallucinogenic" songs called "TRIP RESET"(CLEOPATRA). As a re-mix duo they have 3 mixes on the newPENAL COLONY CD "5 MAN JOB" (CLEOPATRA).

Larry records and performs with the Los Angeles based Hard/Acid/Jazz band "OM BOYZ" as well as his own punk-Qawwali band"THRASHER QAWWAL". He and GEN are currently plotting andplanning a number of projects, preparatory to touring the1995 PSYCHIC TV band and extravaganza, refining a BRUTAL PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE EXPERIENCE using traditional rhythms andinstruments coupled with technology working in a song-basedformat. They continue to explore ambient noise fields, tonalsymphonics in conjunction with spoken word in both recordingsand live performance.

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