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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nanavesh zine

Nanavesh was a  irregular Fanzine/Magazine created by Dave Farmer, a Friend of Throbbing gristle who had worked for them at times and later published this zine.

If i recall correctly there where 4 incarnations of the zine . One was a Throbbing gristle zine which was all handwritten. The Next was the the PTV zine which the page below was taken from ...One other issue was some mad art project thing with all sorts of inserts and folders and whatever which sounds great but only ever existed in about 30 copies or so. The cassette tape release of "23 Drifts To Guestling" was the last 'issue'.

From Nanavaesh, here is there write for the release of 23 drifts; it even details their future involvement with Psychic TV

...Magazine of high quality which concentrated initially on Throbbing Gristle. With their demise it moved onto Psychic TV and sporadic publications will appear whenever finances allow. For now there is a retrospective tape of Throbbing Gristle entitled '23 Drifts To Guestling' which is basically a magazine on tape. It contains an interesting insight into TG with messages from their ansaphone, some material, an interview with Genesis following the 'Prostitution' exhibition at the ICA, an interview with Gary Gilmore, a chat between Genesis and Monte Cazazza, bits and pieces of songs and a few death threats over the phone. It makes compulsive listening because it's so strangely put together and it's a good insight into the character of Mr P-Orridge. Contact: Navavesh, c/o IHAM, 54, Belmont Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 4HN.


Exeter said...

Way Cool!

I have the original K7 and the CD reissue, that leave out some stuff!
Thanks for the reminder!

JIM HAYES said...

yeah, "23 drifts" is a necessary tome there's such great stuff on it. sleazy playing his favorite records, genesis mentioning seeing sid vicious (and monte cazazza saying: 'he was weird'), he guy calling up and asking tg to play the oundle school-the gray gilmore stuff-ohh it's a great tape!

brightondrivinglessons said...

You mentioned the Nanavesh 3 copy folder fanzine. It was actually 11 copies and I am trying to sell my copy. Any ideas where I should start?