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Saturday, May 1, 2010

TOPI/TOPY speak, COUMalphabet

In this circa 2003 posting from the Official Genesis website, Gen discusses his idiosyncratic writing style, his temporarily stoppage on using it, and it's revitalization.

"...Lady Jaye was talking to me about my idiosyncratic writing style. TOPI/TOPY speak as I.T. became known. S/he asked why E had stopped using I.T. After a while E realized I.T. was because people who E didn't know, and rather disparaged for their parasitism and bogus version ov T.O.P.Y. where they trade on our hard work in the 80's-90's butter at thee same T.I.M.E. pretend they find us NOT an influence. These people had left a nasty taste in our mouths. S/he pointed out that E shouldn't let others stupidities push me away from my own unique style. That my words, texts, and style, my evolutrions are mine alone, and their pretensions are irrelevant. Also Astory is fickle. E would feel far worse to think that by ignoring them they co-opted my creativity, or thee hard, difficult and sometimes PAINFUL dedication ov so many special Individuals, like Tom Coyote in Denver; Brother Words; Ossian Cyclobe; Sister Invisible; Brother Calle; and most ov all my children Caresse and Genesse who lost everything ov their childhood because we all believed in thee T.O.P.Y. and TOPI way. To help newcomers. Just let I.T. be known that T.O.P.Y. was a nett-work of Individuals that was all ways intended to have a 10 y-era cycle. Butter that TOPI is the essential ENERGY ov that experiment. TOPI is ongoing. All thee Ratio 5 Individuals remain in close collaborative contact, and any relevant new activities can be accessed via this website either via this journal, or via links."

"Thee key words that were created specifically by my SELF for thee TOPI lineage that you might need to ease entry are:-"

OCCULTURE - yes, before TOPY it didn't exist. I.T. was thee word coined for thee integration ov culture and magick in an active transmission by our collective and thee title ov our propaganda publications. I.T. has since been absorbed into thee Western occult tradition as a general term. Much to thee credit ov TOPI dedication.

I.T. - Imaginary T.I.M.E.

T.I.M.E. - Time Is Mimetic Energy

Butter - but...

E - "I". First used in a short novel E wrote in 1969 called Mrs. Askwith. It became natural to use it all thee T.I.M.E. It represents a genderless personal pronoun, an Evolutionary self, thee Ego as self mentioning obsession Etc.

Thee - Being from thee North ov England. Used instead ov "the". Also a reference to thee bible, and it's authoratative (implied) language. Also thee oral stress in pronuniciation.

PANDROGENY - Positive Androgeny. Combination also ov PAN and Androgeny. A TOPI evolutionary theory first written about by me in "Occulture" and other TOPI texts in the 1983-4. This is everywhere as I.T. was thee next phase ov TOPI in thee initial strategies.

Transmedia/Transmediator - Buy a copy of RATIO THREE, our book, and all is explained by Brother Words.

"OK. That should get you started. We hope it helps. I.T. can be used when a link in terms ov linear T.I.M.E. is implied. Which we feel is an illusion that traps us like language. The usual "it" can be used when T.I.M.E. is not ov thee essence."

"MEANWHILE: Thanks Lady Jaye for pointing out E should not let silly people steal my hard earned identity, should E choose to retain I.T. When thee news is very GENERAL we might revert to "normal" English to indicate that. For theories and imtimate thoughts we will probably use our own TOPI speak. Switching back and forth is an extended discipline to ensure thee minimising ov laziness and thee engendering ov discipline. Thank you all..."

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

furthur additions: 2011 OTTT Era

When WE say creation/Creation WE mean "creativity" We just feel Creativity ios too simplistic and flimsy in its day to day use..."Creation" re-minds us that the act of CREATION is the most vital, essential source of all else. The book of Genesis begins with acts of CREATION. At the centre of ALL "existence" before T.I.M.E and SPACE is that first action, without which nothing can be perceived. CREATION....

OTTT find this a vitally impoprtant distiction and linguistic foundation. So by stressing the magicakalcore we re-MIND our SELF that this is Dvine work, Divine activity, devition to Creation is prayer and perception coumbined to manifest the billions of Individual Universes that already co-mingle on earth.

Each humanE Being lives entirely within THEIR lifelong personal Universe. Others come and go within it, but only the Individual is present 24 x 7 in THEIR Universe. and present at every momeant that their senses and consciousness(s) EXPERIENCE

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