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Saturday, May 1, 2010


First Transmission (1982)
This Double Video Tape was released as a deluxe Boxset.

This release is a limited and numbered edition.
Total running time: 4 Hours
One Booklet, One Poster and one Information Sheet were enclosed to this Set.

The music itself was designed not only as soundtrack but also for subsequent use by Initiates of The Temple Ov Psychic Youth in their rituals as Functional music only to aid in the process of making things happen. It is a practical tool.

1-1 Piano And Clarinet
1-2 23 Tibetan Human Thigh Bones
1-3 Cowbell, Bicycle Wheels And Vibes
2-1 New Guinea Headhunters Pipe, Large And Small Drum
2-2 Piano And String Machine
2-3 Recording Made At Jonestown, Guyana At The Time Of The Suicides
2-4 African Initiation Drum And Animal Tusk Horn
2-5 Various Temple Bells, Gongs And Vibes

Live In Berlin

Genesis P-Orridge
Peter Christopherson
John Balance (R.I.P)
Paula P-Orridge
Alex Fergusson
John Gosling

This is a video from their 1983 performance at Atonal festival December 2nd, 1983 in Wild-West Berlin by United Video Studio.

La Edad de Oro

Madrid, October 16, 1984
TVE Studios, Madrid
Pro shot, PAL, 4:3
Show: 33:33 minutes

As Psychic TV mix in performances of video art and music (punk, electronic, psychedelic,and experimental) there isn´t a proper set list. On screen lettering shows 2 long messages(harangues), the first one starts with "A moment of crisis" and the second with "PsychicTelevision", both of them are in Spanish.

8Transmissions8 (1987)
1 Godstar
2 Good Vibrations
3 Unclean
4 Catalan
5 Intermission
6 Terminus
7 Moonchild
8 Godstar (Hyperdellic)
9 Scared To Live

1 Psychic TV - Your Body
2 Psychic TV - We Kiss
3 Psychic TV - She Was Surprised
4 Caresse P-Orridge & Sickmob - RU Xperienced
5 Psychic TV - Candy Says
6 Psychic TV - Wicked
7 Psychic TV - Just Like Arcadia
8 Psychic TV - Joy


The filming for 'Joy' began with a live show at Manchester Poly in October 1988, and I suspect was originally destined to end there. However, Karen Bentham created an art promo out of the title track and the rest, as they say, is history.

Next came the filming of a promo for 'RU Xperienced' - shot in Derek Jarman's beautiful garden in Dungerness. Karen's film making style was very much suited to the various outputs of the band and P-Orridge family and this became the beginning of a collaboration that was set to last for the next few years.

Described by some as a video masterpiece, 'Joy' ended up as a very colourful and artistic mix capturing Psychic TV in a number of guises.

Maple Syrup 1987 /1989
Recorded live in Toronto during the PTV North American tours of 1987 and 1989. Two of the many faces of PTV are presented here. This unique footage captures the essence of the concert itself and is presented as documentation not entertainment. The visual limitations of the recording are juxtaposed with archive footage severing the normal 'safety and comfort' of the commercial pop video where illusion becomes the norm. This is PTV as it is, confronting and confounding.
1 Depravity
2 L.A. Angel
3 Seduce Me
4 Acid In Thee Jam
5 Love War Riot
6 Wicked Pain
7 Your Body
8 Candy Says

1 IC Water (Promo)
2 Intoxication
3 Surrender
4 Horror House
5 Jigsaw
6 Money For E
7 Black


'Black' was filmed live at the Subterrania Club, London, in March 1991, capturing the band at the height of their acid-phase. Again Karen's visual attack turned the film into something completely different being described as "transforming the normal sterility and division of the artist/audience dynamic into a truly awesome vision of collaborative participation". Anyway it looked pretty good.

          Time's Up Live (1999)
1 Psychic TV - She Touched Me
2 Psychic TV - Riot In The Eye Of The Sky
3 Psychic TV - Seduce Me
4 Psychic TV - Jigsaw
5 Psychic TV - I Like You
6 Psychic TV - Feet Of Broken Glass
7 Psychic TV - Godstar
8 Psychic TV - Play With Fire

Performer - Alex Fergusson (tracks: 1 to 8) , Genesis P-Orridge* (tracks: 1 to 8) , Larry Thrasher (tracks: 1 to 8) , Matthew Best (tracks: 1 to 8) , Terry Gilmore (tracks: 1 to 8)

Recorded live at Royal Festival Hall, London. May 1st, 1999

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