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Sunday, May 2, 2010

psychick youth page from Nanavesh issue #5 1983

Nanavesh was a irregular Fanzine/Magazine created by Dave Farmer, a Friend of Throbbing gristle who had worked for them at times and later published this zine.

If i recall correctly there where 4  incarnations of the zine. One was a  Throbbing gristle zine which was all handwritten. The Next was the the PTV zine which the page below was taken from ...One other issue was some mad art project thing with all sorts of inserts and folders and whatever which sounds great but only ever existed in about 30 copies or so.  The cassette  tape  release of "23 Drifts To Guestling"was the last 'issue'.

This following page from the zine was taken from Nanavesh issue #5, 1983

note: sorry about the small type, it was the best i could do saving this piece of ASTORY.

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