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Monday, May 24, 2010



drops his body to be with Lady Jaye
4pm Friday 14th May 2010.

Dearest friends and One True TOPI Tribe

Today, after battling various symptoms courageously, our BELOVED and ADORED best friend and superbly loving being dropped his body. He had been suffering from mixed symptoms that were a result of lymph cancer that had spread throughout his body. All of which got more intense and debilitating until he chose to move on to another form of being.

“Biggie” was cradled in my arms as he let go of this form of existence and we told him to look for his “Mummy” Lady Jaye. As we spoke those words he looked up to me, licked my left hand directly on the two wedding rings and then kissed my face looking directly into my eyes. We felt a shiver run through us as Lady Jaye and Big Boy connected with each other and then with my SELF….

In the two plus y-eras since Lady Jaye dropped her body that we have been almost lost and disabled by grief “BigBoy” a/k/a “Biggie” has been my solace, my constant source of love and consolation. Without his loyal and unconditional love we’d have been totally lost. He was rescued from being abandoned, tied to a fence on xmas eve. We count our SELF blessed by his arrival in our lives.


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