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GENS MISC. UPCOMING PROJECTS: Heartworm Press are publishing “Collected Lyrics and Poems of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – Volume One 1961 to 1971. Later they will publish Gen's first novel, written in 1969, “Mrs. Askwith”. Other books will follow.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Genesis p-orridge looking for an intern circa late 2001

I missed this originally but would have done it in a second!

posted on the offiial site circa late 2001


The workload here in New York has become impossible for me to keep up with. I spend several hours a day simply doing adminstration and the most boring of business aspects of all our projects. The hidden amount of work needed to set up Thee Majesty gigs; catalogue 35 years of archives and publications; literally thousands of photographs and slides; original artworks; tape archives; exhibitions; writing and mundane daily L-if-E is unbelievable. I get fantastic assistance from Bengala, Miss Jacqui, Brian Damage, and others in my special family. Nevertheless the ratio of T.I.M.E. I get to spend making new work, writing new songs, and creating new thoughts has shrunk to an alarming degree in terms of what could happen. After a lot of thought I have decided to try what my dear friend DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF (check his here) suggested. So I am looking for an intern to come in to work 2-3 days a week in our office. Any applicants will be reviewed and short-listed by Miss Jacqui. The resulting short-list of people will be interviewed by her and then a decision will be made.

Photo of Miss Jacqui awaiting your resume byGenesis P-Orridge copyright 2001

So If you::-Live in Manhattan or Brooklyn and…Can work hard for 2-3 days a week. Are decisive and independently capable of working with INITIATIVE.
Have a good grounding in the "beatniks" and their literature.
Have already got a pretty thorough overview of contemporary art, especially fluxus;mail art; and performance art from the 1970's to present.
Know of and have a serious interest in Industrial Music; TG and PTV.
Can work under pressure and complete tasks in the required time.
Do not feel demeaned or hurt by doing repetitive and unglamourous routine paperwork.
Have likeable, sociable and have good old fashioned manners.
Can type and do basic desktop publishing, scanning and indexing.
And if you are PATIENT and ENTHUSIASTIC and unimpressed by any form of even imagined celebrity.
Then send an email application and resume c/o our CONTACT address on the site or send a written resume to Miss Jacqui at:-Miss Jacqui,C/o Breyer/P-Orridge,P.O.Box 1400,New York,NY. 10009,Be sure to put "INTERN RESUME" in the bottom left corner of the envelope.
Thanks, Genesis and Miss Jacqui

GPO and invisible records problems...

Although now it seems pretty much standard practice for invisible records to rip off their artists, genesis was one of the first who had to experience their tactics

what follows is his thoughts on the dissoultion of the partnership and the Origin of the species volume 3 disc originally posted on the "next new way on" version of circa sept/october 2002


WITHOUT PREJUDICE: WAY BACK IN 1995 WHAT WAS PSYCHIC TV began a licensing deal with Invisible Records. Obviously this included the legal obligation of that label to pay Royalties both on sales, and to pay what are known as Mechanical Publishing ( a certain amount must be paid for every single copy pressed whether it is sold or not). In 2001 it became apparent that 6 years had passed without accounting or any payment. Payment and accounts were requested but never received. Appropriate legal noticve was iven that this inevitably nullified the contract (it was negated and over). It was believed that as nothing more was heard from Invisible records they had accepted this legal fact. They did not, however, return any masters as obliged. Suddenly, just recently in July, it came to our notice that, despite the legal fact that Invisible had lost ALL rights to any PTV recordings, without prior consultation, and without our consent or knowledge, they released a double CD called "Origin Of The Species Volume 3". Our surprise and feelings of shock were compounded when we noted that several tracks by other artists, over which we do not have any control or rights at this timke, were included on the release: Namely…on CD #1..Track 2. Mistress MixTrack 3. Mistress Mix.Track 5. Glen Meadmore.Track 7. Greedy Beat Syndicate.Track 9. Ecstasy Boys.On CD #2:Track 4. SugardogTrack 5. Mistress Mix.Track 10. Mistress Mix.It was extremely embarassing for us to have to contact all those artists and explain that we had nothing to do with this release, nor did we give our permission for their tracks to be used, any more than wegave permission for ours!At present all parties are either taking legal action against Invisible Records, or are consulting attorneys regarding their position regarding this matter. It saddens us terribly to think that Invisible Records feel it is in any way appropriate to use the recordings of artists without their consent, and with disputed legality in order to exploit a hard won market. A market that exists to a large extent because of our reputation for integrity.We sincerely ask you to inform any and all people you might know who love the music of Psychic TV and friends that this double CD is not condoned or endorsed in any way or form by either Psychic TV or the other artists whose work has been used without their prior knowledge. Do not buy this release. Do not support this kind of unilateral action by a record label.Please also note that the cover is also using a photograph copyright Miss Jackie/PWE Inc without permission in breech of same copyright and that the sleeve notes you usually get are significantly missing, which might well confirm any suspicions you had about this release!WE AT NNWO RESPECTFULLY ASK YOU ALL TO PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS DOUBLE CD. A BETTER VERSION WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE ASAP IF NECESSARY.

More from Gen in 2003...
Genesis responds to inquiries about problems with record companies, All this is (c) 2003 by Genesis P. Orridge.

Dearest Ethan and Friends,

Here is the text I wrote about Ian. It is a precis of part of my next the book will be some facsimiles of letters between Sordide Sentimental and myself, a picture of the Paris promoter, a Rob Getton letter etc that illustrate some aspects of the saga...

WITHOUT PREDJUDICE: Invisible Records have never accounted to us for any releases, nor paid any mechanical or other publishing nor any Royalties that might be due we ask that nobody who supports our work ever buy anything purported to be by PTV, myself in Pigface, Splinter Test, Larry Thrasher or any other musical configuration including myself that might be on the Invisible Records label. To this day we are suing over those issues and worse the release after what we believe to be a fully legal termination of our contract of a third volume called ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES which conspicuously has no booklet or sleeve notes. Uses photographs without written permission that are copyright Lady JJaye Breyer P-Orridge on its cover. It also has primarily a bunch of tracks by other artists which they did not give legal permission to Invisible to use and which are NOT PTV tracks combined with other tracks never submitted which are also by people no longer associated with PTV and which neither THEY nor WE ever agreed to, or ever wish to, release!!!!

As the above dispute is at present a legal matter be aware it is our position and no doubt Invisible will present a contradictory one. Therefore, whilst we ardently believe we've been ripped off shamelessly for seven years...some carefully worded precis of the above as a request for people to voluntarily support myself and Larry Thrasher as nusicians and artists by boycotting ANY recordings by us on Invisible Records would be a great favour to us and hopefully enable us to release official and exciting versions of these recordings, AND more important finally get paid our due so we can make new CDs etc.

We have NOT had a budget for a recording studio since 1994...from Cleopatra.

Before that we had no recording studio budget from 1983 until that year 1994. Everything else I personally borrowed money for studio time and/or we used our tour and other income to keep going!

Also, because we were never paid a penny Royalties by Some Bizarre for DREAMS or FORCE (after about $5000 in 1982 from Warner Bros) to this day!!! we never have the budget to sue so its an endless loop.

The only strategy I know left is to ASK our fans to boycott Some BIzarre recordings of PTV and Invisible recordings (theres a HOST of other indies too who never paid but...those 2 are the worst)...

Sorry to rant but it is time people KNEW the real situation.

Alex Fergusson basically left PTV because he was sick of never getting paid for our music by the supposedly friendly indies...

For the "record" we tried ONE business manager with Temple Records...whilst we were in the USA touring a little a making a video for Good Vibes he convinced Rough Trade to give him ALL our income from Godstar! It was about $250,000 at the time...the ONLY time we'd made a real profit. By doing it on our own label. When we sued he'd put it all into a house in his wife's name and declared himself bankrupt. That's the final straw that pissed off Alex. And it made me immensely depressed too. That's the period around 1985-6 when PTV were somewhat shambolic and had a very ad hoc line-up. To this day I don't know where I got the strengtyh to carry on. The 23 live series began as a way to try and survive as a label and band, and as a document as well.

Hey ho...


june 13th 1999 posting by Genesis describing the "NEXT-NEW-WAY-ON" era of


"Your 15 Minutes Just Became Eternity"


Welcome! Thank you for visiting this website. As you will soon discover I.T. is still under construction. In fact I am hoping that I.T. always will be, for that would mean that we are not only documenting and preserving the past in our Museums, but also that we are also alive and kicking and very, very well as we move happily into the future or three. I thought long and hard about even having a website. In fact, when I left California in 1995 I threw my modem into the garbage and was proud, even elitist about NOT being online for a few y-eras. Why? Well the long versions of my thought processes regarding the possible nature of the internet/world wide web/ cyberspace ( what I prefer to call the PSYCHOSPHERE) will be uploaded at a later date in the writings zone of The Next New Way On. Suffice I.T. to say that I would consider it foolhardy to open a mysterious door to an unknown multi dimensional environment and immerse my SELF in I.T. without first designing and assembling a survival kit; getting the necessary vaccinations; stocking up on supplies; aquiring the most recent maps; the latest intelligence about potential hostiles; maintaining communication with my home base and shielding my SELF in the latest in protective and danger-resistant clothing.

When I arrived in the U.S.A. in February 1991 I was surprised, and glad, to be located and welcomed by the alternative cyber-community in California and by the embryonic Rave scene. In particular R.U.Sirius, Queen Mu and Jas Morgan of MONDO 2000; John Perry Barlow, Michael Horowitz, Terence McKenna, Jaron Lanier and Dr. Timothy Leary introduced me to what was then (yes I.T. really was not so long ago!) the cutting edge ideas and excitements of the web, computer networks, "The Well" and free-flowing, radical, visionary and subversive-for-the-joy-of-I.T. post-psychedelic artists. People with passion who didn't fit in to, or didn't want to fit in to consensus reality networks and who had therefore constructed an alternative "virtual" reality where they could play and interact by themselves, for themselves, and this is the important part, without obligation to others, without censorship imposed by vested interests from above, and by and large, without any high commercial necessities. Those were heady days of speculation, of imagining the final dissolution of all boundaries, mental and physical, neurological and political, corporal and spiritual, carnal and intellectual. I.T. enthralled me and, yet, at the same T.I.M.E., some undercurrent about I.T. concerned me.

Having lived through the 60's as a teenager, and felt these same adventurous and heady optimisms; then lived through the 70's co-conceiving and directing "Industrial Culture" with an outlaw community of transmedia activators surrounded by the co-conspirators of "London punk"; continuing on in the 80's mutating into an experimental, and experiential occultural catalytic community with Psychic TV and Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth; I had seen each wave of idealism break upon the beach of cynicism, co-option, commodification, and repression in a repeating process.

NOW! Please don't think I am discouraged (which, it's worth remembering, does mean lacking or diminishing in courage) because I most certainly am not. Nor have I become jaded. Nor am I tempering my Utopianism with too high a dose of realism. I remain today as dedicated to the cause of positive and insistent behavioural change of this peculiar L-if-E/form we call humanity as I was in 1965-ish when I began actively following my path and became known as "GENESIS". In a nutt shell my obsessively central motivation is, was, and WILLS TO BE, assisting in the chivalrous task of helping the human species to become a HumanE Species!

Sometimes helping can be as simple as being aware of one's own need to consciously make choices, momeant to momeant, day to day, L-if-E/T.I.M.E. to L-if-E/T.I.M.E., that contribute towards the inevitable truth that "WE ARE ALL PERFECTING". In my case, for whatever reason, being bullied at school, being a sickly child, chemical imbalances in my brain that made me THINK TOO MUCH! For whatever reason, I discovered my SELF compelled from an early age (about 5 or 6) to experiment with THINKING. To speculate endlessly day and night upon the possibilities and impossibilities of existence, L-if-E, God, mortality, behaviour, sensuality, "magick", feelings, emotions, art, work, play, sleep and in a sense, encapsulating ALL those and more, DREAMS. Weighty stuff for a skinny little guy with asthma!

As a result of all this, and an odd (still puzzling) compulsion to attempt to manifest, and make part of my L-if-E, any and all dreams that fascinated and intrigued me, I became an artist. More importantly, for you to get a feel for and understanding of the raison díetre of this site (and it's structure as expressed via design so fluidly by Eric Swenson) I, Genesis P-Orridge, hereby declare that I hyper-consciously made a decision in 1965 that L-if-E and Art in their highest and most divine expression were absolutely and incontrovertibly one and the same medium. Further, I made a pact with my SELF (that which I still truly consider to be my HIGHER SELF) that I would live my entire L-if-E, second to second, emotion to emotion, event to event, both through the creative filtering of and the awareness of being an Artist. with a capital "A"!

Today, as I type on my Mac Performa 6400/200 Power PC, I.T. is 34 yeras later! Looking back, with kindness to my SELF, and with subjectively reasonable hindsight, I believe that I can say, or at least suggest, that I DID I.T! That I lived what I intended. Intention IS the key. Herein, on this site as I.T. grows, you will find a great many doorways, enigmas, and places of chaotic information. Even playgrounds and challenges. Our challenge wills to be, and from my position as an Artist dedicated to a L-if-E/long and Individual sense of purpose, has to be to eventually build a website that mirrors, as exactly as technology allows, the way that Genesis P-Orridge thinks, creates, and speculates and how that has manifested in the public domain of Popular Culture, occulture, performance, and fine art since his active acceptance of the ìmysteryî of searching for the ìgrailî that is secreted within every thing, every action, and every momeant.

But back to 1991. Why was I worried? I.T. all seemed too good to be true. Scary to think that huh? I.T. seemed so frail, all this idealism, this "finally liberating the brain and spirit, perhaps even the soul", this annihilation of nationalism and corporate dominance, this cheap phone line FREEDOM and connection.

We enjoyed such a marvellous T.I.M.E. of uninhibited community and outrageous optimism regarding the implications of building an all-seeing, all-pervading, all-powerful rendering of proxy-divinity and even immortality.

(At this juncture I must confess, of course, that I my SELF had been a vocal proselytiser of freedom of ALL information for ALL for as long as I could, literally, remember! For all these opening ups of synapses and scenarios I must say a huge thank you to all those already mentioned, and the hundreds of others I met along my way).

However, an early key text of mine that is still sometimes reprinted, or uploaded, was titled "NOTHING SHORT OF A TOTAL WAR-THE ONLY REAL WAR IS INFORMATION WAR". Today, even more literally, this remains true. As each new territory is opened up and colonised by waves of the courageous, and adventurous, the reckless and the mystical whose motives are inately, even naively, selfless, I.T. draws the attention of a second wave of those whose vested interests are more or less genetically co-dependent with "CONTROL" and, of course, whose motives are inately selfish exploitation keyed to the lowest common creative denominator for maximum influence and returns. What makes this remain so exciting and hopeful is, regardless of agendas, strategies, and moralities, we are all soaking into the same beach.

(I wonder if, by NOW!, you are wondering, what the hell has this to do with a web site? Web sites are meant to be at the service of the visitor, to pander to their tastes, reinforce their extra-curricular, or intra-curricular interests, facilitate consuming, or to solidify already sacred beliefs or philosophies.

Well, that is exactly why I am here, asking your patience as we grow. Explaining well in advance our INTENTIONS, as much as we can today, for we hope, in the end, that this site, with your active/passive participation over yeras and even hopefully beyond our L-if-E/T.I.M.E.s, will become a shining, shockwaved, freeflowing, speculative, encyclopaedic repository of ALTERNATIVE ways of thinking, being and seeing. More importantly, I.T. should be a metaphor that is also an exact description of a way of L-if-E and the very structure of the site, and how I.T. works as you navigate I.T. should, as far as possible, reflect our ideas as much as the content.

The Next New Way On hopes and intends that through the retrospective foundation of zones within I.T. like The Final Academy; Thee Museum Ov Magick; Allies/Godstars/Avatars; Meta=Physics; Breaking Sex; Libraries; Art Galleries; Links and Spillages; Journals and Speculations, and on and on an attitude towards L-if-E and creativity will be illustrated and evolved by implication, by interaction and by positive examples. An organic process of discovery not a singular and fundamentalist blueprint trapped by linearity, but, quite literally, a NEXT-NEW-WAY-ON!

(p.s. By the way, I apologise for my long sentences, but it's just the way I think and I trained my SELF to try and type as nearly as possible precisely what I am thinking at any given momeant in the hopes THE FUTURE LEAKS THROUGH.)

I was at Dr. Timothy Leary's home one day in 1993 and was surprised to meet a "think tank" of what, at that T.I.M.E., were considered the greatest experts on the evolution and nature of the internet and the world wide web. They had, they told us, been given the profits of one days trading on Bill Gates shares as a research grant. Supposedly this turned out to be about 10 million US. dollars! Their brief was to travel around having discussions with the "brightest and most creative" conceptualists involved in cyberspace in order to develop templates that would enable corporations, goevernments, and interested parties to "privatise police and make profitable" this new territory.

Please be clear, I am neither criticising nor judging this phenomenon, nor those involved, who were all incredibly fascinating and fascinated. But the process of co-option had begun, had surfaced, become visible and active. Since then, quite amazingly, their suggestions and prophecies have exploded into our lives, politics, warfare, eroticism, communication and economy. Yet, that was only 6 yeras ago! Nobody around that table that day, sipping coffee, speculating, parlaying structures, or advising caution as I inevitably did, could, I truly believe, have guessed how rapidly all this would grow. Or how quickly the "citizens of the technologically advanced world" would embrace the web and internet so completely that already almost everybody takes I.T. for granted as if I.T. had all ways been there, like wheels, cars, telephones and television. An unquestioning acceptance of this blanket of unknown potential in every possible interpretation and application has taken place that in and of itself is unfalteringly uncritical and complacent.

As I.T. happens I was born in 1950, in Manchester, England. There were few televisions. I remember there being only one, ours, in my street, in 1952, and neighbours coming round to our house to watch Queen Elisabeth 2nd's coronation. Records were still 78's and shattered like glass if you dropped them; tube wireless' were our main source of entertainment; some post-war rationing prevailed; newspapers still supplied news; telephones were a luxury; cinema matinees a marvel. Whilst I was a teenager in the 60's there were no cassette players, no CD's, hardly even pocket calculators. But at least now if you dropped a record it didn't shatter!
Perhaps this chance positioning of my birthdate at the half-way mark of the century's progress has given me a fortunate vantage point of cultural observation. I have witnessed the ever accelerating information and disinformation technologies and their embracing by a less and less critical or questioning general population. In fact, I.T. seems we have reached a point where technology is considered inately benign and in our best interests, or irrevocably omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. As if, in the tradition of the great pyramids, we have built our own representation of "God". In fact, I.T. might be useful to consider the "psychosphere" as just that. The 20th Century's rendering of "GOD". Our very own equivalent of Stone Henge, and a new "wonder of the world" to be visited in awe and bewilderment by beings thousands of y-eras from NOW!.

All this is fantastic. Nevertheless, the levels of instant gratification, and passive acceptance that our species is being trained to accept unthinkingly continues to concern me. When every being is connected to every other being and all experience is a recordable and public phenomenon will privacy become THE FINAL TABOO? Yet here, ironically, I am. Here we are. Communicating (I hope) together to some degree. Even more ironically, here is a website, being built by us, for you, despite my/our reservations about the medium. Why?

Firstly; the Next New Way On website is intended to maintain a domain where those initial excited speculations and debates of the early 90's might be preserved, even expand and continue to the mutli-functional benefit of us all. The Next New Way On aims to initiate, create and facilitate a quaquaveral cultural and behavioural dialogue. Not just by chat-rooms or e-mails, but by structure, implication and perceptual example. Choice of content is a language just as much as the written or spoken word. Editing is the "invisible" language of cracks, joins, fades, and point of observation. By a knowing use of these new, hidden, but immensely power-full languages and of playful, digitised interaction with information in and of its SELF, for its own sake the Next New Way On wills to trigger an higher expectation and cognisance of the infinitely exploding galaxy an Individual enters each T.I.M.E. they log-on. Our aim is wakefulness, our enemy is dreamless sleep. If the Next New Way On can pass on to you an appreciation of how significant and potentially hazardess immersion in worlds programmed and limited by the motives and/or imaginations of unknown others, some with hidden, covert or even unconsciously driven agendas, then we shall have succeeded. Know thine enemy and assume that if something seems puzzling or malignant the answer is always held in the hands and forces of those with a vested interest in its manifestation.

Secondly; the Next New Way On intends in every possible and impossible technique to serve the established and spontaneous appetite for information and documentation about the L-if-E, projects, thoughts and times of Genesis P-Orridge. There are so many misconceptions, eroneous pieces of "faction" and incomplete biographies jumbled up and scattered without form or overview out there. Yet there is obviously a genuine and ongoing curiousity. The Next New Way On have discovered more than a hundred sites devoted to or including data on Genesis P-Orridge and/or some of the more visible cultural engineering projects that he has initiated, founded, co-founded or actively participated in.

The Next-New-Way-On regards all these websites as allies, regardless of their editorial position. Everyone is telling the truth all the T.I.M.E. There is obviously an enthusiastic and intelligent interest out there in this weird and wonder-full ether. As often as possible the Next-New-Way-On wishes to build two-way links between as many sites as possible; eventually not limited just to Genesis P-Orridge, but to any topic, thought, or area that seems significant or stimulating and pointing, no matter how obliquely to a NEW WAY ON. With the arrival of Simon Ford's definitive and lengthy book "THE WRECKERS OF CIVILISATION" describing the origins and story of COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle an entire reappraisal and vindication of Genesis P-Orridge's ideas and actions seen, with hindsight, to stand appropriately in the current of contemporary art history and popular culture has obviously begun.

Rather than ignore this interest it seems to be a duty of the Next New Way On to share as much as possible of the voluminous and far-reaching TRANSMEDIA archives of the L-if-E and T.I.M.E.s of Genesis P-Orridge, cultural engineer. I.T. will take quite some T.I.M.E. to catalogue, scan, transcribe, and digitise this huge body of works. But that is a primary aim of this site. I.T. is a formidable task. There are direct links with fluxus artists and renegades like MONTE CAZAZZA in the 70's; the beatniks Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs; the Islamic Brotherhood of The Master Musicians Of Jajouka; Agori Baba's in Nepal and Santeria Baba's in New York; psychedlic pioneers like Dr. Timothy Leary and rhythm and blues pioneers like Brian Jones. And on, and on, and I.T. hasn't stopped because Genesis P-Orridge remains prolific and active in every medium as he scries the "culturally inevitable for the culturally ineffable".

The Next New Way On has no funding right NOW!. Which means I.T. is editorially fully independent, obligated to nobody, under no economic restraints except those of the basic expenses of hardware, labour, and duplication. To facilitate and maintain our autonomy and clarity of intent Genesis P-Orridge has agreed to gradually sell off memorabilia, artworks, documents and recordings from the past in order to finance and manifest a future and a new exploration through the medium of this website. That is why the Next New Way On shop is in place. Hence the legend, "SELLING THE PAST TO BUILD A FUTURE". Any support you can give by buying items directly from this site will be greatly appreciated and accelerate the density and depth of how the site operates and entertains and how comprehensive the museums are. As soon as there is a surplus of income the team of Individuals at the Next New Way On can be increased which in turn will accelerate and improve all aspects and services of this site.

Thirdly: Apart from my conceptual and speculative concerns about the uncharted and potentially hostile environments of a psychosphere in progress that is being uncritically constructed regardless of inter-dimensional, moral, and political hazards leading me to throw away my first modem. I had another reservation about all this. The way I.T. looked and worked. The depth of the experience in a sense. Here were all these fabulous minds, incredible technologies and visions but when I.T. all boiled down to I.T. what was being accessed remained flat, archival and sluggish.

There I am, walking along Avenue A in the East Village of New York, minding my own minding, when I hear a voice speak my name, as one does. I looked up. BLAM! Epiphany...Eric Swenson! He promised to send me copies of his CD-ROMs, which he did. I popped the CD ROM into my computer and was assaulted with a huge, obnoxious noise that I could not turn down. BLAM! He had my attention. I was blown away, and I.T. had nothing to do with expectation, or even content, or style. All of which we all know are arbitrary, contrary and subjective no matter how one camouflages I.T. and don't kid your SELF. No, what had happened was that someone had put onto a CD-ROM disc exactly the kind of instantaneous, provocative, NEW, power-full experience that affected eyes, ears and brain similtaneously that I had dreamed would be possible from the first momeant I was confronted with computer possibilities in California back in 1991.
(By the way, I absolutely recommend that any and all visitors purchase BLAM! #'s 1,2,and 3 as soon as possible.)

NOW! There was a chance to make the computer, and more importantly, the users of computers, sing for their data. NOW! I.T. was exciting again. Yippee! Needless to say, Eric Swenson was contacted and the "inevitable", that quality of popular culture that screams unnoticed to the commercial mainstream desparate for a novel voice, was exposed and initiated. Swensonia agreed to design and push to the limits the parameters, navigation and eventual interaction of the Next New Way On.

Please be patient, therefore. I.T. is intended that, as T.I.M.E. and income permit, this site will raise the ante on what any website can be in every possible and impossible sense. There will be linear areas, zones and rooms. Plenty of low band width to ensure maximum salacious reward for the greatest number.

However, as work progresses, and your support grows, new areas and zones will be opened up that operate under totally new agendas. The choices you make as to what you wish to view will affect the resulting status of your interaction. You might be ìforcedî to deal with future plans, although you are obsessed with a past project, or vice versa. You might discover an animated section once, that you can never go back to again. There will be wormholes, and mirrors, tricks and treats. Imagine, if you will, a digital snakes and ladders.

Not so long ago I was asked in an interview what point I felt popular culture was up to? After some thought I replied that how I.T. feltto my SELF was as though previously we had all been in the same theme park, or funfair, but we had all been trying out different rides, at different T.I.M.E.s, of varying extremity and effect. NOW! I.T. feels as though, finally, and fortunately, we all find ourselves strapped into cars on the same ride at the same T.I.M.E. and this newly designed mystery ride is just about to begin. None of us knows what the ride is, only that I.T. is a totally new adventure. But for the first T.I.M.E. ever, we will all encounter the thrills and fears in unison.

The Next New Way On seeks to reflect this observation. By making a metaphor real one becomes a Cultural Engineer. If you think I.T. wills to happen, I.T. is your responsibility to manifest.

As we mentioned before. The Next New Way On is being deconstructed by a loose knit, but motivated group of cultural "outlaws". The greater the number of vistors, and the more finance that is generated by selling the past to build a future, the more rapidly deeper and more challenging zones of the site can be generated. Please be aware that I.T. will take some T.I.M.E. to realise this particular dream.

You, the visitor can help NOW! You can make links from your sites to the Next- New-Way-On immediately. You can track back at regular intervals to mark our progress. You can favour our online store when you purchase limited editions, records, multiples, and unique expressions of our other projects.

Later on you can offer labour, software or hardware to accelerate uploading and expansion of zones of particular interest and/or access points to new transmedia environments. The best dream is a dream without limits, one that responds and mutates according to the needs of its peoples and the chaotic currents of an occultural society. So here I.T. is. The B-Earth of a New Way On. Not the only way on. But the Next New Way On that reflects and is inclusive of, our particular community of dissident watchers, commentators, visionaries, and alienated allegiances.

Welcome! To www.


Genesis P-Orridge - 13 June 1999.

Friday, October 30, 2009

What's Words Worth? essay by T.o.p.y member Coyote 12

What's Words Worth? - Coyote 12

The more one studies human behaviour, the more apparent it becomes that the English language is hopelessly ineffective in describing the types of experience which could be classed as "paranormal". Although, we have inherited one of the most expressive languages on the planet, we still find ourselves stammering when it comes to describing magickal and neurological phenomena. We need a new terminology to describe what we feel. Before we begin such a process, it might be useful to summarise the current theory on how we process symbolic information.

Whether we are aware of it or not, everything we process through the brain is a symbol. Any sensory perception or thought must be converted into some sort of code to be run through the electro-chemical system of the brain. A useful model is, of course, the computer. The thought is data, the brain itself is like hardware. The data has to be rendered compatible to be run through the hardware.

Research has shown that we actually see the world around us upside down. Within a few days after an infants eyes open, its brain learns to flip everything it sees upside down, so that the visual data is easier to apply. This probably becomes fully automatic within months. If we can subconsciously edit out such a huge perceptual shift, one can wonder what else gets edited out. We'll return to that thought later.

The brain consists of ten billion neurons, which operate, like a computer, on a binary basis. They are either on or off. In a sense, a particular thought is a specific neural trail though the brain. No two thoughts share exactly the same path. There are a thousand trillion synapses in the human brain. A synapse is the point at which two or more neurons interconnect. So when we "see" something, a neuron near the optic nerve is electrically activated. The impulse travels to the synapse at the end of that neuron. If the impulse is powerful enough, it jumps across the synapse, triggering the next neuron. This process is over in a fraction of a second, and the charge fades out.

Most perceptions fade before we have time to interpret them, which is a large portion of the editing process mentioned before. It appears possible to cause the neurons to reactivate again and again, giving us time to analyse them. There appear to be two ways that we are able to accomplish this. One way is the way we remember a poem, conscious repetition. The other way is if the current meets no resistance in its path, it can flow easily to the next neuron, and so on, until it connects to the original neuron, and it just continues in this circular pattern until it meets some form of resistance.

If this pattern is repeated enough times, little synaptic bridges form along that circuit, which saves a lot of energy, since the impulse doesn't exhaust itself jumping across the synapses. Most "lower" animals are born with many of these bridges hardwired in. Thus, a lion might have "furry" and "running" wired to "dinner" in his brain. So the lion will treat anything running and furry as food.

Humans seem to be unique in the sense that we are born without any such bridges. We have to create our own. The process of conditioning is actually the process of creating these synaptic bridges to inter-relate and categorise the things we perceive. In this process, we are forced to create "archetypes", to abstract. We see both a pine, an oak, with or without leaves, and generalise them all as trees, even though each is an individual, and each is very different from the others.

We have to do this, both to save time and memory space. Every time we see a tree (or anything else), we create a neural circuit, which leaves a tiny neuro-chemical afterglow, making it slightly easier for the next impulse to jump across the synapse. After triggering this same circuit many times, the bridge becomes progressively easier to cross. This is interesting because, in a sense, all that we "know" is like a scratch in a record. When we place the stylus there, the thought plays over and over, either until the record stops spinning, or we move the stylus to another groove.

A frequent thought is literally a loop. Thus, our knowledge could be measured by the number of loops we possess. The loops become much stronger the more they are used. An unfamiliar sensory stimulus must travel a new neural path. That is why we have trouble visualising an unfamiliar face or piece of machinery. The more often we experience the new thing, the more the synaptic bridges harden.

So how does this all relate to language? Anytime we learn a new thing, we are able to call it up anytime we think of it. If we have assigned a name to this complex impulse, we are able to "file" a certain amount of its attributes under this name. Ask a four year old what a car is, then ask a mechanic. You'll get very different answers. The mechanic has a great deal more synaptic bridges stored under "car" than the child.

So, to learn and use a new word creates a physical change within the brain. The problem is that our electrical impulses tend to go along the most travelled neural paths. It requires effort to fuse new bridges. But without these new bridges, new paths of thought are impossible, except by accident. It is altogether possible that this is the neurological explanation of magick. By performing a ritual using a setting and words, smells, etc. that are alien to us, we are actually trying to speed up the process of synaptic bridging. The success of a specific ritual depends on how successful we are in creating a neural lockgroove.

The Process of Abstraction

We have seen why the human brain must abstract and edit out certain stimuli in order to cope with the overload of sensory input, now it is time to try and explain how this process takes place. Alfred Korzybski invented a model for this process which he called the "Structural Differential", which will serve our purposes as well as anything. (See Fig. 1)

The round area marked E we will call the Event. Each point on that plane is one attribute of that event . For example, the piece of paper that this magazine is printed on appears white. It is made of millions of molecules of bleached woodpulp, some of which are covered by symbols, which are really composed of carbon molecules which where adhered to the paper by static electricity, then burned on. Each of these attributes could be represented by a point. We know that each of these molecules is in perpetual motion, and that the colour we perceive as white is actually the entire light spectrum reflected off of those molecules. Since we know that this piece of paper is really in constant motion, it seems like a good exercise to think of it as an event rather than an inert thing.

Now, since we could never list each molecule's attributes or location accurately for any specific moment in time, one edge of the plane E is broken off, to show that our definition or perception of any event can never be complete. We could define an infinite number of points for event E. In the actual process of "seeing" this event, there are a number of attributes that are imperceptible to our nervous system, such as the motion of the molecules, the component colours of the spectrum of white light, etc... Thus, when we see an event, the number of attributes becomes finite, although still very large.

What you or I might see, we will call V, the Visual Object. The lines connecting E to V are the attributes of the event which we are physically capable of seeing. The points on the event-plane which are not connected to V are already left out. What we first have to realise is that it is not possible for us to see an event in its entirety. Ever. This is the reason that some of the attribute lines have been left dangling. This point cannot be stressed enough. What we see is not what we "see".

So the step from event to perceived object (V) is what we would call a First Order Abstraction, in that it is one step away from what is actually happening. A great deal has already been edited out in the mere process of perceiving it. The act of seeing V triggers the familiar neuron circuit for "paper", "magazine", and so forth, calling your brain's attention to this fact. The naming of these attributes narrows their number yet further, as we become mentally aware of its presence.

We'll label this Second Order Abstraction "N". Please note that at this point, the perceived event still exists only in purely neurologickal terms as yet. We cannot discuss it without labelling it somehow. The dictionary definition of this Neural Event leaves out a number of attributes of the paper, its taste and colour, for instance. This Third Order Abstraction is Labelled L-1. It is rare that we refer to the woodpulp that comprises most paper, and which is included in the definition of paper, so at the point of recognition of "paper", we have generated a Fourth Order Abstraction, which is labelled L-2. It is only at this point that we are able to make any kind of statement about piece of paper, which would then be a Fifth Order Abstraction (S), as our statement reflects our opinion of the paper. We can then make statements about the statement, on an infinite basis.

Now if a concrete event like "paper" is abstracted to this degree, imagine the number of abstractions required to discuss a concept like "freedom" or "magick"! One of the main reasons we so violently disagree over such abstracted subjects is that we assume that everyone defines a word like "magick" in a similar way. Similar perhaps, but not identically. If you want to avoid an argument, it's always wise to ask, "What do you mean?" You will be astounded at how often it will turn out that the misunderstanding is based on the assumption that you are both talking about the same thing. In many cases, you are not! The verbal abstraction is not the event!

This can be more simply put. If a map were perfectly accurate, you would be able to see yourself reading the map, and on that map would another infinitum. The map is not the territory! No matter how accurate our language, it can never approximate the event. The event we discuss, or think about is always at least two or three Orders away from the actual event we think we are describing .Try to become more aware of this process of abstraction. Try to sense events with more of your nervous system. Sight is in reality one of the least reliable and easily tricked of all our senses. Taste events, feel them, smell them, Try to make your abstracting process include as many attributes as you can.

The more attributes you are aware of, the more accurate your abstractions will be. The more accurate your abstractions, the better you will be able to communicate about events with other people. If you practice this process of abstracting, you will become more aware of how few people even know that they are constantly doing so. And the mere act of being aware that "the map is not the territory" will make you more tolerant of their abstractions. You'll realise how absurd it seems to say that anything "is" anything. It seems that way to me.

This linguistic foible is called the Is of Identity. Once you have realised that the map is not the territory, you will realise that nothing "is" anything. It only seems that way to you via your process of abstraction. This point seems crucial to anyone embarking on a "magickal" path. We have to realise that we all perceive events, interpret words, in our own unique way. The only assumption we have any right to make is that each of us see events in a completely unique way. Certainly, there are points of mutual agreement, but the deeper you go, the less subtle these differences are. By realising that each of us is constantly abstracting in completely different ways, we can take the time to assure ourselves that we are talking about the same event before we start to argue.

Thee Word Made Flesh

In thee beginning was thee Word, or so they say. And it triggered new synaptic bridges and new association. Butter, it be-came well-trodden and thee meanings be-came stale. Thee newness ov synapse to xplore be-came lesson less free-quent. Thee language e-volved, or d-volved-like thee main stream ov thee cult-ure it reflected. As thee words were used, re-used, ab-used, thee meanings b-came further d-tached from the original Spirit each Word represented. So thee sentences were cut-up and meaning was restored, like an old lover in new lingerie. And new Words OV Power were created. Butter thee process ov Creation has just b-gun. A word like "b-gun" triggers new ass-ociations. New associations trigger new neural paths. New Paths create new modes of thought. Or revive forgotten ones. It b-cums thee Word made Flesh, perhaps literally, if thee brain is bridged synaptickally. If a definition for a new Word takes, it could alter thee structure ov your Nervous System permanently! Thee Temple is in thee process of creating a jargon. This serves a number ov very use-full functions. First, it mystifies and intimidates, as well as intriguing and attracting, those unfamiliar with it. Second, by definition and repetition, it facilitates thee creation ov new Synaptic Bridges in thee brains ov those who take the time to learn their meanings. To turn a paragraph ov philosophy and turn it into one Word ov Power is to create a mnemonick system which can simplify thee process ov modifying ones own behaviour. Or sadly, that ov another, Thee jargon ov Dianetics/Scientology is a shining example. They enslave thee Humyn Spirit with thee creation ov thee Word, T.O.P.Y. hopes to use thee same power to liberate it. To create terms for processes which actually stimulate thee humyn brain to create new possibilities and solutions in very unconventional ways.

(This article originally appeared in a 1990 CCT and was then reprinted in the now defunct, THANATEROS #4)

Former T.o.p.y member Joe Banks/Coyote 322 posts his history with the group on his webpage as well as his 1994 t.o.p.y journal


I have completed my activity in thee temple ov psychick youth. This document is a summary of the magickal work i have done. It is quite personal, and graphic. I have used the first letters of personal names -- other than that, this record is everything i have recorded.

I am publishing this for two reasons. First, because it is the final act of magickal Will to share these experiences and processes with whomever is interested. Second, it is an act of gratitude to those in this tribe who have shared their magickal experiences and sigils with me -- i wish to give the same gift to others.

Some people have cautioned me that publishing this material will open me to "magickal attack," and any number of other bad and difficult things. I do not believe this will be the case.

However, i will warn you that in this record you will encounter my sexuality, my desires, my violence. You will find explicit description of my magickal work within TOPY, including blood and sexual magick. If you choose to expose yourself to this, be certain you can own your own desires, and your own reactions to my magickal work.

Send e-mail to: Joe Banks

Joy be to you in the attainment ov your Will. Magick defends itself.

I am no longer Coyote 322.


My involvement with thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth began in 1994 by reading various Broadcasts (pre-1990 Broadcasts) on a local occult BBS. Gradually, as i read more of the material, and recognized the email address of one of the participants as being from my area. After some communication with him, (during which time he corrected the impression i had that thee Temple was no more), i sigilized for the first time, and thereby became active.

During this period of time, my relationship with my wife (of one year) had become difficult -- i was frustrated at the difference in our sexual desire, and at the difference in our orientations towards life. I knew myself to be very sexual, very interest ed in pushing edges, very frustrated at having to behave "normally" in a relationship, whatever "normal" meant. Although i have since accepted responsibility for some genuinely unhealthy behavior on my part, i still feel that the relationship was not a g ood one for me. It ended in divorce three years after we married.

I found that the sigil of three fluids outlined in thee Grey book was very effective at focusing my will, and particularly so because Sex and Will were so absent from my relationship. After the first several sigils, i experienced an understanding of myse lf, as an angry, driven, sexual being, which i had been denying. The denial brought disasters, but accepting myself in this new light also brought disasters.

When thee Station moved from Southern California to the city i lived in, i became more actively involved in thee Temple, doing ritual a handful of times, and helping out a few times answering letters and filing sigils. Shortly after the 1996 campout, the TOPY community in my city fell apart, and though i didn't know exactly what had happened until later, i too, kept my distance. Thee Station moved to SoCal again shortly thereafter.

The summer of 1997, i went on thee Campout, with 6 other TOPI. The experience was somewhat disappointing -- while everyone seemed to desire to connect, to do magick, not much ritual happened, very little of what did happen was effective. I did make a co uple close connections with individuals, though, and was glad to be spending time with people who understood the language of magick and edges.

I have been sporadically active in sigilizing for the last 3 years, and sporadically active in contributing to thee Online email digest. Recently, i began to realize that the work i had begun when i first became active had completed itself, and that i no longer felt active. I notified thee List, and became inactive. One thing i have always valued about my experience in TOPY is the lack of structure, the trust, and the constant reminders that i bore full responsibility for my magick and my actions. It is this spirit that i am making my entire magickal record availabl e -- in Trust, and bearing full Responsibility.

Sigil One -- October 23, 1994
I cannot find documentation of this sigil -- i only remember that it involved a fantasy of violent sex with a girl i knew.

Sigil Two -- January 23, 1995
"Sigilized tonight for TOPY. Written material had to do with the Nameless fear of heavy hands, and someone lifting my bed. Bled, after summoning the Fearful ones to appear. Very Sharp focus while writing it. Sealed with Sigil.

"Not very exciting, sexually -- fantisized passive anal sex, without much sensation. Finger in the ass didn't turn me on like it has the last couple times. Finally came after sitting up, fantasizing reall rape and aggression, not the safe, mass-market v ersions. A woman being held fast and DAMAGED.

On the sigil is written:
"Here in the cold cold basement there are things that touch me. Here's the smell: sweat, fear-sweat. How could this be happening?

"All the nights of trembling wonder, fumbling with words and hands ... this is different. Yes, i wirled alone in these dark rooms, i remember the records playing backwards, the furniture moving by itself. And here's a secret -- the terror is, is having your hands so heavy, so heavy, you can't move them at all, can't block the blow or punch, can't move and something is lifting the bed up. Lifting the mattress. [small letters:] IS THERE MORE? THIS IS RIGHT.

"Somewhere, yeah. There's more. The terror -- i like it. I still try to spin the room i still feel those hands above and through me on the bed AND THEY ARE MINE.

"OK, you know who you are, and i know you can read ... come when the blood hits the page [repeated, handwriting degenerates into automatic scribbles. A glyph appears.]

"Bound with my cut hair from this morning."

Sigil Three -- February 23, 1995
"So this Dream woman keeps visiting me. I no longer seem to have the ravening, raging rape and pillage dreams -- just now realized that. Violent, yes, but sex is happening in a roughly consensual manner, when it happens. For 3 days before today i've be en celebate, an experiment that usually results in night-time ejaculation.

"This time it was a woman, young, with short black hair, sitting next to me at a bar, gently stroking me as i touched her arm; i tried to hold back, since i thought it might embarrass her that i came, but i came quickly anyway.

"The shift in dream-sex seems to have shifted from pursuer/controller to embarrassment at my arousal. This is consistent with waking feelings. Not only do i feel embarrassed at my arousal because of the committed relationship i'm in, but also because i have the feeling, buried down there somewhere, that my arousal makes people to whom i'm attracted uncomfortable.

Sigil shifts to fantasies about two women i know. The sigil itself has the word "MOTHER" written in blood.

Jounal entry -- February 25, 1995
"Good meeting with about 5 TOPY guys. Wonder what i'm getting myself into. Implicit trust. Wonder if this seed is bound to disperse."

Jounal entry -- March 3, 1995
"Life is really speeding up, all of a sudden. It all seemed like the sigils and ritual I'd been doing all hit me after actually meeting the TOPY folk. Weird."

Jounal entry -- March 5, 1995
"Dream: I am in a car, perhaps driving, trying to escape some people. We hear their voices, think its on the radio, but they're actually right outside the car, and they're inside before we know it, high-jacking us and making us drive. In the backseat i s a dark, long-haired young woman, whom they harass, and a yuppie-looking guy. Somehow we stop, and the child and woman escape safely. It leaves me and a guy (W., of TOPY), who try to ambush them somewhere. "A basement. I hide at the base of the stairs (half way up, actually), and string a chaulk line to trip the enemies up as they charge downstairs. before that, though, out of the right door in the basement (previously unseen) charge a bunch of sexy, naked d young women. They don't stay long. The out of the left-hand door comes a figure in weird polyester pants, moving strangely. It takes me a while to notice he's got an elephant's head, and it's Ganesh. I try to speak to him, but our conversation is no t memorable. I expected him to say some word of advice or help, and he didn't. In the end i just bowed and honored him. "Then the enemies came down the stairs, W. pulled the string taut, and they crashed. "I am whisked away to another place, where i try 3 times to have sex, finally doing it, with a somewhat tubby woman who is very sexual. As i come (wet dream!) i visualize the psychick cross."

Sigil Four -- April 23, 1995
Sigil consists of the words GEBURAH and ILWATH, with a matrix of scrambled letters, a strangely proportioned pcross and red thread.

"Realized a bunch of things while performing this sigil, such as the PAIN-LOVE connection between my Mom and Dad. Yeah. Been ignoring that too long, I guess. Not good or bad, just is. No hiding from it.

"Anyway, my will was to find new ways of trusting my POWER. New ways in which i do not have to stoop or restrain myself. And to find person(s)/thing(s) i can hurt and love without harming either of us, or ... and to find out what i really think and feel about hurting someone/thing i love. ILWATH."
Sigil Five -- May 23, 1995
"Sigilized with TOPY. Began with Gnostic Cross, then just-sat [sazen] for awhile, waiting for some point of focus or turn-on to occur. Got an image of lifting my arms up, pulling them and my head back, then throwing them forward while exhaling. After d oing that for a couple minutes, i discovered i was getting harder and harder. I paused the motion every now and then to stroke myself. Brought myself to the edge of climax 3 times, then came.

"Drew a woman with charcoal before that, though, sitting crosslegged and doing the motion i'd visioned and done.

"Drew psychick cross and Ganesh with blood, attached my hair with spit and leftover come, smudged the drawing with cum and charcoal.

"Kabalistic Cross to end. Feel wildly irritated with [wife]."

Jounal entry -- June 14, 1995

"#2658. I awake in room. I can see my face, though my eyes are closed. Mirror distorts. I power out the words "I want my true name." A woman who doesn't seem very adept fumbles. Finally, she says 2658 (or something). When i question her, she says " not duality, nor communication , but love is the key." I grab her, sexually, and ask her for HER true name, which she interprets as distrust. Finally i go into a crowd of people dancing. I am naked, by choice, even though all the others are closed [cl othed]. I dance in spite of any attention i get."

Sigil Six -- June 23, 1995
"Sigilization: Open with first songs on Winter Was Hard, by Kronos Quartet -- actually picked out Diamanda Galas by accident [?] first, then had to switch tapes. Thought at the time that was a message. Did the Star Ruby. Poured oil on my hands and beg an rubbing and dancing. Changed music to Harry Partch's setting of The Bachannals. Finally switched to the Galas "Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

"Masturbated all through this, moaning and writhing and thinking about H. and the dream i had last night. Came very quickly, TOO quickly, and did not focus on the sigil i'd drawn on the east wall of my temple right after the star ruby, inviting/invoking TOPY now that i owned my temple walls. Shut off music after cum, and before the scary part.
"Did sigil (duplicate of the one on the wall) from black chaulk, blood and cum. Lay back, listened to part of the Resident's Eskimo. Felt something come in, from the east, said "welcome." Didn't sense it after that, though. I lay there thinking about how my attempt to link with the other TOPI had failed, perhaps because it was not really my will to open that door. Finally, it became obvious that FEAR was keep the gate shut, not my lack of desire.

"I got up, played the whole Galas song at a higher volume than ever, and focused on my sigil. I found myself dancing with it, alternately encircling it, which made it expand like a sphincter or iris, and pulling something hard and sticky in long pieces o ut of it. At the end, i turned off the recorder, projected the gate away and prevented its return with the sign of silence, then drew a banishing pentagram over it. Then the gnostic cross, followed by the kabalistic cross.

"During the dancing all my limbs were shaking with fear, intense and deep fear. Multiple layers of fears. I resisted the urge to logic them away, or to banish them, but rather to recognize and accept them. It was difficult."

Jounal entry -- July 5, 1995
"Just before i wake up, i saw a closet with various paraphenalia in it, surmounted by a bust of Jesus with big, buggy eyes. Maybe a TV, too. A voice was going on about how Xtianity had degenerated, especially that the body of Christ (ie. Eucharist) was being contaminated daily. Then i saw a snake with Jesus' head wound around a cross. The snake sort of died, and slid off the cross into my hands, sort of gel or goo-like.

Jounal entry -- July 8, 1995
"Realized while working today that i'd had another dream, disturbing. Somehow i had placed myself in the power/apprenticeship of another, older man, who would handcuff me to the wall, facing the wall. The house was right off a major street, in some town . The first couple of times he did nothing, or something pleasant, but the third time was at least four hours of pain, torture and rape. Worse, he always said it was someone else -- "Mr. Wild" or something like that -- even though it was clear that it w as him, one of his personalities, at least."

Sigil Seven -- July 23, 1995
Listened to the Resident's "God in Three Persons," and processed the difficulty of reconciling my marriage to the anger and desire that were clear from all my writings and workings. In particular, i was having problems with being sexually obsessed with a n old friend, A.

"Second half of the record, jerked off facing sigil with A.'s old necklace around my head, shaking apple-pips in right hand, marriage ring on, and with flower-petal necklace of A's around my cock, came before climax of record, calm. Scattered wedding flo wers onto ov on paper w/ sigil, Power. Distinct will to detach desire-A. from the real A.

Jounal entry -- August 18, 1995
"Uh. OK. The magick worked. [My wife] has approached me with the possibility of having an open marriage, about her desire for other people. Something has been shifting the last couple of days, a nauseating lurch that is spinning me so hard i have to c lose my eyes and try try try to remember where center is. [fear] Fear and avoidance of TOPY, ov my ritual practice. Noises of rats in the basement while i meditate.

"It is hard because there is only the feeling of something coming, but not real soon. Easier to have it out in the open, where i can see it and deal with it. Need to contact [Coyote 131], to stop eating and watching shit. Need to stop avoiding thee Pow er.

Sigil 8 -- October, 1995
"Sigilized tonight -- theme was INTEGRATION (IN RATIO TEN). Fantasized initially about girls in G.'s house, later the nurse i saw at his office today. Near orgasm, nothing at all. Weak cum, though good feeling. Mixed old hair with new, carved convergi ng spirals onto cardboard. Punched hole, tied hair through it. Used tears instead ov spit.

"Integration desired is in all aspects of my life. I now have several different foci, and i've accepted my haphazard way of going about things. But i desire to connect, to integrate these things, to form them into tools a weapons for building and destro ying. I feel the time of assimilation is on the wane, the time for synthesis has come. Made a word-sigil out of all the areas i wished to integrate.

Sigil 9 -- November 23, 1995
"... the sigil is ov a presenting vagina boxed in with a psychick cross over it -- CARCER -- EROS -- looks like a face. I turn up these cards: 10 of clubs, 7 of hearts, King of diamonds, six of hearts. Lustmord as background.

Jounal entry -- January 1, 1996
My wife and i have separated. I have begun Reichian therapy.

Sigil 10 -- January 23, 1996
Drunk. Star ruby avec diamada Galas "Swing Low." Response as womanly, sexy during Mater portion of IO PAN. I rock back and forth from the hips.

"Made love to paper -- kissed like lips, breasts, pussy. M. Lay on back and jerked off holding paper to belly while listening to the rest of the album. Came. On Paper. Bled onto. Looks like a screaming Gorilla face. Vise TOPY ross sans middle, wie das: Strong image of a TOPY Kali. Came with J. blowing me off.

Sigil 11 -- May 23, 1996
"Sigilized. Gnostic Cross, then some pointless cut-ups. Settled on exploring rape/subjugation as per my name (violation adds to 322 in hebrew). Thought about pissing on Bible, but did not. Made sigil out of given name and Kabish (Hebrew word meaning s acrificial ram, adding to 322).

"A return to the first sigil. Imagined violating, cutting, punishing and tying up one of R.'s asian students, then fucking her in the ass. I came very quickly, saying the scrambled words in rhythm. Listened to Diamanda Galas throughout.

"Conscious of myself as a thick, powerful man, construction-worker type."

Sigil contains thee words:
"my name is kabish = LAMB
in me is Desire separated in Duality
the lost houses rejoice,
and Illusion becomes a living power
It is my Will

[pcross, ShBK, Saturn glyph]

Sigil 12 -- June 23, 1996
"Gnostic Cross. Star Ruby. Lit Propane torches, lef tthem at 4 quarters, pointing in. Turned off Crowley face on computer in N -- too bright. Stated Will: to acknowledge and face FEAR.

"Cup. Unicursal hexagram in east. scorpio, water. Fears of draowning, of putting my feet down and there being no end to the water. Almost drowning twice as a child. Being eaten or sucked up by monsters and nameless things under the sea. Adrift, lost . banish, close hexagram. Drop of blood.

"Candle. Unicursal hexagram in South. Leo, fire. Fears of burning. being burned. Feeling burn. Of sadistic people delighting in bruning me. I hear their voices laughing, torturing me. I am screaming (into pillow). Finally becomes too much and i st art choking and gagging. Probably would have puked, but didn't have a large enough vessel to hold it. Banish, close. Drop o blood.

"Bowl with ash. Unicursal Hexagram in west. Taurus - earth. Taurus symbol was visable. Fear unfocused, then got twang of somebody burning me with a propane torch. Must not have banished that one well enough. Went back to south, extinquished candle w ith knife, commanded, "go back where you came from." Called earth again. On ground, grabbing my butthole. "fuckyou fuckyou fuckyou, etc." kept coming out of my mouth. Fears of being burned alive, feeling the cobwebs on my face and the whispering of n ameless evil things that desired to eat me up. Spider. Worms. Ghouls. Had pillow over my faceing, screaming, pleading to be let out. Rest. Drop of blood. Close, banish.

"Feathers. Unicursal in North. Aquarius - air. Fear of not being able to breathe, of flying, of hitting the ground the air is knocked out of me. Of South Dakota, when the wind blew my tent off the mountain. Cold sweat, cold wind. Close, banish, bloo d.

"Star Ruby, douse torches. Gnostic cross, using sage. Lights did not come on afterwards."

Sigil 13 -- July 23, 1996
No documentation. Sigil seems to be gematria, with wax, numbers, scrambled letter, feather, hair, and Ov.

Jounal entry -- November 18 1996
My wife and i are divorced.

Sigil 14 -- December 23, 1996
"Began with 5 minutes of attempted noform, then spent a while doing gematria. Based final sigil on the idea of going from cold, through thaw, into warm. recently i've become aware (and frightened) of how isolated, cold and rigid i am habitually, so this sigil expressed my Will to thaw and warm the Cold areas.

"Hebrew word for cold = summation of (1..43)
Hebrew word for thaw = summation of (1..34)
Hebrew word for Warm = summation of (1..50)+1

43 = to fall sick
34 = to reveal
50 = to ferment or rumble

"I made sigils from these words, bottom to top on the page, with 50=warm on top in red, 43 = cold on bottom in blue, and 34 = thaw connecting them.

"Banished with Star Ruby, Resident's "lights out!" Began oiling and rubbing to "Mark of the Mole," with strong tactile sensations of a woman touching me. Sensations increased when i started kissing Thee Ov Cup (tm) while stroking.

"Came, focused NRG on sigil, passed out. Came to with the line "we are marching to the sea" repeated 3 times. Drew blood, connected the sigils with blood, then formed Pcross. Added hair, ov and spit."

"Feels like a good 'un. Maybe Qaballa was designed to be so damn complex that you consciously forget your original desire."

Sigil 15 -- January 23, 1997
"3 beers and a toke of pot at rehersal. Feel great, loose. Sigil tonight. Began with Misty Mountain Hop, then infect grooves, then chili Peppers. Gnostic Cross, and found more than words there.

: Dance like a fading dream
: launches rhythyms yet unknown
: and everything flows,
: hips and hands
: mouths collapsing in songs and kisses
: moist yearning
: And for a moment i hear the beat, feel it in my body
: that which we feared is now a friend
: a potent friend
: the Lord of Sense declares Omission
: and bellies plagerize the archives of melody
: Tonight i am as much Woman as Man
: kiss me, lover
: it's all here
: We embrace and embody you
: "for love's sake i am divided,"
: ... and in completeness and joy am i joined anew
: And the Sun rises on the back of another crucifiction
: Oh, oh, oh ....
: Here's a secret:
: "What do you call a cyclone that stands still?"
: love,
: Coyote 322

"Wrote poetry on sigil paper, cut myself (big) on left shoulder and blotted paper. Music shifts to Coltrane's "Venus." I fantasize sex with M., but i find myself fantasizing her part, as a female. Lots of prostate stimulation, desire to have me inside of me. [?] Went short of anal penetration, came with clitoral/penile stimulation, very fast.

"Visualized Pcross on orgasm. Very, very good, feeling the female part -- never really happened before. Oil everywhere. Didn't want to get up or write this down, wanted to lie there aglow with M., listening.

"Understood structural portions of Venus and Leo (Coltrane) for the first time. Nearly died in a car wreck today."

Journal Entry -- February 2, 1997
"Dream of TOPY. At A.'s house, only he's much happier, less formal than before. His tubby sister is there, wearing blue eyeshadow, and so is J., who's much taller now.

"We eat, and i put way more on my plate than anyone else. I don't manage to finish it, though, and it gets cleaned away. We all tend to talk about magickal stuff, then somebody asks me what the song in Jesus Christ Superstar means "my time/is almost thr ough ...", so i play through it, try to explain. A.

Sigil 16 -- March 23, 1997
"I draw the Knight of Wands -- D3 saggitarius, ill-will, lveity, envy, obstinacy and swiftness in all evil activities.

"Working: full-moon eclipse, just finished. "Lighted" tall candle off of newly regenerated moon, went out as i tried to carry it in. I try again, then place it (lit) on the hair-altar. I also place a razor blade, oil, blowtorches and a bunch of feathe rs on the altar.

"23:00-23:10 -- Quiet breathing, 4 count. I find my legs are trembling.

23:10-23:20 -- more forced breath, with eyes open on inhale, squeezed shut on exhale. Brings the Fear. My face and neck contract into mask-like agony and tautness.

23:20-23:30 -- Gradually begin maving my body from toes on up, putting my full awareness in each part. I nearly cry with relief, and find myself telling my body how sorry i am to have hurt and neglected it.

23:30-23:40 -- Chant Kali mantra with TOPY LUNA (via Topy on tape #2) while smudging and oiling every inch of me with sandalwood/rose/jasmine oil.

23:40-23:50 -- Set up mirror behind moon-candle on altar, light bow-torches and place one on either side. It occurs to me that this is jachin-Boaz, the pillars of severity and mercy, with the candle representing the path of balance. The blowtorch of sev erity??!? :)

"I begin to scry in the mirror while chanting "Namo Kali Ye." My face distorts into the Devil as i hiss, spit and growl it out. Then the "blowtorch of mercy on the right side of the altar fails, but still hisses propane everywhere. And suddenly thee ga te is open, and i am full of longing. For a few seconds i think i can leap into it, but what i see instead is a beautiful young woman who looks like me right next to me in the mirror. We are masterbating and moaning identical words of longing to each ot her. Finally, we allow each other to climax, and i cut myself as i come. No image of focus, except keeping that damn gate open as long as possible.

"Banish (since it's in my housemate's room) with Gnostic Cross, cleanup, burn the Moon candle into nothing. Love, Coyote 322."

Sigil 17 -- April 23, 1997
Intention with this sigil was healing thee tribe, after learning more details of a huge rift that had happened almost a year ago.

Sigil 18 -- May 23, 1997
Intention this month is to move/dissolve/dislodge abdominal tension that i have linked recently with a horrifying terror of my father.

Warmup with Gnostic cross, substituting the Pcross for usual symbol. Music is Dr. L. Subramgarham. (sp?)

Wrote "Father-fear/i it is/who dislodge/you." Not exact, actually, i can't remember the exact wording. Put the paper in an envelope, with some hair.

Flopped forward at the waist, eyes closed, exhaling. Raised up, opening eyes wide, inhaling. Repeated, with intense crying and fear. Catch tears and snot in the envelope.

Slit belly above navel (where i "feel" Him, my fear like a cannonball), masterbate without fantasy or focus. Couldn't come without fantasy, so i imagined sex with M., then L. Came into envelope, chanting, saw sigil upside down on envelope. Sealed with o v, blood and wax.


Sigil 19 -- June 23, 1997
"Sigil. Allergies bad before. 8 minutes sazen. 4 candles -- 4 directions. Smudge everything. Drew yellow chaulk circle around everything turned on music. Gnostic cross with hands only. Faced mirror with Orgone blanket in back, candle below picture of me in fever and as 4 years old to either side. "Between birth and death, innocence and experience.

"Called demon and child. Demon appeared with snarl, scared me. Asked me what i wanted. Said he was here to protect. I told him i wanted to LIVE.

"Ancient one came, and cave man, and anima. Tears and grief ("Mammy!") with anima. Slick one. Lucifer. the beautiful. Monk with shaven head. Short-hair Wulcan. Guard was Klingon. Laughing-in-pain-man, too. Cruelty delights him.

"No Child. Bruned rosemary, and chanted "Everything remembers, and i remember, too." Guard came for first time, and said "I remember YOU."

"One said not to write, the old one said i should, so i do. Cut arm before, "you are flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood." Burned rosemary. I am large. I contain multitudes. Promised to help me. Slick told me, (others too) i had to remember the dar kness and pain.

Journal Entry -- June 25, 1997
"Dream. B and N. unloading equipment for a rehersal at someone's house. Don't like the guy, but he tries to be nice. We are in the backyard, and see a pillar of snow with flies buzzing on it. I immediately think it's a dead body, and start screaming w eirdly.

"Worms, big white worms. Bank of snow collapses in blood and gore, and a woman's body all bloody. Dead, hacked. Now two women, and one moves, to kiss the other. then the gore is gone, two pure white clean naked women standing, they circle-embrace H. a nd C. and N., may kiss. All clean.

"Then it is all blood again, the women are gone, and H. and C. are barfing blood, covered in blood. A woman's voice says "dabble on."

Journal entry -- July, TOPY CAMPOUT, 1997
"Topy campout. We om'ed each other, about 5 minutes of group, then one individual in thee center, being touched and toned. I felt particularly good when i felt everyone pulling me down. Afterwards, i looked around the circle, and thought someone was mi ssing. Counted seven, then realized the missing person was a part of me.

"Discussed thee rites, i expressed my Will to participate.

"Sigil yesternight, as a group. began with breath of fire. I used a piece of my shirt, smashed into the sand with my hand. Little focus. Cut, fantasized about J., found low voice saying "Keeper of the spheres i call you." Some vomit, tears, spittle. Didn't want to get too out there in front of the group, which seemed pretty restrained.

"Yesterday did the Meisner trust exercise with J., and another eye-contact exercise. We yelled and growled and struggled, then made out heavily.

Sigil 20 -- July 1998
"Sigil last night -- spent lots of time barricading my room from B.'s energy (a bipolar housemate). Explored the space and time, and fell almost immediately to the floor. Good feelings, though not very sexual ones. Cutting felt good, and i did a lot of it.

"Call from R. 15 minutes before sigil dispelled a lot of the negative energy and worry about B. Oriented objects around me in a circle: mirror, knife, bell, cup, razor, paper, etc. Burned lots of incense. Candles at E and W, one at S.

"Took thee Head [a full-head mask modeled after a dream vision] for a while as i was walking around, eyes closed. Kept feeling better when my eyes were closed, then realized that the Painted Ancient in my dream HAD NO EYES. thee mask does, though. [i l ater plugged them]

"Wearing thee head made me realize the Ancient is a passive, observational source -- not active. He is thee passive, 3rd person observer, always rational, often wise, having lots of experience. But i have spent too long wearing that mask -- the blind se e far, but they do not build or dance or run -- they can create mostly through speech and song, and their eyes never have to meet anyone they speak or sing to.

"Had unbelievable trouble orgasming. Not very aroused -- only came when fantasizing about C. Felt far away, abstracted and distant, peaceful, afterwards. The story of Pentheus and the Bacchae came on with thee Head and dovetailed a lot during. "I cann ot bear to be mocked."

Sigil 21 -- August 23, 1998
Music: Idiot Flesh, Instagon and Tom Waits' Bone Machine on random skip
Smells: datura leaves and frankincense
Other: Polaroid, blue glitter i found by accident

This sigil dealt with the tri-form of CreationDestructionSustainer -- Brahma-Shiva-Vishnu, YHWH-Satan-Lucifer, etc. Most specifically, it dealt with reminding me that i AM all of these, that my Will is manifesting even when i think i'm miserable and powerless.

Created a sigil Pcross with scrambled letters on 19 of the 23 spaces -- from a list of the most important foci for me right now.

Began without form, "feeling" my way into a Space that was not a Space. A Time that is not a Time. A Time and Space between, before, and after Time and Space. Projected Pcrosses out to the cardinal directions, up and down. Felt like my touch spread these symbols like mold growing in a petri dish ....

Scattered blue glitter all over space and my body, and oiled everything in and out of sight. cut arms and chest (found out later i'm allergic to almond oil!), began masterbating. Unusually strong, unfantasy arousal.

On orgasm, i fumbled around trying to hit the right button, hit it just as i came, and got really startled as i stared at the sigil turning from black and white to multi-colored before my shocked retinas.

Showered, cleaned up and slept beautifully. And this morning i saw a thousand blue glitter stars winking up at me from the floor.

Love, destruction and stability to U,


On the sigil is written:

"I am he whose wings burn in the darkening heat
Carrying the light into darkness
without fear of that which i am doing

The worm carries the Winged One on its back only far enough
Then it is food for the Winged One.

[blood painting of angel-like figure]

These are offerings to thee God i am about to be."

Undated sigil 22:
Pcross in blood, long pointed tail drawn over it.

Undated sigil 23:
Blood, Ov, tears, hairs. The words "I touch," with a pointed tail coming off the word.

Undated sigil 24:

"We are light
Into Darkness."

Undated sigil 25:
Pcross, triangles, 3 fluids, 2 hair. Glyphs.

Undated sigil 26:
"Thee Chaos Circle

"Outta my fucking way. It will be like THIS. This is my dream. Ready to touch and be touched. Ready to cut and be cut. We are large, we contain multitudes. We walk through heaven and hell, dancing. Songs to fall apart to. Mystery. Hunger. Posses sion. Can you hear the drums? Every performance different. Synthesis/SintheeZis. We burn together. Dance. Pain. Musick. Magick. Community. "I can smell you, you're out there." "I am ready to begin."

Final Sigil --27 -- April 23, 2000, Easter
"Realized about a week ago that my time of being active in Thee Temple is complete. This coincides with many, many completions. Here's what i did.

"Did not expect to have a partner, but my lover, K., offered to assist me. We warmed up with Chris Hyatt's Undoing #2. Aware of a lot of anger and frustration as i kicked. Tension in gut as well. K. noticed her period was coming -- abdominal stress. Post-warmup, during sense-feel phase, K. felt similar to post-yoga feeling -- in corpse pose. All parts of body awake, unblocked. I felt similar, but with awareness of abdominal tension.

"I invoked the spirits of the Lakota grandfathers as the guardians of the four directions as i lit the candles, feeling that neither a Christian-based banishing (Gnostic Cross) nor Thelemic (Star Ruby) was appropriate, for reasons i cannot elaborate. I c alled down Hathor goddess form onto K., who did not vacate or become possessed. She did, however, feel "overshadowed" by thee goddess, and i bowed to Her, giving her the knife.

"K./Hathor banished, starting at the altar, drew earth energy, pushed it W, then N, then E, then S forming circle. Grounded knife into ground, banished extemporaneously.

"I presented myself as i have lived, and presented my Will to assume the full power and responsibility which i know belong to me.

"I cut myself on the arm deeply, then summoned the first of the tempters, Need. I did this by tracing It's sigil in blood on the mirror, and calling it by name. I lost consciousness of most of what happened, but K. observed a shizophrenic separation of identities -- different voices coming out of me and arguing, and my body assuming different forms and contours -- male, female, etc. She felt pulled to be involved, but refocused herself on maintaining a safe circle for the work to continue in. I eventu ally denied the tempter Need, and banished It with the "OK" mudra.

"Then I invoked Jesus, Martyr, Sufferer. He quoted a lot of Bible stuff at me, and strangely, this manifestation scared me the most. I argued, but finally the only thing that worked was quoting part of Crowley's Vision and the Voice, 20th Aethyr. Mixed up the voice on reading it -- sometimes i identified with the Lamb, other times the Lamb was Other than me. I dropped the cross i was holding in my hand, after turning it upside down, and this caused the Hermit card to drop from the self [shelf!] where it was sitting. I denied Christ 3 times.

"Third tempter -- FEAR. Voice said out of me "who are you?" Then i veiled myself, the voice and image in the mirror was female to me. K. maintained distance, and the circle. I Banished the fear, tore the veil off.

"I asked about any other tempters, none came. Held my arms in a circle above my head, saw the man with face paint (but with eyes!) study me, then smile.

"K. smudges me, anoints me. Erection. 10 minutes sazen, difficult not to think about what the rite meant, but successfully held concentration. K. rang bell. As she rang the bell, i realized that i didn't need or want the zodiac part of the ritual.

"K. put thee necklace on me, i faced the mirror, fantasized and masturbated. Fantasies were of coersion and force. Opened eyes at orgasm, hit face into wall, concentrated on He who does not yet have a name. Smeared Ov on mirror, hit three time with th e hilt of dagger, smashed thee mirror. Took off necklace -- hair tangled and cut. Thanked and released Goddess-form, K. Doused candles w. Knife. 9 minute tickle/laughter banishing."

"I am no longer Coyote 322"

circa 1998 online T.o.p.y catalog




T.O.P.Y. Publications

- Fully updated and revised edition of the Grey Book.
Outlines the ideas and concepts of action of TOPY.
Includes the Ritual ov Three Liquids as well as
TOPY membership information.

THE LEVELS OF MEANING IN TOPY by Coyote37.....$3.00
- Thought provoking essays on Magick and Sigiliaztion,
Also, a piece on Sigilization and the Brain.
Limited and numbered 1st edition.

THEE BROADCAST No. 8 (current issue).....$5.00
- Ratio zero magazine of the Temple.
Back issues available while supplies last.
- Issue No. 6 $4.00
- Issue No. 2 $4.00

- Articles on Paganism vs. Capitalism, The Black Aspirin,
Apocalypse Culture, True Will, Marquis De Sade. Lots
of great artwork and a look back at the late great
TOPY London.

- Documents the controversial performance by Fred Carter
which involved live maggots, human excrement, knives,
tampons etc....Essays on reflection on the nature of things
considered obscene, shocking, or taboo.

OV MAGAZINE.....$5.00
- Occulture magazine from TOPY London. Interviews with
Phil Hine, Academy 23, Crash Worship, and more. Articles
include The Terifying Occult Truth about Football,
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and much more. Great
graphics, oversized edition from the sadly defunct TOPY London AP.

Other Publications

by Hakim Bey......$8.00
- a fine limited edtion of only 200 hand numbered copies of this work by Hakim Bey. Printed and published in a collaboration between Dagon Productions and Tumultus Productions
- The Ancient Taoist Chuang Tzu proposes a critique of languange which forshadows our modern distrust of words - and yet trancends it. Hakim Bey uses Chaos Theory and "Taoist Dialectics" to analyze the problem of language, and to offer a "Chaos Linguistics" which in turn may give rise to an "Anarchist Poetics".

PROPHET OF THE SUN by Harry Crosby.....$6.00
- A beautiful collection of 19 rare poems by the
Harbinger of Chaos. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies.
(Tumultus 002)

BUTTERFLY WITH BRICK by Kriya Shibek.....$4.00
- This is an excellent sample of Dr. Shibek's
Anachro-Surrealist Magical experimentation. Limited
to 100 hand numbered copies. (Tumultus 003)

THE PSUEDONOMICON by Phil Hine.....$8.00
-Excellent new publication of thoughts and practices
by this well know european Chaos practitioner. Silver
inlaid glossy cover done in a limited 2nd edition by Dagon
Press. 1st US printing!

I AM NOT MY BODY (Magazine).....$3.00
- A publication for practitioners and fans of extreme tissue
modification and medical phenomena.
Issue #1
- scars, fiction, split ears, earlobe cutting, stretching
techniques, choosing a practitioner, organic vs. refined materials.
Issue #2
- Trephination, implants, extemes, interviews, tongue splitting,
medical museums, tooth modification, hand deformations.
(both issues are limited and numbered)


ordering instructions at bottom of the page..

DJ C-139 - MIX 1.0 (cassette) $6.00
- 2 sets ov highly experimental excursions and explorations into
grooves and rythyms and sound by Instagon founder and long time
active TOPY, C-139, recorded onto one tape. Done during the
spring ov 1998, at NiGHTNoiSe in So. Cal. This one is truly
different and special.

-Full-length mindfunk out of TOPY EXILE. Electronic Musick
from the other side. Rhythmic, beautiful, terrifying.

-Weirder and even more disturbing musick from TOPY US's best
kept secret. (This tape has a slight clicking sound which runs
throughout the tape, but is barely audible. The cost has been
reduced from $6 to $4 to make up for it. Considering the content
and quality of the musick, it's quite a bargain).

....[Psychick Youth Rally] [UK IMPORT CD]........$23.00
-This was an event organized by TOPY in the UK in 1988.
This CD is a document edited and shaped to capture a moment in
time. The sounds sway, grow, and encapsulate. Ritual musick
for Thee Negation Ov Control. (This CD is out of print but we
have managed to secure a limited number of them. They are very
special and highly recommended). [Cold Spring]

- Germanic tribute to Carl Orff. Features Markus Wolfe of
Crash Worship & Annabel Lee of Amber Asylum.
Limited to 500 copies. Nice packaging.

- A 90-minute cassette based on the works of William Blake and Dr.
John Dee. It is packaged with a beautiful 7" book containing Blake's
Proverbs of Hell and the Enochian Calls used in the recording.
Limited to 100 hand numbered copies. (Tumultus 001)

Musick From Thee Instagon Foundation:
[CD] $10.00
-Full-length CD debut by TOPY North America's very own noize &
experimental ensemble. Over seventy minutes of pure, unadulterated
chaotic sound. Recorded live. This is what happens when the
demon goes out to play. Limited, packaged edition by Dagon Press.
(InstaNoise 007)

INSTAGON on cassette:
- On The Path To The Golden Bird [TIF034]....$7.00
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- This Is Instagon [TIF038]....$6.00
- The Prophet [HD005]....$6.00
- Finstagon [TIF023]....$6.00
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- Methoozella (Chaos Never Died) [TIF008]....$5.00
- Voodoo Lounge [TIF007]....$5.00

T.O.T. 2 (TOPY on TAPE II)- THAT WHICH IS SAID [cassette] $5.00
-collection of spoken word works by active members ov
TOPY from the early 1990's, includes poems, chants, stories
and more.. very wonderful stuff.


- Beautiful, solid sterling Psychick Cross Pendants.
half inch.....$16.00
two inch.....$23.00

Traditional Psychick Cross.....$20.00
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- Red on black TOPY DEJA VU logo.....$1.00
- Black on Yellow INSTAGON logo.....$1.00


Jeffrey Dahmer's Human Arm Stew Postcard.....$2.00 (TIF)

other fun goodies....
Charles Manson -
"All In The Eyes of a Dreamer" sing-along song sheet.....$1.00 (TIF)

ALL MERCHANDISE IN THIS MAILORDER CATALOG IS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILTY. Some items are very limited editions and may very well sell out. Therefore, to ease confusion...any orders done from this CyberCatalog must be verified and comfirmed before shipping from either side. That way you know what you are ordering.. and how much it will cost.. and we know how much to charge for postage..and if we actually have the items you are requesting. So go back through the catalog and jot down anything you are intrested in purchasing.. and send a request to COMFIRM AVAILABILTY by clicking here. Your Email request should be returned within one week's time, and the shipping of orders may take 4 to 6 weeks depending on where you are located on the globe. This catalog is the combined effort of K518, C226, C139, and the rest ov the active individuals from Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth..we hope to share with you our intrests and creative energies. As we grow this catalog will also, so please come back we will continually be addding things to it.. thanks and 23 to U!

- the Station Staff, T.O.P.Y. North America

The splinter test essay

Splinter test by Genesis P Orridge.
It can be said that sampling, looping and re-assembling both found materials, and site- specific sounds selected for precision ov relevance to thee message implications ov a piece ov musics, or a transmedia exploration, is an All-Chemical, even a Magickal phenomenon. No matter how short, or apparently unrecognisable a sample might be in linear TIME perception, it must, inevitably, contain within it, (and accessible through it) thee sum total ov absolutely everything its original context represented, communicated, or touched in any way. On top ov this it must implicitly also include thee sum total ov every individual in any way connected with its introduction and construction within thee original (host) culture, and every subsequent (mutated or engineered) culture it in any way, means or form, has contact with forever...(in past, present, future and quantum timezones).
"Any two particles that have once been in contact will continue to act as though they are informationally connected regardless of their seperation in space and time."- Bell's Theorem.
If we shatter, and scatter, a hologram, we will real-eyes that in each fragmeant, no matter how small, large, or irregular, we will see thee whole hologram. This is an incredibly significant phenomenon. If we take, for example, a SPLINTER of John Lennon, that splinter will in a very real manner contain within it everything that John Lennon ever experienced; every that John Lennon ever said, composed, wrote, drew, expressed; everyone that ever knew John Lennon and thee sum total ov all and any ov those interactions; everyone who ever heard, read, thought, saw, reacted to John Lennon or anything remotely connected with John Lennon; every past, present and/or future combination ov any or all ov the above.
All that encyclopaedic information - and the time travel connected with it through memory and through previous experience - goes with that one "splinter" of memory, and we should be very aware that it carries with it an infinite sequence of connections and progressions through time and space. As far as you may wish to go. We can all now maintain thee ability to assemble, via these "splinters", CLUSTERS of any era. These clusters are basically RE-MINDing. They are actually bypassing the usual consensus reality filters because they reside in an acceptable form ie: TV/film/musics/words) and travelling directly into "ahistorical" sections of thee brain, triggering all and every conscious and uncoscious reverberation to do with that one splinter hieroglyph.


We are choosing splinters consciously and uncosnsciously to represent our own mimetic (DNA) patterns, our own cultural imprints and aspirations; we are in a truly Magickal sense INVOKING manifestations, perhaps even results, in order to confound and short-circuit our perceptions and reliance ov WHOLENESS.
Anything, in any medium imaginable, from any culture, which is in any way recorded and can in any possible way be played back is now accesible and infinitely malleable and usable to any artist. Everything is available, everything is free, everything is permitted.ASSEMBLY is thee invisible language ov our TIME. Infinite choices ov reality are thee gift ov software to our children.