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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2003 era interview with Montreal mirror

originally appeared on

Elves on acid and Hitler in drag

Interdimensional investigator or shamanistic shyster? Post-gender pandrogyne or perverse little imp? Genesis P-Orridge is all that and more


Genesis P-Orridge is an artist and not a pornographer. - William S. Burroughs

If his new book Painful but Fabulous: The Lives and Art of Genesis P-Orridge is any indication, he is not only an artist and a pornographer, he’s a constant presence in some of the most subversive and original undercurrents of high art and popular culture around.

Genesis P-Orridge (born Neil Megson in Manchester, England, in 1950) invented industrial music and pioneered techno with Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and Temple ov Psychik Youth. The Sex Pistols’ image of the Queen was ripped off from him. He collaborated with the likes of Burroughs and Timothy Leary. He is a well-respected “pandrogynist cultural speculator” and noted proponent of shamanistic “magick” (as opposed to rabbit-in-the-hat “magic”).

He has a German shepherd tattooed on his penis and a penchant for fascist fashion. His wife, Miss Jackie, holds him personally responsible for the current mass popularity of piercings - though his own adventures in body modification and transcending gender have gone so much further than a mere nipple ring or two.

P-Orridge is coming to Montreal to present a retrospective of his first project, the actionist performance group Coum Transmissions, at Concordia University’s VAV Gallery. Alongside his wife, Miss Jackie, and select number of participants, he will also be performing a number of sigils - “neo-magick rituals based around ecstasy, will, desire and knowledge.”

Prepare to have your mind expanded.

Mirror: How are you doing, Genesis?

Genesis P-Orridge: I’m pretty good - trying to decide what to do for me birthday later.

M: It’s your birthday? Happy birthday!

GPO: Thank you. I’m 53 years old. Timothy Leary used to joke about getting old and how it gives you the excuse to remember and forget anything you want. What it tends to give you is this incredibly humiliating hindsight when you realize that you’ve just been a reactive organism and you didn’t even realize it. You start to wonder, have I ever actually thought anything? Or am I really just a compression of all these different reactions? And, of course, in the end, who gives a fuck? Luckily, I always get to the ‘who gives a fuck.’

M: So what are your birthday possibilities?

GPO: We were gonna plan what to do for my birthday last night. We started to sip some wine and eat some nice food. I, of course, forgot that I’m on pain medication ’cause I had a root canal last week. I got nice and woozy and very content and smiley - nyiiiiii! Then suddenly it was 8 o’clock in the morning and we thought we should all go to bed. We didn’t plan anything. Maybe that was the party. We’ve already had it! So that was pleasant. Then I woke up to a nice sequence of e-mails. I got a phone call from Bruce LaBruce. I’m going to be in his next movie as Eva Adolf Braun Hitler, which is the character you picked for the cover of your magazine. So it’s all flowing together. Everything is very comfortable, like the soft, furry cogs of the people I appreciate being near and around are all cogging and furring and rubbing and clicking nicely. I feel good!

New boobs and Nazis

M: Tell me a little bit about this Eva Adolf Braun Hitler. What’s up with that?

GPO: That’s definitely someone I’m channelling. If there is such a thing as channelling then she’s being channelled. This is what she explained to me - ready?

M: Yes.

GPO: The official version of the end of the Second World War is of course completely inaccurate. Adolf Hitler actually murdered Eva Braun and then escaped in her drag when the Russians were coming. In all the confusion they just burned somebody else’s body next to hers. Adolf escaped and eventually, via various routes, got to America and is now living as a janitor in an old industrial building in the Midwest. However, through the guilt of having murdered the love of his life, and all the trauma of being who he is/was, he has become completely possessed by Eva. So he lives now as Eva Adolf Braun Hitler in this basement, in this boiler room. So that’s the basic story. She’s completely and utterly demented and suffering in hell. Yet she’s almost prudishly politically correct about gender issues. Ha, of all things!

M: So she’s going to be in the new Bruce LaBruce film?

GPO: Somehow we’re going to weave her in and out of the movie, almost like a Greek chorus, wandering around with these gender-queer statements and lavender revolution and so on.

M: Sounds Brechtian. Extreme Brecht!

GPO: Oh, I’ve got those. That’s the other surgery I’m recovering from. I got my breast implants last week. On Valentine’s Day, Miss Jackie and I both got our breast implants.

M: Seriously?

GPO: Yeah!

M: How are they?

GPO: Very nice. And sore still, ’cause we had it done under the muscle. It was our 10th anniversary of being together. And as you know, I prefer to immerse my entire being in the work that I do. I don’t like to only discuss, I also like to experience.

Dialogue with the divine

M: I would like to talk to you about magic -

GPO: Okay, what I’d like you to do - ’cause I’m a nosy little bastard from Manchester - is tell me a little about you. I know it’s hard ’cause it’s the other end of the stick and all that, but give me some background.

M: Well, I’m a writer, and I’m in a band called We Are Molecules.

GPO: I love the word ‘molecule!’ Good, good, good. Yummy. Go on.

M: I’m also in a group called Participation Mystique. We try to play music from all over the world, but are just two people.

GPO: Mystical participation? That makes total sense with what we’ve been trying to do. Invoking a dialogue with the divine, which is the root of music all over the world, the basic root of all calling down. So I get that one. Oh good! That’s exciting! I love to discover that something is inevitably happening that ought to be. I really feel that it’s one of these moments in time where it’s the duty of the artist to remember that creativity is the deepest luxury of all beings. The possibility of creativity. And with that goes improvising because of novelty, and explanation because of mystery. To be a little crass, the first book of the Bible is the Book of Creation. There’s a reason that’s what the order of things is. Creation is the highest form of being. I don’t know how it will unfold, but I have this feeling of it becoming okay to say that you have ethical, mystical, spiritual and magical considerations in the work that you do.

Metaphysics 101

M: Is that not the way it used to be?

GPO: Hah! Actually, no. Well, originally art was mystical and creative, but I think it’s been lost along the path. When I go and visit various art colleges and so on, I’m always amazed when I say to people, “What is it you want to do?” They say, “I want to be rich and famous.” When you’re talking about their art!

M: That’s confusion.

GPO: I would say 95 to 98 per cent say that to me. That’s frightening to me. Not in the traditional sense of frightening, but it’s bothersome. It concerns me that television culture has so homogenized the thinking process to the point that hardly any thinking is happening. You think about ethics, and sentiment, and emotions - where is the course for that at most art colleges? And yet, that to me seems to be one of the central themes of everything. The voyage of discovery to the unknown that is more fantastic than we ever imagined.

M: How would you change the curriculum?

GPO: We should have kids go to school to discuss metaphysics, but make it so exciting. Say to them, “Why not paint the whole street completely pink? Never explain it to anybody. Let’s just all paint it pink, and see what you find out about the way that people see the world and each other.” We have to not denigrate the idea of consciousness being the real issue. Consciousness is the only issue, the nature of consciousness. Are you part of me? Are we really all just one giant consciousness? Are we all the tiny fragments of God experiencing itself? Very possibly. So why not spend billions of dollars on that exploration, you know? How are we doing?

M: We’re doing great. I do want to talk about what you will be doing in Montreal.

GPO: Okay, let’s get practical. [Sings to the tune of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical”.] Let’s get practical, magical!

The universe in you

M: So just what will you be doing here in Montreal?

GPO: I’ll be working with Miss Jackie, making a large sigil. We’ll be working with a group of people who’ve signed on to participate in the collective construction of a piece. It will eventually be displayed on the last night. The origins of art are very much about inter-dimensional blocks, portholes and conversations, which is what a lot of people tend to forget.

M: What is the first art ever?

GPO: Obviously, one can only try and track back and think down deep into the nether regions of the brain, wherever they are. I would imagine that it would at some point become apparent to our ancestors that there was a morning and an evening, that the sun came up and the sun disappeared and the sun was a very good thing. And that also the darkness was a very good thing for various reasons. So the first art was about passing on any information to do with functional survival that was cohesive enough to different generations that they could memorize it. It could be added to as an oral history that would maintain what reality appeared to be. The very first art was about maintaining materiality, staying real.

M: Sounds like what you are doing.

GPO: I think that’s a really important point in terms of where I work with my art, because that’s really what I’m right down to now, is identity and real. There is another argument, that we don’t really have any function beyond passing on DNA. So that DNA is really the supreme life form, or just the mitochondria, whatever. So again we’re back to your molecules! But I really do believe that very possibly the supreme beings on this planet are in fact molecular and we are the clumsy bio-clusters that give mobility and novelty and interaction to great big colonies of DNA. What does the universe look like to a molecule? There are billions and billions of them. And what are we to them? We are these weird, lumbering things that they can hitch a ride on. And the one thing that we do that is useful for them is we pass them on to the next lot of ourselves. They get immortality through us. So I really think the great challenge of the future is DNA, and what its role really is. That’s why as an artist I have to look at myself as DNA and say, “Who am I?” And that’s when you get to perception. So we really have to get back to focusing on creativity, perception, consciousness, and what the hell is DNA? So there you go!

Intersecting with elves

M: So how does this magic fit into what you do?

GPO: Hmmm. I do believe that everything that I do is a magical act. The more I think about my entire life, the more I think it’s been one constant magical invocation. That somewhere, somehow, I was blessed with this feeling. As a child most of us have feelings of moving stones around and making little shrines, dens and secret places to hide -

M: Like forts.

GPO: Yes. All I know is that in my own experience, if I focused and I moved things around in particular ways and I had a very clear intent or idea of something I would like to have happen, that some power, a combination of sensory deprivation or meditation or whatever the words are, would permit me to force the hand of chance. I could increase the odds of a conversation with that which appears to be hidden just beyond the other.

M: The other?

GPO: There are intersections with some other dimensional laws of the universe. There must be more dimensions. Perhaps everything that everybody experiences is happening all the time. I was thinking about psychedelic tourists the other day, and how annoying they could be. Imagine if people took ayahuasca or magic mushrooms and they go off to where Terence McKenna talks about and they meet the elves and everything -

M: Sorry - they go where? To meet whom?

GPO: They go to some psychedelic dimension and they meet with elves and strange creatures and they talk with them and they ask them questions. And they come back. Let’s suppose for a moment that that place where they are is just as real as where we are. So, all of our dreams are them on acid trips over here! Right? We’re actually visiting these other places, and blundering around in their world without any training or any etiquette. No one told us the right thing to say, or how to behave, and not to leave the rubbish behind when you take a shit. If you start just for a minute to think of it in a much more concrete way, you can imagine millions of people have been invading these idyllic other dimensions with not much of a plan. It’s an odd phenomenon. Magic is very wisely and very carefully recorded and documented journeys to facilitate the most diplomatic relationships possible with these other territories. There’s no way for me to prove where I am is any more real or material than other places I felt that I’ve been. When I’m sleeping and dreaming, it’s absolutely as real. I spend a third of my life or more - even if you just count sleep - in other worlds. And yet it’s not on the curriculum anywhere!

M: What are the ethical guidelines there?

GPO: Yeah! That’s what we have to look at. Some people are. I’m not proselytizing that anyone should or should not take drugs. What I’m pointing out is that there are possibly myriad realities, and for whatever reasons, people are travelling back and forth between them. It seems like this planet is one of the intersections. Maybe we talk to ghosts all the time and don’t know and they are just people on trips from somewhere else. Who knows what’s going on? :


"A BACKWARDS SPIRAL" was the live presentation by Genesis During the oct 2010 Serpentine Gallery Map Marathon in London, England.

Now DNA is mapped we can deconstruct it, cut it up, chop it to pieces and reassemble it as a new “WE” see fit. Change the way to perceive and change all memory.

Description: We are focusing on evolutionary imperatives for this human species to become a humane species. Not billions of separated individuals in competition but one singular organism built from billions of integrated individuals with mutual unity of purpose.

One question we are asking ourselves is concerned with a possibility that consciousness, the "mind" within matter, might in fact be a voice of DNA, rather than our autonomous biological SELF.

We wonder if our species has misread the existential map of being. What if all the myriad clusters of cells that make up our organs, skin, bones and flesh are merely biological containers? What if DNA is actually the core species and “we” have been duped into imagining we exist?

What if our entire perceptual map of what "WE" are and where "WE" fit in this ongoing trajectory of life has been radically misconceived and led our species into serious errors in direction? A broken compass spiraling backwards…

If the physical body is NOT "US" but actually a camouflaged "cheap suitcase" that has enabled a programme to unfold? One that serves the covert and parasitic purposes of DNA allowing DNA to utilize us as organic machines and bio-utilitarian vehicles controlled and suppressed by built in obsolescence?

We are an unwitting, disposable dwelling, host to a life form whose continuity has far more innate longevity than our paltry 3 score years and ten. So whose voice do we hear as thoughts? Is our sense of individual physical autonomy an illusion?

To explore these questions we will use video, sound and voice to raise by implication issues we feel are critical. Our performance will take the shape of a "rant"! A manifesto of rage against the limitations imposed upon our evolutionary independence by DNA and the present inequity of our complacent co-dependence upon it.

We have an opportunity to utterly re-conceive what beings we are and to reconfigure our relationship with our genetic territories. We need to totally re-map our concepts of separateness, gender, physical shape, form and function. This is a search for methods and templates that redescribe how to isolate and alter some primal destructive, behavioural traits. Traits that block our potential and lock us in a pre-Astoric loop. Unless we liberate the exploration of genetic space our current malaise and inertia will leave us lost in a spatial geography with no concepts to guide us.

Where is the humanE species located? We must be able to break our dependence on inherited DNA and rupture the concept of the physical body being "sacred" or even a finished result of a process of nature? Now that DNA has been "mapped" we are able to cut that map up and reassemble it in unique, infinite ways and explore its shapes and functions according to imagination and creation.

BREYER P-ORRIDGE New York, 2010.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thee OTTT New Y-Ear draws does T.O.P.Y. FLYING BUFFALO DAY!

From we don't recognize XMAS (CHRISTmass) Funny, when the children were young, around 10 and 8 years old, they said they didn't want to celebrate Xmass at all, but they understood, from growing up in TOPY and with me & Jaye that there WAS a Pagan Day (Caresse's album was for that)...etc

So Jaye and me said OK, you refuse to celebrate organised XTIAN day(s)...what shall we call it?
GENESSE immediately said "FLYING BUFFALO DAY because it's as fake and unbelievable as Buffalos Flying!"

WOW! were WE proud parents. So it was agreed. My SELF and Lady Jaye created a large buffalo from chicken wire, added pink bows of ribbon and lots of fairy lights entwined and then hung the Flying Buffalo above the dining table. The kids LOVED their flying buffalo, as did we and to this day they call Xmas, Flying Buffalo Day.

PS. PLEASE tell your site that 25th December is T.O.P.Y. FLYING BUFFALO DAY and should be celebrated as such by the ONE TRUE TOPI to what form that takes, well let's start a chat/forum about a OTTT Calendar. With Godstars (our saints) Special Holy Daze, and so on until it is ready to create and publish yearly.

Thee OTTT New Y-Ear begins on December 23rd and continues until January 23rd. Its a transition, NOT a sudden switch instantly. We let go of our old patterns and L-if-E Loops and move towards a New Creation in the next year

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE/ what do you want to know?

ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE ! Gen has been collobarating more and more with thee archive page and wants to do a special post weekly answering questions from ALL OF YOU! ask away...Thee archive covers the span of this career...What have you always wanted to know? What do you want more detai lon-straight from Gen?

past/present/future....Ask Away...

Monday, December 13, 2010

The new era of PTV3 continues....

Straight from Gen..
You can tell the ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE that PTV3 are so thrilled with the response of the fans last Thursday that we have decided to do a follow up to "Maggot Brain v Alien Brain" will be based on the live improvisations and called ?MOTHER SKY v ALIEN SKY"....with the current PTV3 line-up.

A gift to thee archive From Bryin Dall....."New York story-Thee Majesty Version"

A few notes from Bryin Dall (Thee majesty,4th Sign of the Apocalypse) on this Thee majesty New York Story version...

The song was written and first performed by Thee Majesty at a gig in Paris. It was then adopted and released by PTV3.

I got my hands on the tracks that PTV did and stripped it back down closer to the original version, removing everything but Edley's tracks that he did with TM, cut up Gen's vocals, kept Alice's vocals and put my guitar back in. I mixed it and made the video for it.

I always loved this song and wanted to have a TM studio version of it, so now there is!

Thanks Bryin!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

DO YOU have video from the PTV3 dec 9th gig?

Genesis has asked me to put the request out, for anyone that recorded any (or even better the entire show) of the Dec 9th PTV3 gig. If so please get in contact with me!
J3/ thee archive

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 9th PTV3 recap post...words,pics,video.

A few words Genesis shared with me regarding the Dec 9th PTV3 show, including the disheartning news on the theft of some one-of -a kind sentimental items..

WE(me) wore "corpse death metal make-up" for no reason, just a whim. Jeff "BUNSEN" Berner..everywhere we went everyone was saying, WOW!! the new guitarist is AMAZING! And even, the DRUMMER is INCREDIBLE too! The new PTV3 line-up is STUNNING! "Acid Mothers Temple Meets the Stooges!!!" someone said, "on DMT!"

The band members ARE amazing, so tight, so able to improvise. We did 5 songs only.

MOTHER SKY (cover of CAN song, new lyrics)
segue with "THEE LEGGE SONG" into

Played around 2 hours...

Unfortunately MY "Gristleizer" signed by all 4 members of TG inclusing Sleazy, was stolen. Morrison Edley's digital camera was stolen and Jeff Berner's WahWah was stolen. Sad, cos WE as a band, as a group of people trying to launch thee ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE for a greater good. To help grow a collective alternative coum-unity and some cheap minded people saw ONLY opportunity to abuse our trust...!

PLEASE, REAL fans of the NEXT NEW WAY ON..don't see the trust of others as a cynical moment to exploit for transient greed. You may IMAGINE we are a "RICH ROCK BAND" but not one, NOT ONE of us has enough financial security to even be sure we can pay our rent next month. We don't mind being poor, we mind being betrayed when we are generous with whatever gifts we have.

BIG LOVE! Alice, Jess, Gen, Jeff, Edley (and Sam and Jeanne who create the videos)


Dearest Garry,

GOOD NEWS! First...the GRISTLEIZER is returned. Transpired that Bryin Dall was packing up his gear and noticed various people clustered and clustering around my Gristleizer. Some were getting photos taken next to it ( !!!) and someone was saying "Look, its signed by all TG including Sleazy who just died" being VERY smart Bryin thought it time to remove the object of awesome talismanic power before impulse took over someones actions.

So Bryin packed the Gristleizer with his stuff and brought it home (next building up) for safe keeping. He just forgot to tell us and the people he told to tell us, didn't..

Which is wonderful news. As you implied it would have marred the magickal focus.

Jeff said it was an old wahwah anyway so it's no big deal to him..only Edley lost out.
We DO still need to retrieve Morrison Edley's digital camera. Its the images inside, of course, not the actual object
Still, we are all THRILLED by the public response....
                                                             Photo by Gigi Ben
                                                 All photos below by Todd Brooks

More pictures from Gigi Ben

Thursday, December 2, 2010

PSYCHIC TV - 'THEMES' BOXSET now avalaible for pre-order!

Cold Spring Newsflash - 2nd December 2010


After many months of work, we're extremely proud to announce Psychic TV 'Themes' box is
finished and ready to pre-order now!

For the first time, all THEMES albums by PSYCHIC TV released together, in a sumptuous, embossed box set. The music itself was designed not only as soundtrack but also for subsequent use by Initiates of The Temple Ov Psychick Youth in their rituals as Functional music intended only to aid in the process of making things happen. It is a practical tool. Thee essential collection of rare, archive and modern PTV ritual / esoteric musick! Each CD is presented in it's own matt laminate, spot-varnished mini-LP sleeve. The box also includes a 28-page booklet of rare photos and essays.

"Themes" was originally released in 1982 as a limited bonus LP with the first 5000 copies of the legendary PSYCHIC TV album "Force The Hand Of Chance". Musicians: Stan Bingo, Peter Christopherson (Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Soisong), Genesis P-Orridge, and David Tibet (Current 93).

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV
5. Part V
6. Part VI
7. Part VII
8. Part VIII

"Themes 2" was originally released on LP in 1985 by Temple Records and subsequently reissued as an extended CD version by Cold Spring in 1997. Musicians: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, John Gosling (Zos Kia, Coil, Mekon). `Themes 2` is presented here as a 2 CD set, including the full vinyl version - plus the original `Unclean` 12" and it`s two B side tracks that were recorded in the same sessions.

Themes 2:
1. Themes 2 Part One
2. Themes 2 Part Two
3. Themes 2 Part Three
4. Unclean
5. Mirrors
6. Unclean Monks

Themes 2 - A Prayer For Derek Jarman:
1. The Loops Of Mystical Union
2. Elipse Of Flowers
3. Mylar Breeze (Parts 1 And 2)
4. Mylar Breeze (Part 3)
5. Prayer For Derek
6. Rites Of Reversal

"Themes 3" was originally released on LP in 1986 by Temple Records and is presented here for the first time on CD, completely remastered. Musicians: Genesis P-Orridge, John Gosling (Zos Kia, Coil, Mekon), Mark Sangerman, Monte Cazazza. `Themes 3` is presented here as a 2 CD set, with an unheard version performed in Boston, US by Genesis P-Orridge and John Gosling.

Themes 3:
1. Culture
2. News
3. Drama
4. Nature
5. Science
6. Implant
7. Analgesia
8. Catalepsy
9. Reverie
10. Placebo
11. Induction

Themes 3 - CD2:
1. Culture
2. News
3. Drama
4. Nature
5. Science
6. Implant
7. Analgesia
8. Catalepsy
9. Reverie
10. Placebo
11. Induction

"Themes 4" is a brand new Psychic TV album, recorded by the late partner of Genesis P-Orridge, Lady Jaye and Psychic TV. Compiled by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Ryan Martin and Bryin Dall. Musicians: Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Larry Thrasher, Bryin Dall.

Themes 4 Lady Jaye:
1. I'm Making A Mirror
2. I Like The Holidays! (A Children's Story)
3. Gobbledegook
4. Mother Jack (A Children's Story)
5. Candy Factory
6. I Love You, I Know
7. This Is The Final War
8. S/He Is (Still) Her/E

Get a free bonus CD 'Live In Basildon' 1986 - only when bought from Cold Spring!

Live In Basildon: 1. Thee Degenerate
2. She Touched Me
3. Unclean
4. Riot In Thee Eye Ov Sky
5. Southern Comfort
6. Roman P.
7. Retinal
8. Ov Power
9. Godstar


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gen's eulogy for Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson

Genesis asked me to share this touching tribute to sleazy with you all...


27th February 1955 – 24th November 2010

You never expect to be writing a eulogy about your deepest and beloved friends when you meet them and they glide into your loops of L-if-E so sleekly, so boldly and with such confidence that it is like one of Nature’s perfectly designed dynamic creatures following its instinct home to where it began. You never expect to hear, without forewarning, that you have lost another dear and treasured member of your chosen, freely embraced famille.

We have written several pages already trying to write a eulogy/obituary. But it read too dry. It turned into being about facts and dates and becomes a fake entry in Wikipedia! That’s not what we are feeling and it’s NOT what we want to give to Sleazy at this horrible moment that shocked everyone so unexpectedly. My dear friend Bee in Bangkok emailed me the news. “Sleazy died in his sleep lasty night Genny”. What do you say? FUCK! It is the slap of a hand on a wall, the crash of a fist on a kitchen table, it is the utter failure of our words to express a feeling! Your mind slides into turmoil. How? What now? Who knows? …Over and over. Who will take care of him? We imagine Bee, and various of his beloved extended famille that he nurtured, supported and cared so deeply for in Bangkok. Sleazy had built his special paradise there. He died there in his haven, amongst his friends, with his dogs, as gentle and peaceful as death can be for we humans. He went to sleep and never woke up perfecting.

We had the great fortune to visit Sleazy at his previous “compound”. A beautiful place to retreat too in between the hectic, stressful life of “work”. With my friend HannaH we had come from Kathmandhu where we had done a puja for Lady Jaye who passed away in 2007. Sleazy had prepared an air conditioned room. Clean linen. Peace and quiet. Food appeared miraculously, clothes were laundered…we had gin and tonics in his “dipping pool” every day at 4pm and we talked of death and loss. Sometimes he held me gently in his arms as we cried. He spoke of Jjonn and how hard that loss had been. We’d both been through a horror of finding our “Other Half” dying at our feet and both been treated awfully by the cops on the scene. My lifelong friendship with Sleazy deepened even further into an unbreakable bond of love as we relived this together and we have treasured ever since those days in Thailand.

We had, needless to say, always loved Sleazy since those early times when we all found his new “real” name so easily adopted. Of course, all families, even those spawning wreckers of civilization, have their little squabbles and minor issues over the years. What is amazing is that our chosen famille (Chris, Cosey, Sleazy and me) weathered thirty-six years despite being attacked and hammered by international newspapers, TV media, the Legal Establishment, and music, art and other rivals. Despite all our various trials and tribulations, “something special almost magical would happen to TG onstage” as Cosey says. The mysterious chemistry that made TG so unique as a unit.

Sleazy was an astounding talent. During his prolific phase with COIL he developed new visionary methods of mixing sound and video in ways akin in their radicalism to Rembrandt’s breakthrough with catching light itself within the oil and pigment. For me it is his deftness and precision with minutely accurate sounds or shadows that made him so worthy of the honoured name “Master”.

Sleazy was a huge part of my life creatively during our 36 year friendship. He joined COUM; was an incalculable part of the process and experiment that was and remains TG.; he followed me into Psychic TV to collaborate in two classic albums with Alex Fergusson, Ken Thomas and myself; with Monte Cazazza he actively brainstormed concepts and attitudes towards the creation of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth. During that first year or so of T.O.P.Y. a young schoolboy called Geff Rushton turned up at my house in Beck Road Hackney. He wanted an interview about “sex magick”. We called Sleazy and said,”We think YOU will be the perfect person to be interviewed by Geff, will you do it?” , because Sleazy wasn’y keen on interviews much back then. Anyway, Geff went, Sleazy did the interview and “one of them got the job”. This turned out to be Sleazy’s “BIG LOVE” and they both went on to create COIL and be a huge worldwide influence on what became, with the parallel influence of David Tibet (also named during his bootcamp times with PTV and TOPY) known as DARK FOLK etc.

Talking of influences, it was Sleazy who discovered Mr Sebastian in 1980 without who we, and hundreds of TOPY Individuals, PTV fans and readers of the Research Book “Modern Primitives” wouldn’t have been pierced.

Sleazy loved Bangkok and Thailand. He had been visiting regularly for several years before deciding to move there permanently after Jjonn/Geff passed on. While we were spending time in 2009 with him we were pretty sick from the intense emotional stress of our ceremony in Nepal for the reliving and releasing of a beloved. Sleazy became a source of every suture for my heart, loving sustenance for my soul. He nurtured me with words of wise counsel garnered from his own similar and tragic losses. There had been a long sometimes desolate expanse between the seventies and now. But we had both crossed our abyss and we were blessed by Sleazy’s loving nature gto be able to accept his gentle embrace and, crying like a child we often are, be able to lovingly say to him, “I HAVE GOT MY FRIEND BACK.” Many times, since then, we have stopped during hard times, confusing times, and we think of Sleazy and how his mastery of light went from cameras to hearts and souls, and that makes me smile and laugh. Which is as he would wish. We loved Sleazy in all he did...

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge nyc, Nov 2010.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ebay rarities...

I don't know how many of you might scan ebay for GPO related items but Some rare and curious objects have recently been popping up...including this issue of  NANAVESH zine #5

To get the info on NANAVESH here is the original post here on the archive
a rarity indeed!

personally,I am also itching to get my hands on this PTV3 "breaking sex" shirt that passed me by...
But, i am getting constantly outbid!!GAH!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UPCOMING Solo-presentation of work by:Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE Miami beach Dec 2-5


Solo-presentation of work by:
Booth 610

NADA Art Fair
December 2-5, 2010
The Deauville Beach Resort
6701 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach

14A Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

Notes straight from Gen on the Dec 9th PTV3 New York show

Notes on the Upcoming PTV3 december 9th show Emailed to me by Gen Hi/rself! Let me know who will be attending!

PTV3 are rehearsing intensively this coming week, developing a whole new set that WILL include an expanded "Maggot Brain" and other surprises. Sam Zimmerman and Jeanne Angel will be developing a whole new video lightshow too. They have created amazing videos for PTV3 since it reactivated in 2003, for Thee Majesty's "CREATION RECREATED" at The Pompidou and for my "BACKWARDS SPIRAL" performance for the Serpentine Gallery as parts of Hans Ulrich Obrist's "MAPS Marathon" at The Royal Geographical Society as part of FREIZE Arts Fair in October. The line-up of PTV3 on December 9th 2010 at Club EUROPA in Williamsburg, New York will be the same as the last European Detour. That is:

ALICE GENESE on Bass Guitar and vocals.
MORRISON EDLEY on Drums, percussion and samplers.
JESS STEWART on Keyboards, flute and vocals.
JEFF "Bunsen" BERNER on Lead Guitars and vocals.
GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE on Vocals and electric violin.

Bryin Dall and his crew will be there too, supporting as 4th SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE. As to what our Thee Majesty buddy will be playing, we have no idea but we DO know they've been rehearsing and creating music for several weeks and they are a deeply pure expression of L-if-E and contemplation through sounds, music and words.

PTV3 will have a special merchandise table with rare posters, Psychick Bibles, art catalogs of "30 YEARS OF BEING CUT-UP", rosaries, Psychick Cross pins, Pandrogeny Dog Tags, Pandrogeny "rubrics" cubes, ONE TRUE TOPI TRIBE embroidered patches and lots of other rare recordings, memorabilia and accessories. So bring extra cash as you may never get a chance to aquire these items again!!!

Fresh off the press we have a very limited number of our latest 12” record “Alien Brain Vs. Maggot Brain” on pink and white ‘brain splatter’ vinyl!

Tremendous flyer for the show created by Edward “Edley” ODowd which will be available at the gig as a 24” x 18” concert poster. Limited edition of 46!

New One True Topi Tribe patches avalaible at the show!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks! state of thee archive address!

A quick note just to state a thanks for the overwhelming support of this has certainly surpassed all my expectations. I began this archive over a year ago with no real-expectations and I have been blown away by the amount of emails I receive on a daily basis and the interest in this blog from around the world.Thank you!

Gen's art certainly covers a wide span...for years online I saw many questions posted from many who had an interest, but no idea where to start, or were unaware of the different eras.There is a HUGE body of work to cover! I hope I have been able to bring answers to those seeking as well as attention to the entire body of work of an artist who has certainly changed my perceptions over the years and influenced me as well as many, many others!

AS WE CONTINUE ON...I would like even more contributions from you...I see a great many people checking out thee archive daily. If you happen to have a piece of ASTORY that i have missed, send it my way! Pictures or other info from recent events, as well as past, send it my way!

Recently Bryin Dall (thee majesty) informed me that Genesis had been trying to reach me for some time. That Gen h/irself would ever become aware of this project was certainly unexpected when I began. To have Gen tell me how impressed s/he was with the archive was quite the experience indeed. Gen has sent along a few things I shall be adding to the archive here and there, and I hope is able to continue to do so, as I am truly dedicated to making this the most comprehensive archive of all things Genesis p-orridge!
Thank you..

Added some flyers to the "flyers" section...!

Added some flyers to the "flyers" section...! Check em out here

Friday, November 12, 2010

"30 Years of Being Cut Up" Book signing with Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE

Thursday, November 18 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

 Desert Island Bookstore
540 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Thursday November 18th

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
"30 years of Being Cut Up" book signing with the legendary artist and performer with lots of archival material available for purchase!

view the facebook invite for the signing here!/event.php?eid=177271368953787

Friday, November 5, 2010


Statement from

Dear Friends,

We have seen and heard various inaccurate, erroneous, even sometimes libelous speculations about why we felt compelled to drop out of the current Throbbing Gristle tour. As a result we intend to address these matters in full as soon as possible. We hope that what we state now, and later, will be clear, will not fan the flames of destructive gossip, will not seem negative and will reduce an somewhat dramatic situation into a simpler story. We want to make it clear right now that we did not, and have no wish to quit TG. Obviously there is more involved than just that simple statement. Personally, at this point of my life, my position is that the inner workings and dynamics of any band, but especially of TG, are as intimate, unique and most of all complex as they are within any family. Unfortunately, even at the level TG occupy in popular culture, band business becomes potentially everyone’s business. We all know the internet has amplified the speed of distribution of “information” almost as fast as it has accelerated the decline of accuracy worldwide. We have no interest in pointing fingers (or is it claws?) at various people or sites and accusing them of letting the cat out of the bag. Bickering is never attractive, not one on one nor within the realms of an ever expanding media fueled by smart phone technologies and laptops. As soon as we have composed a written version of what series of events we believe led to my feeling unable to remain part of THIS short tour by the re-grouped TG that feels acceptable we will post it here.

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

December 9th: WFMU co-presents Psychic TV at Europa -New York

Opening act will be Bryin Dall's (Thee Majesty,Boodle Boy) band 4th Sign of The Apocalypse and more!

With Genesis Breyer P-Orridge now out of Throbbing Gristle, the focus is back on Psychic TV/PTV3, and the only American show of 2010 happens on Thursday, December 9th at Europa (98-104 Meserole Ave., Greenpoint/Brooklyn).
 WFMU will be co-presenting the show along with Scenic and Edward O'Dowd. Tickets are on sale here (it is not, by the way, a benefit for WFMU). Psychic TV's direction in the last years has waded deeper into psychpunk realm, especially evidenced on their latest, Alien Brain Vs. Maggot Brain (Vanity Case label), and live shows have been a visual treat as well.